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Underground Town by Peroline and SoulcolorsArt

This once was a lovely town where lots of women took care of all the bats.
Only a few women are left and the place is falling apart.
What will become of the bats when all the women are gone?

We :iconperoline: and :iconsoulcolorsart: made this for the Intermediate Tournament-Round 2 at :iconcrphotomanipulation:

Intermediate Tournament - Round 2 - Go!!Hi everyone,
I apologize again for the delay in posting these themes. Here they are:
Every7thHeartbeat - War
annemaria48 and nova63 - Fantasy theme with all 4 seasons
  KimmieKrazy and Godiva500 - black and white macabre /horror
mippieArt and Shedboy68 - Happy childhood manip from this image:  
peroline and SoulcolorsArt - Underground town
dreamswoman - "A Man and his car"- It must be in a city and it must be dark or funny.
Annuski - Norse gods
twostepsfromhell2 - simple, emotional portrait manipulation
  Hehayo - surreal manip using bright colors
itznikki530 - horror and macabre underwater
Your deviation will be due to CRPhotomanipulation on or by May 15th at 11:59 PM US Pacific Time (dA time).  If you are working as part of a team, please be sure to list who did what in your submission. As per usual, all stock must be credited and legitimat

Our theme was: Underground town given by :icondreamswoman:

We both worked on the concept and ideas, but because Peroline had her holiday this period SouldcolorsArt developed the idea


Cave I by darkcalypso-stock

Cave II by darkcalypso-stock
enlightenment 002 by Kebehut-stock
hidden lagoon by meihua-stock          
Irish Cave by faestock…
Lake 58 - enchanted lake by Momotte2stocks…
Mountain 286-big rocks on the top by Momotte2stocks…
Mountain 291-mineral horizon
Waterfall PS Brush SET2 by FrostBo
Stock 322-Waterfall 6 by Valentine-FOV-Stock
Stock 333-Waterfall 13 by Valentine-FOV-Stock
Stock 318-Bridge on High by Valentine-FOV-Stock
Water and Stones by petronellavanree
Cave in West Australia by petronellavanree

RocheRock3 by KornKidSamStock
ruins002 by akio-stock
ruins001 by akio-stock
St Andrews3 by faestock
St Andrews6 by faestock    

Bat 7 by O-okani-l  
Bat Stock 1: Flying Fox by HOTNStock
Bat 3 by NightWhisper67
Fruit Bats_Mind-Matter by Mind-Matter
E-S Bats pakc by Elevit-Stock  

----Woman (little) at city gate
STOCK -Vampiria by Mahafsoun
Bat 4 by O-okani-l        

----Woman (big)
Dsc2597 by jlior        

And a lot of painting
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Wow, really amazing work!
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Thanks a lot and thanks for the stock :love:
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Julia x
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thank you so much :love:
UnicornSaint's avatar
I love how you used so many stocks! amazing picture!!!
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Yes it was one big puzzle lol, thanks :love:
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Thanks :) Dank je wel :lol:
neverdying's avatar
Very detailed, great scene!
neverdying's avatar
You're welcome :hug:
Digitiel's avatar
Wonderful , complex work, lovely lightening!Clap 
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Thank you :heart:, yes it was a lot of pieces :lol:
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Oh wow thanks for this wonderful feature :love:
AncA-P's avatar
What an imagination ! :D
AncA-P's avatar
You're very welcome! :hug:
Sandra-Cristhina's avatar
Great collab good luck again :clap:
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Yes I did a lot of contests lol, thanks for your sweet comment :heart:
Sandra-Cristhina's avatar
I love participating in contests too, I think they are great to improve my skills.
Again good luck :tighthug:
DraakeT's avatar
I like me your ideas always...and this is another beautiful idea

I can see well the effort to work all. Working with open space is always a risk because the use of multiples elements is an hard and long work.

before, i watch always the first impact and this is really nice.

I like me also the general cave tone

I like me much the work on girl and on the castle, this last the most difficult part of the entire work..excellent work on that!...and i like me the bat on the left angle.

Pay always attention to "the clone effect" this case i see so good the same bat cloned....this is always a bad idea! If u are lazy like a bear to find each single bat....:giggle: U can solve this problem using

swarms of bats  ------> like in this example

Let me talk about proportions because this work got heavy proportions problems....well u know this topic is really hard, so it's normal, and i write this only because u are u  otherwise i don't waste, never, my time to write all these things :pat:  This is a funny exercise and u can do alone from urself..... Watch the girl and now watch her distance from those rocks under the castle. Ok? That distance is
very the entire proportion of the castle and of the girl near the door castle are wrong.
In general if you want work good with all always each distance from the main subject....Well of course this isn't always possible because some enviroments are hard! But in this case was "easy".

In few words...this work, got a giant potential hided.....and the key to take it out is linked to the proportion! Oh yes, in my mind i can imagine this work with right proportion and its

Remember always....the rule is only 1.....
nature must always dominate the subject...this is the only way to create the illusion of magnificence in these works! Pratical example:…

The bats into the light beam
they too don't help the illusion of magnificence because their proportion is + or - equal....Don't have fear to work with proportion!!! If u create little bats near the hole u'll increase the effect of magnificence of the nature. Other example ---->…

U got great ideas and u got a great taste, if you, in the time u'll fix these hard topics u'll be more powerful....but i know these concepts are impossible to be acquired in 2 days!

Of course u cant restart this work from zero...too long.....but u can do a little personal exercise, using only 5 shoots.....1 cave, 1 castle, 1 subject, 1 swarm of bats, 1 hole with a ray beam like that used here. and try to recreate the same composition created here....This is useful to increase the experience with proportions

I remember u the last thing....of course this isn't an exam :giggle: This is only don't worry about all these things!
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