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The Ladykiller (or do you know your neighbour?)

Do we know our neighbours? I didn't put a mature tag on this manip, but if someone think it is neccesary just let me know :)

Look at some closeups here: Ladykiller-closeup

Abandoned House by digitalhomicide

part of roof…
Places BG 112 by Peace-of-Art

stair on the left
old printing factory_09 by BloodyArt-Stock  

stairs on the right
Rooms for rent...empty space 11 by jinifur

bathroom on the left
DSCN0896 Br by gestandene
abandoned hospital 1 aby kathy-Ophelia    

bathroom on the right
old bathroom by maladie-stock

bedroom on the left
Abandoned room by Simbores
Bedroom-Valans Stock

bedroom on the right
(1007)Boldt Castle Victorian Bedroom by MANGO-stock    

livingroom right
Interior 1 by Rozzers-Stock  

livingroom left
Houses and old buildings 7 by salawat-shiadesigns

bed in cellar
STOCK IMAGE old bed 1 by LamollesseStockImage      

stairs in cellar
DSCN0889 Br by gestandene

winecellar right…
Lacock Abbey & Village 141 by Virgolinedancer1  

Alcatraz TExture Pack 1 by calthyechild      

dead girl in livingroom left
Zombies 5 by sd-stock  

dead girl upstairs left…
in a box 1 by AttempteStock

crow24 by peroni68
Crow 5 by Hopeful-World…
Bird327-charming crow by Momotte2stocks

Winter19 by faestock    

smart Dressed Man by Null-Entity
Stock Request - dead - by adapho-stock…
February-Winter Morning by Eirian-stock
Spooky Stones 01 PNG Stock by Jumpfer-Stock

Draped Devils Ivy by LilipilySpirit

Roots 01 by svend-stock
Ceramic Pot by Florence0-stock
Snow Bush 02 by BrokenWing3dStock
Lantern_02 by GoblinStock

Before the first snow by Lorie Davison at
Greymouse Manor winter ball by Lorie Davison at

Before the first snow by Lorie Davison at

Drifting snow dreams kit by Lorie Davison at

Rough to the touch by Lorie Davison at

chair left room…
Turning leaf apothecary by Lorie Davison at
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Yes and creepy :) thanks a lot.
CaseyBelle's avatar
Reminds me of the 1954 Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly film, Rear Window. Very cool piece and all the stocks are blended seamlessly! If you haven't seen the film, you really should. Then you would understand my reference! :D 
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
I've probably seen this movie, but had to google it to be sure :) Thanks for your comment, it sure does look a bit like the film :)
Bazzkorg's avatar
This was an interesting idea. 
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Yep :) glad I don't have such a neighbor :lol:
Bazzkorg's avatar
YEah, for real! 
petronellavanree's avatar
What an amazing choice of stock used in this design. Absolutely great!!!Heart 
neverdying's avatar
Very detailed scene, wow, just love it, very cleaver too! :clap:
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Yes I must have a dark side too :lol: Thanks for your comment :heart:
neverdying's avatar
We all do! ;) You're welcome!
DriPoint's avatar
Fantastic originality and clever twist.
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
thanks, glad I don't have such a neighbor :lol:
DriPoint's avatar
So far as you know - yet!
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
I don't have close neighbors, so I think I am safe :P
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