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Storm Stamp

By soulshelter
I decided to make myself a stamp since I couldn't find one I was looking for.

Yes, I love rainy, stormy, foggy, cool, drizzly, etc. weather. I'll take those kind of days over clear, sun shiny days anytime.

Stamp template - zilla774
Photo - Mine

::edit:: Wow, this is my most faved/most commented deviation. Thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate every one of you! Glad you all like this so much! :heart:
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storms don't
-Cause sun glare
-burn my skin
-prevent me from playing Wii
-hurt my eyes
-make me sweat
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I'm using this~
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Storms help me sleep...
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So true. I live in such a dry part of my province that we barely get any real thunderstorms, let alone deep blizzards, even though they're common and we do get pretty bad hailstorms.
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using.  being a southern Californian we need more storms
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( since in austraila it like, never rains let alone stoms)
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So true, bro!

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I really would take rain over sun. Because  it's like all the things i did wrong go away and some ppl feel the rain some just get wet.
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