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God of Ares

SoC .:. Deamond by Deamond-89

  • Deamond: They are talking about us as if we chose being what we were born as. We have a right to exist as well and to live the way we are meant to be! They want to get rid of us? Let them try! We are ready to fight for our freedom!



While Caelius and Earthra bloomed and faced an era of peace, Ares didn't take the time in the moon-prison very well... Being locked with one another, many of their races simply died out as the necessary resources to live lacked on the moon. Some areans live from souls, others need blood, some simply died because other races needed to still their hunger. The time spent in the moon was chaos and only their god's strict hand stopped the inhabitants of Ares to kill each other. Seeing his people dying, Deamond knew that they had to return to Zion to survive. They had a right to exist as well and live the way nature had created them. While Ares has nothing against the war at all, they know Caelius has to be eliminated before they get the chance to eliminate them. As the seal broke and they returned to Zion, Ares was the first faction reuniting their army as this was what they longed for ever since they had been locked in the moon.

  • Ares' land is as dead as many of its inhabitants. The races that need food such as vegetables to live need to rob them from the neighboring countries since their own fields don't give them enough supplies in the first place. Ares is the strongest offense-might on land. They are also very skilled in air- and water-fights, but they mainly lack defense.

Generals and Commanders

SoC .:. Sandro by Dx33x :thumb359123932:
SoC: Emiris Stormhael by AealZX :thumb266699454: SoC_Kel by ShadowOfSolace

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