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Warhammer and Shield

By Soulflame81
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This is a WIP of one of the sets of weapons and shields I am creating. The finished product will be a little different in the way of camera angle and set-up but you can see the principle though :)
It´s not quite finished yet but I hope to get it done soon...
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wow dude, please tell me where i can get all the programmes you use for this, and plz tell me where you learned how to do things like that :please:
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I made this in a 3D application called "Cinema 4D". I learned Cinema 4D from tutorials on the web and by joining different contests on the web. By entering contests with premade themes you get to do stuff that you would normally not think of yourself, in many cases.
Webtutorials and contests, that´s what I´ve been doing...

Good luck and have fun =)
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ok, tyvm =] im gona get it lol =p this stuff you do is truly amazing
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i understand how many meshes there are as you were using displace
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It´s all bump maps.
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That's gotta be lot easier than displacement maps. Still haven't figured those out completely.
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Those are just so awesome!
And it's also refreshing to see a warhammer, instead of the swords and ships that I see most people making.
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thank you :)
Yeah I thought it was time for something else :)
Though I´m totally into weapons so it´ll be quite a few of those for a while..
Next project will probably be a huge thundering hammer of lightning :lol:

Eventually I´ll create a full plate armor but I´m not getting myself into that just yet ;)
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You're really good! I'm sooo jelous. I wanna be good too... I'll just be had to practise... I could use a teacher... -.-
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WOW... Andre... this is fantastic... very realistic... great work sweetie
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Hey Jac, thanx :D
Thanx for the comment and I´m glad you liked it :)
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Roy4DStudent Filmographer
F*cking awesome dude
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hehe, thnx :)
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khengHobbyist Digital Artist
nice bump map on the shield :D
looking good so far
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Thnx !
Yeah it took me a while to create that bump map :)
Though I´m actually thinking about making it a relief instead of bumping, will probably look alot
more realistic that way and I want to be able to show it at all angles you know.
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wow, good job! Looks so real! :clap:
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Thank you :)
Will post a better update soon :D
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Can't wait to see that! :D
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niiiiice i like it - looks so real as creativezone said.
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Looks so real ..great work buddy :thumbsup:
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Thanx :)
And thank you for the :+fav:
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My Pleasure :hug:
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