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As Below, So Above


Thu Dec 21, 2017, 2:24 PM by Cryptid-Horror:iconcryptid-horror:

Welcome to Souls Between, an ARPG where you can embark on a quest to discover all the mysteries of Empyrean with your dragons. Will you strive for greatness in the above world, keeping evil forces at bay? Or will you succumb to the dark powers of corruption in the Aether world below? Your journey is yours to tell and the adventure begins here!
Souls-Between operates solely on our website! Please make sure to register over at Souls-Between !

You can find out how to register in this news post: Registration

Most of our systems are now on our website, the following is still conducted on dA:

- Nesting Permissions

- Leasing Permissions

- Flight Management

- Non User Utility Hub

The non user utility hub is for members who are leaving the group currently, and wish to not make an account to transfer their dragons and items to others.


✨Design Guide Overhaul (75% complete)
✨Aether Guard and CTA // Grand hunt
✨New Nesting Rites Prompts

◆ Dragons of the Season ◆


More Journal Entries


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DorosauryARPG Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2021
How to delete a thread?

I dont know HTML as its to confusing i do like this group and want to stay in as much as possible

i am fine with all the rolls taking place on the site

but i dont know why the trackers  need to be on there :/

i am fine if its something like DOA or DS That the admins do the trackers .

I like to be on DA very much compared to make new accounts and trying to get stuff set up
Cryptid-Horror Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2021  Professional General Artist
dA is unfriendly and increasingly clunky for many of our processes - the only things we intend to leave on dA are imports and the non-user utility hub. Everything else is done on site. A lot of folks can help out in the discord, and possibly even in the forums if you request help!
Forums are a fairly newer extension developed by a third party, they should get improvements over time.
DorosauryARPG Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2021
you know what will be cool?

Live notifications! 
Cryptid-Horror Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2021  Professional General Artist
Can you explain what you mean? I am unsure what you are referring to.
DorosauryARPG Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2021
oh like on DA that there are Live notifications so i think it would be good so i dont refresh the page every 3 mins
and if you be on long enough you should see a notification pop up like saying "yay a roll was succesfull"
also why is the site down? i was doing rolls but looks like they need to be on hold
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