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Goddess of Caelius

SoC .:. Helia by Deamond-89

  • Helia: We are the guardians of Zion. It is our duty to punish the sinners of this world and to restore order to create a world in which death no longer is of any importance. Judgment must be passed!



Being banned to the sun was not much to the caelians' liking, but they were at peace in their prison, living their lives as if the sun was their new world. Cealius had always been a world ruled by strict order, but this order granted peace and freedom to its inhabitants, so they served under Helia's name, valuing honor, law and justice more than anything else. The ultimate way to achieve peace is to live in law and order. The dark creatures of Ares however broke any kind of rules, robbing, destroying and slaughtering. Helia couldn't just let them do as they wanted. But knowing that they were locked in the moon, she was at peace: They couldn't harm any of Zion's people from their prison anymore. As the seals broke though and both factions reappeared on Zion, the people of Caelius knew, that they once again had to protect themselves and Zion from the demons of Ares, fighting them at any cost. Only with Ares either punished for their sins or whipped away from the surface of the world, justice and order could be restored!

  • Caelius is known for its rich soil, making it easy for them to grow fields and ensure the supplies for their army. Caelius is very strong in defense and air-offense, however they lack a decent water-force and overall offense.

Generals and Commanders

SoC : Rheyn by bubblesfizz SoC .:. Duane by Dx33x
Aegle by Bubblesey SoC: Beros Solaris by DraconisKnight

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