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Warcraft: Elenaris sweet dreams

A World of Warcraft commission for :iconkingdomkupo:
Elenaris having a sweet dreams of her life with her husband and future son!
The original file is really big (something like 100"), take a lot of time, and it is a first picture done with my new Cintiq.
I hope you like it! :)
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nilescclover's avatar
wow! love this.....great job!
Soulfein's avatar
I'm glad you like it! OMG! I can't contain my excitement! 
LegendWolves's avatar
This looks wonderful!

You haven't posted art in sooo long where have you been???
Soulfein's avatar
Thank you Niky! I've give up WoW (it's an hard thing to do) and I dedicate a lot of time on few classified commission and on this! Sooner I'll publish more picture but probably no on DA 'cause they're very hard, just on my blog or my Hentay Foundry account ;)
LegendWolves's avatar
Ohhh, okay! I look forward to seeing more from you! ~ < 3
Lussebullen85's avatar
This is so so amazing beyond words! :heart:
it really caught my eye! and moved me :´3
Soulfein's avatar
I'm glad you like it! :)
Thank you for the fave very appreciated!
SummerMouse's avatar
Its beautiful.  Absolutely gorgeous.
Soulfein's avatar
Thank you Jessy! ;)
Ammeg88's avatar
Oh wow, this is epicly done
Soulfein's avatar
Thank you Gem! :D
Ammeg88's avatar
Always welcome
Kingdomkupo's avatar
I'm speechless, really. This is all I imagined and more when I brought the concept to you! Your talent really made my vision come true! Thank you so much!!!

You bring Damon and Elenaris to life!
Soulfein's avatar
You're very kind Sav! I'm very happy you like it.
It is my first picture with the Cintiq and I have found the right style just only on the last picture (Ele on the bed), I was afraid it would not be to your liking... fortunately you like it!
Thanks to you for the opportunity to create a similar composition! :blowkiss:
Living-In-Whimsy's avatar
Wow. This is absolutely gorgeous, and the concept is beautiful. You rendered it magnificently (as always).

Is that a Feline Familiar? 

I really like the picture with the burst of sunlight of Elenaris and her husband. Will you be showing detailed shots of the different dreams so we can see more?
Soulfein's avatar
Thank you Kay you're very kind as usual! :D 
It is a feline familiar yes :) I'm tring to improve my skill with cats (and take more control of my new Cintiq).
As soon as possible I'll publish some close up ;)
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