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Vaiki Season Adopts FLATSALES 1 OPEN
I didn't plan to release these for like,, two more weeks but I'm still working on clearing up my ok so,, here they are
All are flatsales, and they're a bit more expensive since they have a bit of edits woo

Summer || 800 points // $8 USD
Edits ;; Floof ears, custom fins, floof chest, a bit bigger hair tuft 
Owned by ;; CanineArtFanatic 

Spring || 1000 points // $10 USD
Edits ;; Cat ears, Curly everything, custom fins
Owned by AutumnColorsFall

Autumn || 650 points // $6.50 USD
Edits ;; Floof ears, Custom fins
owned by ;; CanineArtFanatic 

Winter || 1000 points // $10.00 USD
Edits ;; Bunny ears, Custom fins, floof chest - floof goes up and over sort of like Polaris' does
owned by TheNightsIllusion 

I don't have a separate of them but can get them upon request :o I might forget tho so just,, yell if I don't get one to you right away

I can do a cheeb of them for an extra 250 points // $2.50
As of now i am no longer active on this account. ^^"
Batch o 6 [ gone ]
I made some lines and they're p fun :0 I might do one more batch on these, I like them uwu

posting these as I judge the others uwu

1.) Furry space babe || 750 points or $7.50 
Edits || Floof, Fins
Owned by || CashuDraw 

2.) Electric blood tiger || FCFS TO CLAIM
Edits || Fur, Fins
Owned by || SeastarofEarthclan 

3.) I live blue n red ok
Edits || Long floof ears, fins
Owned by || CashuDraw 

4.) Blue n orange?
Edits || Fins
Owned by || Kuro-The-Art-Kitsune 
Contest || 24 hour naming competition

5.) Blue birb
Edirs || Fins
Owned by|| TheKitsuneShifter   
Contest || Now FCFS just post a name and gender

6.) Rainbow back babe
Edits || fins
Owned by || Owned by BecNessMonster 
Contest || 
Each day in October I'll be making some half custom design that is based on a special theme every day :0 //its kind of what @/Scooteson1 is doing but with adopts, I'll have a YCH open for Halloween too when I have the time. <3 I heckin love Halloween this is my favorite holiday I l o v e it.

How its gonna work; You claim a day and I'll have your design done on that day (although if I post it a few days late, don't worry. Chances are I'll try to have them done before the date so I am able to upload them in case I cant get to my computer.) So if you pick the 1st one, your design will be done and hopefully released on the 1st! There is only one slot per person, although I love designing and I may end up making multiple based on the idea so the extras will be up for sale later on B) I'm gonna try new things when it comes to designing, if you have anything you want to see specifically in what you claimed, feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to incorporate it!

Each slot is 300 points or $3.00 USD on paypal
I can try to do anything : humans, birbs, dogs, cats, anthros, ect. I wanna practice stuff so if there is anything in specific you connect most to, let me know! And IF you don't like the design/connect, I totally understand, and I can either make a new one after the event is over or you have the ability to resell it!

1. All stitched up -
2. Ghost of the past - 
3. Young vampire -
4. Failed experiment -
5. Spider witch -
6. Necromancer -
7. The grim reapurr -
8. Candy corn
9. A full moon - Taken by Frank-Poole
10. Spider webs
11. An unlucky survivor
12. Costumed kiddo
13. Carved pumpkin
14. Always smiling
15. Radiation
16. Candy gore - Taken by Scooteson1 
17. Skin and bones
18. A masked man
19. Lunar witch
20. Candy witch - taken by JustMomoko
21. Death (different than grim reaper)
22. Pumpkins
23. Dead trees
24. Autumn leaves
25. Caramel apples
26. Skeletons
27. Black widow
28. Dinosaur
29. Poison apples
30. Crystal witch 
31. mummy

Comment to claim! If you have anything else you want to see me do let me know! 



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