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It's been a while since I posted something. Still very busy with my schulptures.

Update: 23-11-2019. I added my signature and dust and changed lighting.

Ghostdollhouse is a left behind dollhouse. Ghost are having fun in it now. But they only scare themselves and one or two spiders :)

models… by dazzle-stock… by faestock……

rooms… by DamselStock… by Miriam Muller… by theSkyRainsBlood… by fuguestock… by magikstock………… by KarahRobinson-Art… by MystStock

And some little items of Lorie Davison…

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This is brilliant. i love the macabre rooms.nice work.
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Thanks, glad you like it :heart:
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You're welcome and i did.Heart 
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Amazing (and hard) work, so different from what we usually see. Great concept on this haunted doll house. :love:
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Thanks a lot, glad you like it :heart:
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impressive work! It looks really complex and shows how many hours of work you must have put into this. Every room seems to tell a different story so it's interesting to look around and find the details hidden in them. Well done!
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Thanks for your really nice comment :) Yes I always like to hide some secrets in my manips :)
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Cool!! and very visually funny!
 I like expecially the ghost walking through the walls.
I like also how you managed the various spider net :spider: 
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
I don't like spiders very much ha ha, but I don't kill them because they are useful. I like those ghosts through the wall also, it was a long search for the right stock :)
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Yes i don't kill them me too because they are natural insecticides expecially in summer. Well of course im not talking about spiders killer for humans! About this point of view im happy to don't live in some place of Australia where there spiders killer are many and are an huge issue.

long search for the right stock.....of course it is always the long and difficult part Kuro Tired Icon 
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Yes I have to make more photos myself, but that takes time and travel too.
Maybe I should work the other way around sometime, first see a beautiful stock and then make something out of it ha ha.

Yes don't like the dangerous spiders too, but a lot of nasty creatures are slowy move into the Netherlands like the processionary caterpillar and some nasty ants. Hope those killer spider don't follow them lol.
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A phenomenon impossible to be stopped because no one is able to dominate nature. Of course the efforts to fight are important and necessary like for example those in airports of various countries
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this is such a great idea with the doll house and then also realized great.....

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Thanks a lot, I love making dollhouses, :)
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Really cool work!
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
Thanks it was fun to make. :)
LewiARTs's avatar
Absolutely stunning work! :clap:
SoulcolorsArt's avatar
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Awesome, love creepy dollhouses!! :love:
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Yes I think they are fun too and if I make them myself they do not turn out too scary lol so I can sleep at night. :)
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