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Oh, Come on Astrid!

I love so much this movie! And I can't wait for the sequel, so I try to imagine what kind of story there is the HTTYD 2...
And so I thought Hiccup, Astrid, Fishlegs and Co. could have become teachers in the new Academy of Berk.... and that Hiccup had arrived late for the flight lesson and Astrid has had to fix it. Is it probable? XD

Hope you like this homage! ^^
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I heard that this is part two of a trilogy.  I can't wait for the third movie!
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Actually, theyre making it a four part series.
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Oh fuck... i don't expect something really great from a fourth movie... i mean remember what happened with Shrek? The fourth one was a shit. So what can we expect from HTTYD 4? They will probably be out of ideas and make a shit after 3 movies.
But anyways this is just my opinion, you others can think whatever ya want.
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Yeah, I'm not really sure what a fourth movie would be about, maybe a bit closer to the eight books Cressida Cowell wrote that they "based" the first movie on?
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Ikr? The creator said he wouldn't do number 2 if he couldn't make it a trilogy, then they turned it into a four part thing!
They'll have to  introduce baby nightfuries at some point.
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I read someplace that Toothless was the last nightfury.
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I hope so! That would be awesome!:-)
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Sounds more like stuff for the next Season of Defenders of Berk^^
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Well thank you! ^^ And you? ^^
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Pretty cool! =D also, like your style! ^^
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Thank you so much!!!!! ^^
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No problem! ^^
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OMG this is so awesome! :)
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Thank you!!! ^_^
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They got WAY too hot.
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Of Toothless got WAY too big. X3
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