Monthly Challenge HOBBIES - winners

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Hello dear members Hi!

Our Monthly Challenge for October was "HOBBIES".
I'm very sorry, life got in the way and I was not able to continue the challenge….
As you saw we didn't have the challenge in November and I can't do it in December also. We'll resume this activity in January.
For now, I just want to wish you happy hollidays and all the best.

As an apology, the top 10, the most voted in our polls in the October Theme who should have been in the Final Poll, will get 20 points each.

And they are:

1 Watercolor Eiffel Tower (with tools) by jointshadow

2 Idyll by Olgola

3 Break the Silence v2.0 by Catlaxy

4 I love how she knit up!  by dartily

5 The Photographer and the City Lights by jlxp

6 The Point Break by jlxp

7 Approval by dwarfeater

8 Finding Flint by AinsleyM

9 Golden eyes by AlejandroCastillo

10 snowboard by Aliz1

Please comment below to get your prize :thanks:


All participants

My sister taking a picture of the sunset by LeaTrekina  A Drawing of Myself drawing (Profile ID) by TheLukrie  The Photographer and the City Lights by jlxp
Finding Flint by AinsleyM  Beltestakk completed! by linedal  Idyll by Olgola
   Story1. Origin of Arendelle Kingdom by Furuhashi335    More Than Flowers by skarzynscy

Singing Angel by Vilenchik  Mary Jane - Wasted on cloud nine by Spoof-Ghost  Missed Pictures - 2  (Fisherman) by skarzynscy
The Point Break by jlxp  POSTCARD FROM CORNWALL: SAILING BY... by Coigach
  Psyduck playing trombone for Charity-Guild by UszatyArbuz  Ostlean Otter Hugging a Porg Plush by VixenDra  [Inazuma Eleven] Mamoru+Shuuya+Yuuto |POINTS COMM. by MajorasMasks
[Naruto] Temari_3rd outfit cosplay 01 by MajorasMasks  Break the Silence v2.0 by Catlaxy  snowboard by Aliz1  Golden eyes by AlejandroCastillo
I love how she knit up!  by dartily  Caricaturas 1 by CristianSJuarez  Watercolor Eiffel Tower (with tools) by jointshadow
25 Instagram Actions by Bato-Gjokaj    angler's disgrace by TanteTabata  WoW GIF Animation by JennsDesignAvenue  reach out for the blue belt by TanteTabata  Old Wolf's Legacy:  Twilight Ironclaw by Djake
Kites by callmenotwo  evening autumn colors at Tegeler lake by MT-Photografien 
3 Hikers by callmenotwo  Approval by dwarfeater  Coloring of Ennui by Navigator51
fly away by lineofflight  Hairy Han Captured by JUMBOLA  On the teeterboard by Vilenchik

 This is Halloween

Monthly Challenge - Last day to submit!

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Hello dear members Hi!

Our Monthly Challenge is open and the theme for October is "HOBBIES".
Prepare to have some fun, have your work featured and win a prize.


Vacation in Blue by Egil21

All media works, old or new, will be accepted as long they fit the theme.
You may submit until the 20th.

You may find all rules here thefavouriteshowcase.deviantar… .

Remember, your piece may be old or new.

To help you submitting here's a list of possible hobbies:

  • Flower or Vegetable Gardening
  • Feeding and Observing Local Birds
  • Raising or Fostering Animals
  • Photography
  • Painting, Drawing, or Sculpting
  • Pottery
  • Woodworking
  • Jewellery Making
  • Interior Decorating
  • Creative Writing
  • Singing, Composing, or Dancing
  • Watching Movies
  • Playing Cards or Board Games
  • Working Puzzles
  • Video Game Playing
  • Reading
  • Fishing
  • Sports
  • Water Sports
    River rafting
    Scuba diving
  • Racing
  • Hiking or Mountain Climbing
  • Collecting items
  • etc.


1. Click HERE to submit your work. It can be old or new (if it is in the group already, please remove it and submit again to the Monthly Theme Folder).


1st place - 50 Points
2nd place - 30 Points
3rd place - 20 Points


If you like to donate you may do so here :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: (click the stamp)
or on my page Egil21

You may find our wonderful donors on our frontpage TheFavouriteShowcase.


hobby by theVils

I got a new hobby =D by AtomiccircuS

creating emotes hobby by Krissi001     Sleeping is my hobby stamp by Droneguard      gaming is my hobby by horber95

Mansion - Hobby room by Cutiezor

My little hobby (colored) by ElynGontier   Patron Poll: Eleanor ~Hobby~ by Kelsea-Chan

Ultra Ya Hobby Godzilla 64 Finished by Legrandzilla


Super Group Renewed - September Challenge WINNERS

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 24, 2018, 5:59 AM

Fox emoji - heartsdeviantART Groups

Folder open to all members of

and members of the *Affiliated Groups:

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Previous Note:

I bought the Super Group Status so we can still have polls to continue

our monthly challenge.

If someone wishes to contribute with some points you may do it

here (click our stamp) :iconthefavouritecontests::iconthefavouritecontest2: and make a donation.

Any points are welcome, even one i love them by supperfrogg

For the next challenge the prizes are decreased to:

1st place - 50 Points

2nd place - 30 Points

3rd place - 20 Points

:blowkiss: Thank you to our Donors:

kavouranny  :iconkavouranny:        Ananiel  :iconananiel:

Hello dear members Hi!

We voted in
these polls to find our winners
for the September Challenge with the the theme "SKY".


And they are:

:winner: 1st place - 100 Points

Wanderer by Laura-Cadei

(64 votes)

:winner: 2nd place - 75 Points

Cloud City by Harkale-Linai

(41 votes)

:winner: 3rd place - 50 Points

northern lights 56 by linedal

By linedal 
(40 votes)

IMPORTANT: Please comment below to receive your prize.

:thanks: Thank you to all participants!

Participant Works

Snowshoe WV Sunset July 2018     NFS by angelahedderick  colors by Spoof-Ghost
Torenhoog by Ans-Westdorp  Cloud City by Harkale-Linai  Sky-City by Friedemann-Reim
Mountain overview 1 by Navigator51  Haze by BillyNikoll  Rainbow by BillyNikoll
[digital art] Milky Way view from earth... AGAIN! by VortexSupernova  Clouds withdrew from the Sky by dashakern  You're Awesome by JennsDesignAvenue
Setting by Zee-qow  Charcoal sky by TheGamer5000  12122017-1 by PixiePink0
07182018-2 by PixiePink0  Tainted Sky by shilaktit  Autumn sky by shilaktit
Cloud travellers by EleLibe Risen from the First Stars and Ebony Shadows by EleLibe  Rainbow by mockingbirdontree
Beaver Lake Pano by flowerhippie22  A different cloud by AlejandroCastillo
Follow the Light by puppydogbonz  Looking Up to a Better Day by iheartLink33  Breathtaking View of Sky by iheartLink33  High in the sky by Loisa
Morning Colors by callmenotwo  Sea of Clouds by Momoksha  September~ by Momoksha
0286 Sunset in Lofoten Norway by RealMantis  Horses at Sunset by GraszlCristina 
Untitled by Paracletus42    Clouds Without Rain by callmenotwo
  Winter Light by moccabun 
Rotten by WindSwirl  Wanderer by Laura-Cadei  Storm #8 sunset by puppisama
Morning 49-04 by 3Y3TOY  Looking for Home by Olgola
.: Rainbow Sky :. by VictorianPrincess  Neon air by irisv-c  .: Velvet Sky :. by VictorianPrincess

Northern lights by mydarkeyes  Morning 25-02 by 3Y3TOY  Pole wires by UszatyArbuz
The fire bird_Fight to reborn from the ashes by Arts-of-Cendrayliss  northern lights 38 by linedal  northern lights 56 by linedal


NEXT THEME: OCTOBER_HOBBIES (already open to submissions)

submit here

Lily's Rainbow Box 

Monthly Challenge MUSIC - WINNERS!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 30, 2018, 3:11 PM

Fox emoji - heartsdeviantART Groups 

Hello dear members Hi!

We love our Monthly Challenges! 
And for August the theme was "MUSIC".

And here are our winners:

1st Place Winner

The spectre by Laura-Cadei

(58 votes)

2nd Place Winner

The OA by Harkale-Linai

(49 votes)

3rd Place Winner

Nella Bolla (Trumpet Woman) by verda83

by verda83 

(26 votes)

Congratulations to all,
please comment below so I can give you your prize.

Thanks for everything! Thank you for participating!

Next theme (already open): SKY

submit here…


The OA by Harkale-Linai  Nella Bolla (Trumpet Woman) by verda83

Sonic Aftermath by Tolkyes

The spectre by Laura-Cadei 

The Violinist by RileyStark

Ghostly Sounds by dandelion-field

Bono (U2) by AmBr0

Music of the Dawn by SlytherclawPadawan


The War of the Worlds by scifo  Heavy Metal Maniac by CinnamonDevil  Suga by SerenaShin  SOLD | Thrash Metal by CinnamonDevil
The Violinist by RileyStark  Music of the Dawn by SlytherclawPadawan  Drummer by AlejandroCastillo
White V by SerenaShin  Tribal Bard by LeoDragonsWorks  Sadowsky bass by Marcinbydg  Cort Bass by Marcinbydg
Bono (U2) by AmBr0 
Labyrinth - David Bowie tribute by LeoDragonsWorks    Across the Universe by Velvet--Glove

Addams Tango by Lora-Vysotskaya Mio K-On by SilverChaim  Eminem by AniaTheArtist  Street Serenade by haloeffect1 

Mature Content

Listen to the music by DerBuettner

<da:thumb id="671711556"/>  Rain Music by Lora-Vysotskaya  Forest Keeper by UszatyArbuz  Katy perry - Love is like an explosion... (E.T.) by irisv-c
Manu Chao by 3Y3TOY  Shattered Music by V4lii  Abbey Road by TanteTabata

Mature Content

Music by DerBuettner
  Mystery of music by 3Y3TOY  The spectre by Laura-Cadei  Osu! Contest Entry by WindSwirl

 Zipit by sHavYpus  The OA by Harkale-Linai  That Young Drummer (01.06.2014) by Foxy-Poptart  Sonic Aftermath by Tolkyes
Colors Of RUSH Concert by skarzynscy  Muziek by Tarantoela  [original] Universal Language by MajorasMasks
Jimi Hendrix by HendrikHermans  Still life - violin by VixenDra  Nella Bolla (Trumpet Woman) by verda83  Drifting Melodies by wittle-wailing-whale
Mick Jagger by HendrikHermans[portrait] Woman in TWW style | POINTS COMMISSION by MajorasMasks  Matt by Ans-Westdorp
Concert 2 by Laerian  Ghostly Sounds by dandelion-field

The War of the Worlds by scifo  Mister Black `N White by Katinka-Duval  One Man Band by EudaemonicPlague
Chess by Katinka-Duval  Lady with Veena by vinigal123
Mlle A 014 by ov3  Custom Handmade Violin Coffee Table - 01 by snazzie-designz  Heri (Tyr Wacken 2010) by midgardart  Singing about Architecture by Amarantheans
What matters most by midgardart  <da:thumb id="716714418"/>  Ff by DevchonkaLucky

Daisy waves hello 


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open to all members of

and members of the *Affiliated Groups:

:iconsoulcollectors: :iconallartsupport: :iconglobal-photos: :icontraditionalpainting:
:iconnature-paradise: :iconnine-muses: :iconwow-macros: :icondream-club: :iconcelebrityportraits:

Hello dear members Hi!

We love our Monthly Challenges! 
And for July the theme was "BEACH".

And these are our winners:


1st Place :winner:

The lighthouse by Laura-Cadei

(54 votes)

2nd Place :winner:

Sunset on the beach 6 by FrancescaDelfino

(46 votes)

3rd Place :winner:

15 - Ghost Crab by Loisa

by Loisa 

(36 votes)

:clap: Congratulations!

Please comment to get your prize!

1st place - 100 Points
2nd place - 75 Points
3rd place - 50 Points

Good luck!

Works in the FINAL POLL

15 - Ghost Crab by Loisa

Urchin Cairn by Catlaxy

Polling Booth Palm by vanndra   Sunset on the beach 6 by FrancescaDelfino

.:Footprints:. by VictorianPrincess   Secret Summer Place by Clu-art

Sea and Sand by vanndra

Promenade in Almeria by doma22

The lighthouse by Laura-Cadei



Beach by AniaTheArtist  BeachBall by Marcinbydg
Five-color sea landscape by Vilenchik  Oro by Loisa  Sea, Sun and ... Fun! by V4lii
.:Footprints:. by VictorianPrincess  Boat on the lake by Vilenchik  Golden Shore by RibbonsandClay 
Promenade in Almeria by doma22  15 - Ghost Crab by Loisa  The lighthouse by Laura-Cadei

ueckeritz - tour on usedom 8 by MT-Photografien    Coast at Paleokastritsa by callmenotwo
.:Summer Breeze:. by VictorianPrincess  Purple and Green by WindSwirl  Deep Sea Empress by craftsbyblue
The Middle Grounds by DanicaFrost  Urchin Cairn by Catlaxy 
 Sea and Sand by vanndra  Dreaming Of The Journey Home by EvelynVictus
Walk on the beach by Marcinbydg  Polling Booth Palm by vanndra  The Beach by GawrilaGhul  Secret Summer Place by Clu-art 

 My Way Home by Catlaxy  Sunset on the beach 6 by FrancescaDelfino  Far Horizon by Malintra-Shadowmoon


(already open here… )

You may submit any work featuring something or someone related to music (an instrument, a singer, a concert,etc.)

Music by firarifunda  Music by JVre   . music . by MiLLiN

Music by SuperSzajs   music by f0nce   music by kateme

Music by mistymoongrl

Music. by styx021      Music by krkao

music by dante-mk  Music by bhurberry  Music by Peterpastel9

Music by LittleGirl88   music by acelogix

Music by trofe

Lindsey Stirling by Akuerumahiko  Musicians by Sasha-Bespalova  Make Music by PixxiCastle

Music Lesson by Dani3D  Bill Evans by createdxdavid

Freddie Mercury by music89  Guitar by BlackAmithist  B.I.G. by AndreySkull

Steven Tyler by Camila-Cafatti  breathe the continuation by CwerkzStudios  -The Return of the Thin White Duke- by frasierdalek

Kobzar by KVLT-PROSVET    Life by Niimhel



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