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Hospital: When the last scream dies...

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This dollhouse took me a long time, (4 weeks) it was hard to find the right stock. 

Thanks for looking :)

My work may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission.

Love stories from the red flower shop by Lorie Davison at

roof, walls Cotswolds Stock 7 by CoolCurry-Stock Glenn Dale Hospital Childrens Nurses Home by ticklemeimsexy 2008 Kansas Antiques 56 by Falln-Stock

-   -   -   -   -


--1 decay_81 by decay-stock Brain Zapper by JensStockcollection MoA Museum 258 Medical by Falln-Stock

doorway Old factory Stock 225 by Malleni-Stock Bannock county Museum 69 by Falln-Stock  

--2 abandoned-011 by thalija-STOCK  

--3 Old factory Stock 225 by Malleni-Stock Mummy woman 3 by JensStock Collection 206 by burningtherosesStock Stock Image foetus by Lamollesse  

--4 decay_81 by decay-stock  

bed Stock Image old bed 1 by LamollesseStockImage Silent Hill 1 by couch-and-Canvas MoA Museum 274 Medical by Falln-Stock  


--1 decay_81 by decay-stock  

beds Beelitz 35 operating room by DarkMysty-Stock Bannock county Museum 69 by Falln-Stock

--2 abandoned -015 by thalija-Stock

--3 Deer Lodge Prison 24 by Falln-Stock

--4 abandoned-010 by thalija-Stock MoA Museum 286 Medical by Falln-Stock

chair White Cloud Museum 22 by Falln-Stock

--5 abandoned - 002 by thalija-STOCK Deer Lodge Prison 26 by Falln-Stock  

--6 decay_81 by decay-stock abandoned -020 by thalija-Stock

bed Empty Bed by Altaria13-Stock

floor abandoned hospital-b by Kathy-Ophelia

body just bones 2 by reaprevenge  


--1 apothecary decay_82 by decay-stock medieval House 11 by mrscats Old pharmacy 03 by Caltha-stock Medical Equipment 6 by krissybdesignsstock Apothecary Bottle 6 by Falln-Stock Havre Underground 79 Pharmacy by Falln-Stock

--2 entrance abandoned hospital-d by Kathy-Ophelia Palace Stairs by TitusBoy25 Old Wheelchairs by krissybdesignsstock…
Marysville Ghost Town 69 by Falln-Stock Halloween Stock-y-3 by mjranum-stock (Marcus Ranum)

-- 3 coridor Old hospital STock 29 by Malleni-Stock Old rest home stock 24 by Malleni-Stock  

--4 RTT 22 by Stock-Heil Old rest home Stock 18 by Malleni-Stock Medical Equipment 5 by krissybdesignsstock MoA Museum 282 Medical by Falln-Stock  

People frida4Stock by FridaGB-STOCK  

Lots of little items from Lorie Davison:…
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very creepy. looks like it could be a scene in a horror movie.

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Yes lol not a hospital I want to visit ha ha. Thank for your comment :heart:
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I could spend hours exploring every inch with a microscope... I can't even fathom the time involved! I can say that, after 25+ years in medicine, I would feel quite at home in this awesome creation. Love 
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Yes it took a lot of time, but it is so fun to do. Don't feel to much at home it is a very scary place :lol:
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"...Never, oh! never, nothing will die;
The stream flows, The wind blows,
The cloud fleets,
The heart beats,
Nothing will die...."

by Alfred Lord Tennyson
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I am afraid that in this hospital people die :) thanks for your nice comment :heart:
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This is one of my fav! I love it, great details! :clap:
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Yes I think you could feel at home :P thanks :love:
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I just keep looking and can't stop
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Yes there is a lot to see, thank you very much :heart:
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You can see all the hard work! Well done on putting it all together.
Excellent work!
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thanks a lot :lovel:
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very very beautiful work :clap: :love:
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Incredible choice of stock, so much to look at too! Love it very muchHeart Heart Heart 
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Thanks a lot (ben je ook weer boven water :) )
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Ja, we zijn weer heel thuis gekomen en de visite gaat over 2 dagen weer naar huis. Ben bekaf pffffffff
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Ok eerst maar uitrusten dan :) ik zie je wel over 2 dagen ha ha.
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