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December 15, 2014
Lost Childhood - broken dollhouse by SoulcolorsArt is both creative and unique as the suggester says! A wonderfully detailed scene.
Featured by AbbeyMarie
Suggested by Lhianne
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Lost Childhood - broken dollhouse

Ohhhhh a DD!!! My secret dream comes true :heart:  Thanks  Lhianne for suggested it and  AbbeyMarie for featuring it. Thank you thank you thank you. :heart:

Sometimes we all want to be a child again... (I had a great childhood so this work has no deeper meaning:))

# Background Rubble 2 by TheBitterBullet

# Little cabinet…
Love stories from the red flower shop by Lorie Davison at

# Roof MK Liberty Square Stock 22 by AreteStock 
windows and curtain Lorie kerstkit en before the first snow.  Burned Roof by Della-Stock  

# room top left Burnt Room by fuguestock 

# room top middle Stock-Empty hallways by cfowler7 abandoned hospital 13 by kathy-Ophelia 

# room top right DSCN7632 by potogapo Haunted House 0030 by Waya-Stocks… roxstock tub woods by RoxSstock

# room middle left Old factory Stock 225 by Malleni-Stock 

#room middle middle stairs old printing factory_09 by BloodyArt-Stock 

# room middle right Old factory Stock 168 by Malleni-Stock Bannac Ghost Town 135 by Falln-Stock  Stock Image old bed 1 by LamollesseStockImage 

# room bottom left kitchen
floor of: Room 5 by kimmy-k-stock
wall: Bannac Ghost Town 322 by Falln-Stock Lormet-Interiors-0615 03sml by Lormet-Images Anatique Utensils Stock by cutique Eastern State Penitentiary 20 by raindroppe Item 1:Broken Chair by MystStock (and in background)

# room bottom middle  abandoned hospita - d by Kathy-Ophelia

# room bottom right commons Area Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum by OTBWriter Candelabra by ViolettaLeStrange Fireplace 10 by mrscats 

# papers on floor 274 by Ariaocstock

The rest from Lorie Davison…
Turning leaf apothecary by Lorie Davison at…
Love stories from the red flower shop by Lorie Davison at…
The artists'faeries by Lorie Davison at…
Falling leaves autumn tea by Lorie Davison at…
Greymouse Manor winter ball by Lorie Davison at…
Before the first snow by Lorie Davison at…
A pioneer story kit by Lorie Davison at…
Bunnies, bees and the birds'big balloon by Lorie Davison at
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You are amazing!!Congratulations,each and every one of your works deserves a DD!:clap::clap::clap:
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
That is very nice of you, thanks for all your sweet comments :heart:
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I only say the truth!:):huggle:
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Hello my Dear Friend,
Your work is featuring here: Im Back and Features .:Thinking heart 2:. by Chipi-Chiu
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Thank you so much :love:
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With a great pleasureImafallenangel - Avatar 1 by UnicornReality
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This is extremely creative, and very... Not realistic, but believable looking! I absolutely love this. The way the dollhouse is portrayed is wonderful. I am a dummy! 
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
thanks for your nice comment, I had so much fun making this :heart:
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Hi Inge
oh :wow:
I have to excellent work with proportions!

Great global cut...this indeed create a beautiful interest!

Beautiful idea and great work with the global lightning!
All this means that your skill, has grown in all this time and im happy to see it!!

Yes yes im sure this is a DD well deserved!!
wave remake 
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
I was just thinking about you today :). Like what would Luke say about my work now. Am I getting sloppy with my layouts now no one is there to give critique? :). But luckily there you are, just in time to kick my .... and make me pay attention ha ha ha.
Glad to hear from you You've Got a Friend in Me 
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as pinocchio's cricket..... im ur personal cricket :giggle:
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
It's great to have my personal cricket Holy Cricket :chirp: :chirp: Holy Cricket 
DraakeT's avatar
This personal cricket love chocolate cakes :devilish: fella's Gobbler (Party)
I will wait my first cake Five Nights at Freddys 2- Chicas Cupcake -Icon GIF 
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Cake :cakela: Free2Use : Floating Cake Yummy cake Cup Cake avatar Happy Birthday Cupcake Birthday Cake  :D  This is what I could find, enough???? :lol: Devilish 
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yes for now is enough! haha
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Wow, so much work! Good job!
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Very beautiful job ! Congrats ! :clap:
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