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We Want Your Lost Soul!
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Is this group alive?
bAd_trIp_83 by ARTificialbAdtrIp
I am offering commissions, examples in the comment section:
Commissions TOSMy discord: dqube#9379 Turnaround time: >flat color drawings about a day max >up to 3 days for headshots, busts and half body >around a week for a Full Body and depending on how complex your character is could take longer. Rendering and painting takes longer than drawing. (accidents happen, I have daily chores too, don't expect to get a masterpiece in 1 hour, I am a man of my words so the artwork will be delivered) PayPal address: > I ask for half the payment upfront. > I will refund half of the payment in case you don't like it (full refund only if I can no longer work on your commission and have to drop it) > I don't work for free. Just how you would pay for other services you should pay for an artist's services too. If you want free requests look elsewhere. = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Things I can do: > Humanoid characters (animal ears/kemonomimi, monsters, demons, elfs, aliens etc.) > Abstract and fantasy landscapes > Fantasy/horror creature designs > Pinups sfw/nsfw (female only) > Bitmap logo designs Things I won't do: x Furry characters (animal ears/kemonomimi are fine) x Weird fetish art (belly inflation, feet fetish, self harm etc.) x Illegal stuff Coloring service $15 - single character line art illustration soft/cell/hybrid shading $25(+) - comics page (simple comics that are easier to color cost less, if each panel is a whole artwork I will charge $10 per panel) Semi-realistic art with simple/abstract background: $15 - headshot $20 - Bust $25 - Half Body $30 - Full Body (If you want a complex background or you have a complex/detail heavy character I will charge more) sketch drawings: $7 Additional info and examples in the comments, also asking questions is a good thing.