The New Order of Zion

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The Order

General Information
The New Order of Zion is a group that formed over the past months, led by a woman called Noiz. They have one goal: Eliminating the gods.
In their opinion, the 3 Gods of Zion are corrupted, no longer fighting for what's best for the world, but for their own tainted ideals. Their war throws Zion into Chaos and it won't stop until either two factions are completely annihilated, or until the gods are gone and the factions break apart that way.

The Order isn't bound by race or faction. Anyone who is willing to end this war is more than welcome among their ranks. They try convincing territories to follow them, taking over Zion bit by bit, establishing themselves among the factions.

While trying to prevent to harm the armies themselves, they won't back off when being under attack. However they wouldn't pick a battle on their own if not completely necessary.

Ranks within the Order

Most members of the Order have no clue who the other members are. Each of them is part of the Order secretly, while keeping their rank in the faction they originally belong to. That way, basically anyone could be part of them, even spies, servants, priests, commanders or generals.

The Order contacts its members individually about new jobs, so if someone's cover is blown, at least they can't give out any more names of other Order Members...

The Leader of the Order though is well known. A human woman called 'Noiz' by everyone. She is the only person knowing who exactly is part of the Order, collecting all the important information and giving it out only to her most trusted fellow members to discuss strategies and their next moves.

How to Join the Order
Anyone can join the Order. No matter which faction, if OC or NPC,... However, to support the Order on their way, you need to submit story-quest pictures for them. If not specifically stated that the Order has a different mission from Caelius, Earthra and Ares, you can simply submit the mission of your faction to the Order-Missions folder.

The Order counts like a faction in SoC. Each faction influences the storyline to go to another possible direction if they win a mission.


SoC .:. Noiz by Deamond-89

Name: Noiz

Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown (~30?)
Faction: ---

Race: Human

Position: Leader of the New Order of Zion

More information: Can be found in the charactersheet Description.

The Titans

Basics and History: The existence of the titans was kept secret by the gods and their direct subordinates for the past years, but with the order having some of them in their ranks, the awareness slowly spreads all over Zion.

Back when the Rifts broke open, energy from Zion's core accidentally reached the world, enchanting whatever it touched, granting the beings and/or objects power beyond mortality. These semi-god-like creatures were unable to control their power, either getting destroyed by them right away, or somehow finding ways to suppress these abilities to not get destroyed by them.

For a long time they were believed to be dead, but with the rise of the New Order of Zion and the fact that they have some of the titans under their control, the news of these mutants spreads all over the world.

A titan can't unlock and use their powers without having them go out of control. Be it losing any mental reasoning, or simply being overpowered by their own might. The Order has developed a technique to keep the Titans under their control, so they can use them as weapons for their cause.

A titan can be anything. A rock that changed to a mighty golem, a harmless animal that suddenly grew to immense might and brutality, a human who mutated to an entity that can control the weather all around them,... The definition of being a titan is that they once were regular objects or mortals that got in touch with the energy of Zion itself, granting them power that is almost god-like. They can't control said power themselves, but when brought under control by others, they can be used as mighty tool against the gods themselves.

In RP:
You are allowed to meet Titans in RP, fighting them even, but be aware that a Titan is as mighty as Lalun or Procne. They can die by mortals' hands, yes, but to seriously harm a godly beast in a mission it needed an entire army, so consider that when running into one of them in your RPs.

Powers can be anything, depending on what titan you meet.
It can be instant regeneration, their bodies mirroring all kind of spells and damage, having no more physical form one can touch,...
They can't control their powers, so once unleashed its impossible for the titan itself to stop.

The Titans under the Order's control have only one objective: Protecting the Order and defeating the gods.

Free titans that have their powers sealed can live pretty much regular lives except of the fact they need someone to keep them under control. Many of them lost their mind to their powers though, only survival instincts remaining, attacking anything that dares coming too close.

Regular Members are -not- allowed to own a titan, be it as NPC or main character!!! Even though they can't control their powers and thus not use them freely, they are -too- strong to be playable characters! Mods/Admins are allowed to create Titans as NPCs but ONLY after talking with Tajaky or Deamond about it and getting their approval! Regularly, they are NOT allowed!!!


SoC .:. Kazic by Deamond-89

Noiz' right hand and one of the Order's Titans. He is the one who keeps the other Titan's under control to not fall to their own powers.

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is he the figure that showed up in silhouette at the beginning of the mission into the rifts?