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Goddess of Earthra

SoC .:. Ivalina by Deamond-89

  • Ivalina: We can either sit by and wait for our destruction while watching Caelius and Ares slaughtering each other, or we can stand up and fight to restore the Age of Peace!



After Caelius and Ares have been sealed away in the sun and the moon, Zion faced a time of peace and wealth. The land bloomed and life was at ease while recovering from the deep scars the War of the Gods had left on the land. Almost a whole millennium this peace lasted. The many races of Zion formed their own little kingdoms, sometimes fighting each other, but it never was as much of a bloodbath as during the battles between Ares and Caelius... The stories of Helia and Deamond fighting each other seemed like bad tales to scare children, memories that the people of Zion tried to leave behind them. But with the Great Eclipse which freed Caelius and Ares, the nightmare suddenly turned reality again, a new war on the edge of breaking out. The many countries of Zion had to decide now: Staying neutral and letting the two enemies clash against each other once again, hoping that one would soon defeat the other and thus end the blood-spilling, or joining Earthra to defend their land to not get crashed between the battlefronts. Led by Ivalina who once sealed the two fighting forces, Earthra will defend their land to regain what they lost: peace.

  • Earthra is a rather split faction with many neutral kingdoms spread between them, however they hold the biggest amount of land in total, as well as a widest variety of races and natural resources. They have a balanced army, covering defense, offense, water, land and air alike.

Generals and Commanders

Souls of Chaos: Dorian Arethousa by furesiya Souls of Chaos: Naia Arethousa-Smith by furesiya
SOC - Kein Royles by Dante-Aran

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