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A Valentine Reunion: Part 2

Ash blinked rapidly, no less confused than he was a minute ago. After a few moments of racking his brain, he just decided to give up, and asked, "I'm sorry, but… do I know you?"

Pikachu hopped down from his trainer's shoulder and approached the strange girl. He cautiously sniffed her. He frowned; she definitely smelled familiar, but he couldn't quite put a paw on it. So who in Arceus's name was she? By now, the whole class had noticed the current situation. Lana and Lillie took one look at the girl's face and immediately threw a mildly concerned look towards Mallow. Kiawe and Sophocles hadn't quite picked up on what the two girls did, and just looked at each other in slight confusion.

Kiawe quietly muttered to Sophocles, "I suppose you have no clue what's happening either?" The round boy merely shook his head, bemused.

Professors Kukui and Burnet stood next to each other with their hands on their hips, surveying what was happening. Eventually, everyone who wasn't Ash or the girl turned to look at Mallow… who was sporting a heavy scowl on her face. She thought angrily to herself, "Whoever this girl is, I will not lose to her." She crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently, before speaking up in a less-than-amused tone. "So, Ash, care to introduce us to your friend?"

Ash tore his gaze away from the girl to look at Mallow. "I would love to, except I don't think her and I have met before. Well, I'm pretty sure we haven't. I don't remember her."

At that the girl looked visibly crestfallen, before glancing back at the pink-haired girl, still sitting at the coffee shop. She seemed to give an encouraging nod, to which the red-haired girl took a deep breath and looked back at Ash.

"We have met before, Ash. About 3 years ago, in fact."

At that, Pikachu's eyes widened considerably. So that's who she was! A different form, maybe, but the smell was the same. Pikachu gently swatted his trainer's leg with his tail, before excitedly pointing at the not-so stranger and giving out loud pikas.

Ash looked down at Pikachu, mouth opening in a question before he, in a rare stroke of intelligence, had a revelation. His eyes shot back up towards the girl, a smile forming on his face. "Woah, is it really you, La-?" Pikachu, knowing his trainer was about to stupidly expose her identity to everyone around them, promptly fired a thundershock at Ash. The attack only lasted a moment, but it was enough to shut him up… along with covering him in a layer of… ash.

The girl covered her mouth with her hands in horror, while Ash's classmates collectively sweatdropped. No matter the situation, they could trust Ash to get shocked in some fashion, typically from Pikachu. However, this was not enough to distract Mallow from her question.

"Well, Ash? It appears to me you do know her after all."

The class collectively winced, hearing the slight bit of venom in her words. Ash, having not noticed such a thing, nodded as he dusted himself off. "Yup. Everyone, meet… Bianca. She's an old friend, back when I first visited Alto mare."

Pikachu shot a look at him, pleased he remembered not to use her real name, but also annoyed. That meant if they met the real Bianca, there would be questions. Ones, he was sure, Latias might not wish to answer right away.

Ash then looked back at Latias with a grin, "How are you doing, by the way? I'm sorry, I should have asked that-"

He was cut off as Latias recovered and leaped at him with a bone-crushing hug. He blinked for a moment, before gently hugging her as well. Ash could hear her lightly crying.


Latias kept him in a vice-like grip, burying her head in his chest and sniffling. Never in a million years did she expect to reunite with him. She had hoped, sure, but that was all. After a minute or so, she gently let go of him, her eyes a little red. Latias looked up at him, feeling her cheeks heat up slightly. He was more attractive than he had been three years ago; taller, tanner, and a stronger, if the lean muscles were anything to go by. She looked away, not wanting to give any feelings away. Not yet.

She finally looked behind him, seeing a group of people. Ash seemingly noticed this. "L- Bianca, these are my friends I'd like you to meet."

He pointed at the two tallest, who looked like adults. Ash pointed at the male, who smiled and waved. "That's Professor Kukui. He teaches at the Pokemon school I go to in Alola." The professor was wearing a long white coat and gray pants, but didn't seem to be wearing a shirt. A hat adorned his head, black-brown hair pulled back into a bun.

Latias blinked, before smiling and waving back.

The female beside him had very white hair, pulled back in a messy half-bun. She wore a gray top, black yoga pants, a light jacket tied around her waist. She too smiled, before introducing herself. "I'm Professor Burnet. I'm married to Kukui. I work at a research lab in Alola." Latias nodded an greeted her, feeling more at ease.

The shortest was a short haired bluenette, wearing a white top and blue baggy pants. A strange Pokemon was next to her, almost resembling a seel, but blue. The bluenette spoke up in a soft voice. "Hi, Bianca. I'm Lana. And this," she pointed at the pokemon, "is Popplio." Popplio clapped it's fins together and barked happily. Latias giggled, and waved at her. A pale blonde standing next to the bluenette spoke up next, momentarily looking down at the strangely white Vulpix in her arms. "I'm Lillie. Nice to meet you! This is Snowy." The white Pokemon let out a soft "Vul!" The girl wore an equally white sundress, a pack over her shoulders.

A little bit to the side of the girls stepped forward. The dark-skinned male, who for some reason lacked a shirt, had a small smile as he spoke up. "Hey. I'm Kiawe. It's a pleasure." He was fairly well muscled. On his left wrist, he wore a strange white bracelet. On his left was a round boy, the polar opposite of his taller friend. He looked up at Latias with a large smile and said, "Hi! I'm Sophocles. I'd like you to meet Charjabug and Togedemaru." In front of him was a box of a Pokemon, green in color. The boy spoke up again, sounding confused. "Where's Togedemaru?"

A loud exclamation answered that as everyone turned to watch as a ball-like pokemon cuddled up to Pikachu, who sweat dropped.

Latias turned as she heard someone step closer. The source was a fairly tall green haired girl, with overalls of some kind and very short shorts. With a slight frown, the girl introduced herself. "I'm Mallow. This here," she gestured behind her, "is Tsareena." A plant-like Pokemon stepped into view. It, she, flipped it's petal-like hair. The Pokemon looked very aloof, but Latias could tell she cared for Mallow by the way she stuck close to her. The girl in question slightly shifted, drawing Latias's eyes into her own. While there was a smile on her face, it didn't completely reach her eyes. There seemed to be a spark in there, a touch of… what, exactly?

Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Mew calling out behind her. "That's all very well, but you forgot about me!"

The cat in disguise quickly skipped up to the group, pink hair flowing behind. When she got (rather alarmingly) close, she dug her feet into the wood of the docks, only to trip and fall right into Ash's arms.

Latias's eye twitched as she took a step forward, then stopped, and took a deep breath. Relax, Latias, no reason to do anything rash. No reason at all. It was merely an accident. This reassured her, until she saw Mew straighten up after thanking Ash for catching her, and shooting her a sly wink only she caught. Latias rolled her eyes, giving out a small sigh.

She cleared her throat, about to introduce the menace she called her friend.

"Alright. Everyone, this is my friend-"

"Hi! I'm Mew!" The cat beamed at everyone.

Latias froze with her jaw open, completely aghast. She blinked once, twice, three times. She couldn't let out a sound if she tried.

Finally, she broke from her shock-induced paralysis and looked around at the class. Thankfully, almost everyone had a look of incomprehension on their faces. Almost everyone. The two Professors, Kukui and Burnet, both had frowns as they shot a look at each other. Latias prayed to Arceus the belief Mew was considered to be a myth would prevent suspicion on their part. Ash and Pikachu on the other hand….

The trainer questioned with confusion apparent in his voice; "Huh?"

She turned to look at them, feeling very worried. While he was kind-hearted, he acted rashly when it came to saving her and Latios three years back, and she didn't have much hope he deviated from that. Hence why she silently plead to herself he would keep quiet, should he figure out the girl that proclaimed herself as Mew was, in fact, Mew. Latias wished she could tell him to shut up herself….

"Oh. I can."

Latias concentrated, reaching out a mental probe towards the Trainer. The probe got to him just as he opened his mouth.

She pushed a little further, before she accomplished complete mental connection. She was mildly proud of herself; she had only been doing this for less than a month, and it was almost never this easy. Was it because….? Latias pushed that to the back of her mind, while focused on his. Latias shivered as she felt his mind, her cheeks heating up. She could feel his very soul, his pure heart. She could feel his love for Pokemon, and could sense his complete obliviousness of her own emotions.

All in all, she could feel what it meant to be Ash Ketchum.

She shook her head. She had no time for this. For the first time, she spoke to him directly through his young mind.

"Ash. Don't say anything. Please."

Ash jolted around, eyes showing utter confusion, before they met hers. As his brown eyes stared into her honey-brown eyes, she practically melted. Her stomach twisted, her heart beat faster, and her cheeks warmed up considerably. She struggled to push it aside, trying to ignore how much the young boy took her breath away.

She spoke again in his mind, "yes, it's me, Latias. Don't say anything about Mew, not yet. She might have a complete disregard for discretion, but I don't."

Ash opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, before nodding slowly.

Content, Latias withdrew her mind from his, although she did so with some reluctance. She looked around, discreetly trying to gauge Ash's classmates' reactions. The two professors seemed to have disregarded Mew's introduction, as they were both chatting to each other calmly. However, every once and awhile, Kukui would glance over at her pink-haired friend. Trying not to show her unease, Latias turned her attention to everyone else. Like the professors, they didn't seem to have their attention on Mew anymore, as they too talked amongst each other. The blonde, Latias noted, seemed just a thoughtful as Kukui, also shooting Mew curious looks from time to time. But wait, one of them wasn't talking at all….

Mallow, the green-haired girl, appeared to be glaring at Latias, crossing her arms stiffly as she did so. Latias was a touch unnerved, wondering what she had done to already have attracted negative attention from the other girl. She was about to find out with a mental probe when a hand grabbed her own, making her jump. She turned and blushed, seeing it was Ash who had initiated contact.

He didn't give her time to question it as he looked to her eagerly, and ask, "Come on, aren't you gonna let them meet your family?"

Latias glanced at their hand holding again, her blush deepening, before replying. "Lorenzo is working at the museum, and Bianca is working on art, I think, over on the other side of the city. My brother-"

"Wait, Bianca?"

Latias froze as Lillie voiced her confusion. I'm so stupid. Stupid, stupid.

Lille continued, further digging Latias into a pit. "But, you're Bianca. Unless, your friend's name is Bianca as well?"

The dragoness in disguise slowly nodded her head. She turned to Ash, as she sighed. "I guess I know where we're going, now. You all seem trustworthy enough, so... it's time to visit my brother."

She started to drag Ash off, reluctant to let go of him as she led them to the Secret Garden, before Mallow's indignant shout stopped her in her tracks.

"Hey, what do you mean we seem trustworthy enough?"

She didn't get a response as Latias strode forward once more, still hanging on to Ash's hand.


Mew was ecstatic. Her plan worked out beautifully, every step of it. From drawing Latias to the docks, to her "accidentally" as a trainer, he was liable to slip up and make mistakes.

In fact, she was counting on it. She knew Latias would expect him to make a remark about her name and probably hair. This would have no doubt caught the attention of the Professors. Even if it seemed ludicrous at first, Mew figured they would put some thought into it. She knew Latias would want to prevent that. She knew the dragoness was also eager to try out her blooming psychic powers. Something Mew was glad Latias didn't use to see who was on the boat before it pulled in.

She was glad, however, Latias used the probe to shut Ash up. Not because she was in any danger, but because it would give Latias the chance to really know the young boy. Mew saw her friend's reaction when she entered his mind. It was something she was hoping for. Not only was it great teasing ammo, but it meant she could finally convince Latias just how much she cared for him. Despite her grumblings otherwise.

Everything had gone according to plan.

Well, almost everything. That green-haired loudmouth was going to be trouble for her cause. Mew just knew it. As much as she'd like to turn her mind into a potato, she couldn't. Ash would be furious, and he might take that out on Latias. And that was definitely not worth it.

Humming songs to herself that were older than the waters surrounding the city, Mew skipped ahead of the others, sticking her tongue out at random passerby and watching their confused reactions.

She was unaware of Kukui's thoughtful, and narrowed, gaze.

Author's note: B minor.

All joking aside... Greetings! Welcome back, to another chapter. I apologize for it taking as long as it did, as well as it not being as long as I'd like it to be. I think what I'll do is gradually increase the length of the chapters. Nothing too crazy. This is just so I can not only get in more content per update, but so I can get used to writing more and more.

The implications:
More detail.
Better dialogue (this is desperately needed)
Greater fun (I guess?)

Anyways, thanks for reading. Remember, read and review! Criticism is helpful, so long as you are trying to be helpful.

And what do you think of me putting answers to reviews at the beginning of the chapter? I feel if someone has a question, it could get answered for everyone without them having to check the reviews manually.
Should I stick to just having answers at the beginning instead of just responses to miscellaneous things? Yes I should!

But let me know. For now, I'm out!

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