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"I am a Observer until I fall.:
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I'm 27 year old Artist with a knack for loving awesome crossovers, Epic storybuilding/telling, and sometimes see the "meaning between the worlds of words". Though i am real just a nice guy in general, i do nave a limiter on me just like everyone else so if i am in a irrated or angered state i will try to walk away as i do not want people to see my wrath. Fun fact:i also do some voice and my ragaholic voice can well sounds like a demon sometimes .....

Favourite Visual Artist
Same as movies, tv shows, bands/muscial artists, books amd writers
Favourite Movies
Action,biographic,cartoon,Anime,Animated, based of a book or manga,Funny,Comedy, and many more.
Favourite TV Shows
Same as Movies.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
All types(yes even metal as long as my ears are not ringing sensory is not the best obviously in my eardrums)
Favourite Books
same as Tv shows and movies. The other difference is gore is ignored in all 3 catogories of course :l. Not skermish of it i know it i just chose not to get sick from watching too much graphic material that is all -_-.
Favourite Writers
Robert cormier,J.K Rowling,Alice Carroll, The creator of Mad Morgan, and also similar to movies, shows and books too.
Favourite Games
All Games except like the other 6 catogories Gore is not too much of a problem here.Hey i got over MK when i was kid when i went to a Gaming place and now i am not scared of it :).
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC(prefer Steam to play new games) and Console(prefer the sony, Sega, and nintendo console over Xbox(even though i support Windows i never owned a Xbox but i have played all their consoles and it 'aight to me hehe.)
Tools of the Trade
Mangatar(now,Deviantart's own muro, Gaiaonline, and many more to come.
Other Interests
To exploring new places, to visit my friends in different Countries, To travel to those safe new places, and to help people be awesome while at the same time having fun :).
Childhood of remember watching and learning about MLK's speech and the unfortnate shooting of him. The same also happened to JFK too before he got to be president -_-. 2 famous civil rights leaders being gun down in broad daylight/evening by evil

Sotoko good and bad forms

Sotoko good and bad forms

This is the form of Sotoko tokage(the dark mode is her true skin color but the look on her face is a fierce or "descented" mode means dark as said or a demonic like form .No joke about DD's(size of her body type is what i mean) ok you people who love to comment thou know who you are! Sotoko: facepalms hehe what he means is good side(true lite) is on the left(he is lefthanded soul390 my creator is and dark is evil on the right. Soul: If you notice,the look are from the debunked game mangatar the new one is called Dengen Chronicles which is more advanced in the manga universe fighting card game style. The other forms of the SJF of FJS are versi
GREETINGS EVERYONE DID ANYONE MISS ME :3? On a Serious note, i am glad to be back here. My Ocs(The Special Justice Force of Phoenicians and the Foundation of Justified Specialists) [They are also phoenicians too :) ]. The origin I will tell you is th...

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son-of-the-paladinHobbyist General Artist

Thanks for the fav; have a llama!

bratterProfessional Artist
i missed you and i loved you
soul390Hobbyist Artist
uhm..thank you bratter.
Why do you even watch me if you don't like sexy clothing? :\
soul390Hobbyist Artist
Lol Nicky my comments of that Nature has nothing to do with watching your art. I just do not want to act like a dumb pervert and rather say my opinions in a constructed / creative way. Other words, i do like sexy clothing i just do not want sound like a idiot when giving my opinion is all. Having respect for both genders of Artists and other side genders(if said said genders want to be called that fine with me :D ) is a unspoken rule of mine.
soul390Hobbyist Artist
k.  I am going to stop because i feel bad that had to be explained to me that :( anyways have a good night since it's central time zone where i live and "Do not forgot all that heavenly glory" Thanks and shoutouts to Bruce Lee one of the best martial artists who walked the earth you will be missed.
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