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Spoild Child -- a horror story

Spoild child -- a horror story

This is our entry ( :iconperoline: :iconsoulcolorsart: ) for the FINAL round of the
Intermediate Photomanipulation tournament at crphotomanipulation.deviantart…  :iconcrphotomanipulation: .

We got two themes to choose from from our opponents.
One was:
Theme 1: Make a manipulation in the style from the movie Sin City,
so using black and white, shadow and light maybe urban-setting etc.
And the other:
Theme 2: Something gory, must have a lot of blood in it.

So we choose the one people would least expect from us.... the bloody one lol.
Because we both like to use colors and red is a lovely color :)
We will never be the same after this and were worried our conversation would tip of
authorities with phrases like: "Kill the clown and let his intestines hang out".
"Did you already found a bloody knife and a lot of blood?"...
And "We need more blood, lots more!".

The boy is very upset because the balloon animals the clown makes gets broken every time. So he takes a knife and kills the clown and makes
a balloon animal of his intestines. The clown even lose a few fingers. (Remember it had to be gory)

Who did what?
:iconperoline: did the clown and the blood and intestines hanging out, and made the
balloonfigure with his intestines. She also visit her sister who could make the balloonanimals to make photos.
:iconsoulcolorsart: did the background and the little boy. (used own photo for the boy because she didn't want to upset stockowners) :)


- carousel
Carousel1 - Stock by GothicBohemianStock

- Own photo SoulcolorsArt - sky

Before the first snow by Lorie Davison at

- Poster
Fun Fair 1 by Retoucher07030   

- Trees…
Before the first snow by Lorie Davison at

- Blood drips
Blood 001 - HB593200 by hb593200

- Birds
Birds of a Feather II by midnightstouch

- Model and
Evil clown 8 and 9 by kirilee

- Foot
Foot sole by BabsxStock

- Torn fabric
Texture by kairyk

- Shoes
Clown 18 by Love-To-Share-Stock

BLOOD / Wound / GUTS

- Flesh
4 HD flesh textures by thatsavior

- Balloon animals are Peroline's own resources

- Blood : by lilifilan… ;… ;…
by Blood--Stock

- Cut fingers… 
515 by Blood--Stock

- Hand wound…
501 by Blood--Stock

- Cheek wound…
508 by Blood--Stock

- Bones…
Bloody Bones Pack 1 by Blood--Stock


- boy own photo Soulcolorsart

- bloody knife…
464 by Blood--Stock

- wound 
Stabbed Hand - Real Wound Reference by SometimeAliceFX

- blood drip  Png Blood Drips 5 by Moonglowlilly

mouth stock1 by AlysAlone

Blood 001 - HB593200 by hb593200
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xeena-dragonkizz's avatar
Damn good...utterly fantastic...another masterpiece!!!
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
KerensaW's avatar
And this is exactly why I hate clowns lol - great work :)
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Ha ha I think a lot of people find clowns scary. Thanks for you comment :)
revande's avatar
Awesome work Ingeborg!! There is something about clowns that just don't set right with me!! I'll probably have nightmares tonight! :)
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
We had nightmares making it ha ha ha. I probably make another manip with this background that is not as horrible as this one (because I like the colors) ha ha. It's a pitty we didn't win, but the one that did was beautiful too.
revande's avatar
that's good you'll re-use the background! NO clowns Please! :sprint:
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Nope, it's gonna be something nice. :juggling: 
revande's avatar
Oh yay!! Can't wait!
ThatSavior's avatar
Really cool work! Im glad i could help you to some extent !
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Yes you have great stock, thanks for you nice comment :love:
ThatSavior's avatar
If you need custom stock made at some point you can always inbox me, I would be glad to help with some textures or similar. 
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Oh that is great Clap , I will remember that, sometimes the right textures are hard to find. 
Whendell's avatar
Great work, beautiful light! :clap:
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Whendell's avatar
You're very welcome! :highfive: revamp
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
thanks a lot, that is very nice of you :love:
Ellyevans679's avatar
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Altair-E's avatar
Beautiful work my friend, I love it. It's really well done. My compliments! Clap
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Thanks Eric, it was a bit out of our comfort zone but fun for once :) (Smile)
Altair-E's avatar
It's good to take some crazy risks. :lol:
EstherPuche-Art's avatar
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