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My name is Neil Blevins, and I've been an artist as long as I can remember. Raised on a healthy dose of scifi and fantasy films, books, and videogames, I started off painting and drawing traditionally, and then got into computer graphics while living in my hometown of Pointe Claire, in Quebec, Canada. After getting a BFA in Design Art at Concordia University, I moved to California to work in the entertainment field at companies such as Blur Studio, Pixar, and my own freelance studio Soulburn Studios, creating concept design and production art for video games, animated and live action films, commercials, TV, and ride films. I have worked on projects such as The Incredibles, Wall-e, Up, The Good Dinosaur, and many others. I primarily focus on alien environments, futuristic robots, and scifi vehicles, but have created art and designs for a broad range of genres and subjects. I also make narrative art books, and write and record art related educational material to give back to the community who's been so gracious at helping me get to where I am today. I currently live in the Seattle area where I have done work for Monolith (WarnerMedia), V1 Interactive and others as a professional Concept Designer and Art Director.

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Ashley Wood, Craig Mullins, Dale Keown, Daniel Dociu, Dave McKean, Dylan Cole, Feng Zhu, Heidi Taillefer, H.R. Giger, JMW Turner, John Harris, Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner, Nicolas Bouvier, Nicolas Ferrand, Zdzislaw Beksinski
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Bulworth, The Crow, Drunken Master 2, Fight Club, Transformers The Movie, The Matrix, Ninja Scroll, Robocop, Starship Troopers
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Babylon 5, Dr Katz, Samurai Jack, The Simpsons, 60 Minutes, SouthPark, Whose Line Is It Anyways? Goldorak, The Transformers, Tranzor-Z, Lost
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Devin Townsend, Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Dream Theater, Suffocation, Origin, Nasum
Welcome to the September update on the Megastructures book project. So after the successful Kickstarter, we're making a ton of progress. Here's the major news. 1) I did a rough print of the book at Staples, which I like doing before handing the book to the official printing company. The print quality isn't great of course, but it gives me a physical object I can hold in my hand to make sure that formatting and text is the right size. Figuring this out is almost impossible on a computer screen. After the test print, I realized my main text was slightly too large, and so I made an adjustment. This is a great way to catch some of those last little issues before the more expensive / higher quality prints get made. 2) After that test, I finished my final edits and the book has been handed in to the printer. They will be printing Proofs soon, once they're approved, mass production on the book will begin. 3) I have signed with a distribution company that will be handling sending all the
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The Kickstarter is LIVE! The definitive visual guide to scifi Megastructures, O'Neill Cylinders, Dyson Spheres, Ringworlds. Hardcover, 120 pages, 9"x12". Thanks for the support, and please share this with anyone who would love the book too! - Neil
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The decision has been made, and rather than going the publisher route, we're going to self publish and kickstart the book next Tuesday, June 15th 2021! "Megastructures: The Visual Encyclopedia" will be hardcover, 120 pages, and will be a larger format at 9"x12". It will come in both Regular and Premium Editions, and kickstarter rewards will include megastructure prints, one of a kind spaceship sketches, and many other tiers for you to check out. The first book, "The Story of Inc" was a big kickstarter success, and we're going with basically the same team for this book. The book is fully written, illustrated, laid out and edited, so all we need are the funds to have the printer pull the lever and get it printed. Expect a ton more details next week when the kickstarter goes live, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thanks again for everyone's patience making our decision on how to best get you the book, and I hope you'll join us next week and help make this project
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Hey there ! I just discovered you on Artstation , and saw you here . Continue your art, it's really inspiring and cool ! :)

the guy named Kcajd posts images without the original author's permission (it does not put the author's links), in fact it has received several complaints from various authors in the main comment section.

If you are an artist, he may follow you and published your art without your permission. (check his gallery if you see your content)

You have an art thief in your midst.

Bernal Sphere Megastructure

Thanks, looks like the image has been taken down.

Hey there! I hope your day is going great!