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Dollhouse Christmas

Edit: 17-1-2015 changed the windows in the livingroom

dollhouse christmas

A Chrimas dollhouse is so fun to make. Hope you all don't get bored with my dollhouses :)

I hope I have all the credits right, it was a bit difficult to keep track :)

Maybe a bit early but: Happy Christmas

# background  Winter at the river by RavensLane…
Maybell Littleberry's Christmas stocking by Lorie Davison at

# Little cabinet…
Love stories from the red flower shop by Lorie Davison at

# roof eastern orthodox church3 by indeed-stock

# attic…  
Red Chandelier by YBsilon-Stock  

# top room left, child bedroom Dolls Group by Falln-Stock… Cradle by sun-stock  

# top room middle, artroom Rooms for rent...empty space11 by jinifur Vintage Stock-Circus by Hello-Tuesday  Vintage-children in a boat by Meltys-stock… Vintage Little Miss8_quaddles by guaddles.

# top room right - bathroom: footed tub by Stephasaurus-Stock Toilet by VargenSaphia

chair Stock 6 by Tattoomaus78
room perilious.rose… Romantic Chandelier by YBsilon-Stock rockStocks300S01628 by rockStocks soap

# middle room left, white room…
Petworth House 155 by Virgolinedancer1 Wall sconce stock by QueenWerandra  

Christmastree christmas tree png by camelfobia

# middle room middle, office fireplace by LucieG-Stock Candelabra by ViolettaLeStrange

# middle room right - bedroom Ye Olde Stock - Bedroom by Pau-Norontaus

# bottom room left, living room…
ballroom II by two-ladies-stocks Antique clock by Karen-Burke… Xmas tree png 19 by iamszissz  Copper King Mansion 152 by Falln-Stock

# bottom room middle, entrance Hellman Dining Room by SilverWynd

# bottom room right kitchen Fireplace 8 by mrscats thanksgiving turkey 1 by nibblywolf…
Gingerbread House by Sammykaye1sStamps

# presents  Present-31 by LunaNYXstock  Present-30 by LunaNYXstock  Present-13 by LunaNYXstock  Present-03 by LunaNYXstock  Present-11 by LunaNYXstock

# snow Texture 95 3000x3000 snow by FrostBo

The rest by Lorie Davison:…
Turning leaf apothecary by Lorie Davison at…
Where to now dreamer? by Lorie Davison at…
Maybell Littleberry's Christmas stocking by Lorie Davison at…
The artists'faeries by Lorie Davison at…
The poets's keepsakes by Lorie Davison at…
No monsters under my bed by Lorie Davison at…
Greymouse Manor winter ball by Lorie Davison at…
Before the first snow by Lorie Davison at…
Bunnies, bees and the birds'big balloon by Lorie Davison at…
Drifting snow dreams kit by Lorie Davison at…
Flitting fall faeries collection by Lorie Davison at…
Rough to the touch by Lorie Davison at

And some painting.
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very, very, very impressive
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Precious...learning photo manipulation...I have to try something like this.  Beautiful...
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Very impressive!!!Clap Clap Clap 
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Amazing and very laborious artwork.  It has been featured here:…
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Thanks, because I made this work a while ago I am not sure if all the owners of the stock I used are ok with posting outside of DA, so if anyone of them complain I have to ask you to remove it from the group :)
duzetdaram's avatar
No problem dear, just let me know or if you prefer I can remove it.  Manyhugs
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I just wait till someone complains :)
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Absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing!
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Wonderful Christmas dollhouse! The details in each room are amazing !
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I love to make details, thanks for your nice comment :)
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Your welcome! I love seeing your work:) (Smile) 
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OMG! I love it! Ive been building a miniature dollhouse for yrs! So yiu know i loooove this!
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Yes I would have love to build one myself, but digital works faster and cheaper :) I did make a dollhouse for my children that was fun too. Would love to see your dollhouse sometimes :love:
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i need to get back on it-  upon moving to my new home, i found myself without as much space as i'd like-  so as it is, i've had to put it in the shed for now...:(   i did take some pics of it in its rawest form, just plain rooms though-  (thought i'd digitally design them)  but just never got around to it!  good intentions though!  :) 
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Dollhouses aren't made in one day, most of the time it takes a life :). Hope it can come out of the shed soon :love:
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