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Korra is my favorite female character ever. I'm surprised this is my first time drawing her.
Plus Ultra!
Picture of all might. I'll do a fan art pic from an anime at least every month
Jay Martin hero attire (color)
Jay has been infected by an alien virus that ended up giving him superhero abilities. He doesn't have the typical superhero costume, he just wears all black. This is the colored verson.
Jay Martin hero attire (no color)
Jay has been infected by an alien virus that ended up giving him superhero abilities. He doesn't have the typical superhero costume, he just wears all black. No color, I didn't want to ruin the picture.

bleach 2


    -come back here you freak!


That was me. My name is Aiko Yamada. I'm a quincy. I don't know much about quincies, but I think I know the basics. So quincies are spiritually aware humans who fight and kill hollows. About 20 years ago, the king of all quincies, yhwach tried to take over the entire world, but a man named Ichigo Kurosaki stopped him. I wish I could meet him, he seems like a really cool guy. Ichigo, not the quincy dude. Oh, sorry I talk too much. Back to me.


    -Hollows suck, why can't they just bother people somewhere else?


Killing the hollow took up the last 30 minutes of my school day, so i headed straight home. I live in Akogai, a small town in Hokkaido. I stay with my mom and my little sister, Amaya. I've never really known my dad, he left when Amaya was born, and I was too little to remember. 


    -Where were you! mom's been worried sick!

    -Relax, i was hunting a hollow, none of your business.

    -You can't keep making stuff up so you can skip school, mom's gonna find out.

    -I've told you like a thousand times already, hollows are real. Just because you can't see  them doesn't make them fake.


Amaya is always yelling at me for something. It's always "Niisan, do this. Niisan, don't do that." She's always complaining, but it doesn't bother me too much


    -Akio, where have you been?

    -There was a hollow, mom I just wanted to kill it before I got home.

    -You can't use hunting monsters as an excuse to skip school. 

    -Mom I'm quite sure a couple of school days a year is worth saving some poor kid's life.


After a long lecture from my mom, I went upstairs to my room. I layed back on my bed after unpacking my things. Lately, there had been a lot more hollows than usual, so I fell asleep. When I was dreaming, I saw this person that I've never seen before. It was a man with long blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I think there was more to the dream, but I woke up before anything happened. When I woke up the sun was setting. Had I really been asleep for that long?


    -Niisan! wake up! Dinner's done!


Amaya's high pitched voice got me out of bed. I was still a little sleepy when I came downstairs, but the smell of chicken katsu caught my attention. When I walked into the dining room to eat, a familiar but obnoxious voice caught my ear too.


    -Hey! Akio! Come eat, the rice is delicious! 

    -Ichiro, what are you doing at my house? 


Ichiro was the type of friend who was always bothersome. It wasn't rare for him to come over here for dinner every now and then, but today wasn't the right day, I'm still tired from hunting that hollow. 

*Ichiro stuffs his face with food.


    -Well, I was wondering where you were after school today, (*Ichiro swallows*), because  you left school kinda early.

    -Oh, I was just skipped. That's all.

    -Ok. Oh, I've been meaning to ask you something. Do believe in monsters?








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I am 14 (as of 2016) and am from nc. I love manga and anime and want to be a mangaka when I grow up, even right now, I'm workin on my manga ideas.


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