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Welcome to Souls Between, an ARPG where you can embark on a quest to discover all the mysteries of Empyrean with your dragons. Will you strive for greatness in the above world, keeping evil forces at bay? Or will you succumb to the dark powers of corruption in the Aether world below? Your journey is yours to tell and the adventure begins here!
Souls-Between operates solely on our website! Please make sure to register over at Souls-Between !

You can find out how to register in this news post: Registration

Most of our systems are now on our website, the following is still conducted on dA:

- Nesting Permissions

- Leasing Permissions

- Flight Management

- Non User Utility Hub

The non user utility hub is for members who are leaving the group currently, and wish to not make an account to transfer their dragons and items to others.


The website now contains all the information needed! Please refer to the website for up to date information!

Seasonal Challenges can be found on the website!

- Design Guide Overhaul
- Crafting overhaul 
- Aether Guard and CTA
- New Nesting Rites Prompts
- Aspect Affinity Prompts (In limbo)

◆ Dragons of the Season ◆


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ThistletheSunWing Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2020
Hi! I've designed my Mastery Point tracker, but have no idea where to upload it to or how to find a dragon! Can someone please help
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