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About Me

:bulletblue: Nicknames

old enough to know better (September 15th)

rainbow, judge that raciest :V

Soo many :),

:bulletred:Fav Bands/Singers:bulletred:
Saliva, Skillet, Shinedown, Soulfly, Nickelback, Deftones, Coldplay, Limp Bizkit, Shootie HG, Hatestar, Eminem, Sevendust, Seether, The Shizit, Acid Enema, A2, Babylon Disco, Atlas Plug, Celldweller, Aphex Twin, A Dark Halo, Gizmachi, Starren Ayentent, Distrurbed, Combichrist, Fumie Kumitani, Crush 40, Downstait, Fireball Ministry, Epic Score, Jamie Christopherson

:bulletblack:Fav Actors:bulletblack:
Too many

:bulletred:Fav Animes/Shows/Films:bulletred:
Family Guy, DBZ, Sonic X, Robot Chicken, AoSTH, SaTAM, Batman Beyond, I like action flicks

:bulletred:My Best Created Fan Characters and favorites either adopted/gifted to me:bulletred:
1. Soul Tyo the Hedgechidna/Mysterious, 2. Psyche Tyo the Mysterious (Female Soul), 3. Stardust Seether the Hedgehog/Cosmic Bumblebee, 4. Saros the Cat, 5. Incognito the Imperfect, 6. Sparkle the Hedgehog, 7. Berzerk the Wolverine, 8. Black the Unknown, 9. Ivan the Fox, 10. Zero the Mysterious, 11. Parasite the Hedgehog, 12. Demon the Destestable, 13. Bio the Hedgehog, 14. Nero/9 the Hedgehog, 15. Hiraku the Red Panda, 16. Destruction the Hedgehog, 17. Destroyer the Mecha, 18. Magnum the Hedgehog, 19. Phenom the Freak, 20. Starren the Hybrid, 21. Rocket the Hedgehog, 22. Rebma-A2 the Douchehog, 23. Sprinkles the Hedgehog, 24. Snowflake the Cat, 25. Axel the Hedgechidna, 26. Spyra the Pyroprincess, 27. Sayomi the Albino Lynx/Reject, 28. Sisco the Urbanwolf, 29. Angel the Cat, 30. Seamus the Puppy, 31. Smores the Cute, 32. Sweet-E the Tenrec, 33. Agent Steph the Hegechidnat, 34. Ray the Bat, 35. Spiral the Hedgehog, 36. Tegra the Tigress, 37. Aoi the Unknown, 38. Wildfire the Albino Pyrohedgechidna, 39. VJ the Kitten, 40-41. Ring and Rie the Teasers, 42-44. G-Girls (Glitch, Gore, and Glory the Echidnas), 45. Laija the Jerboa, 46. Sonya the Hedgehog, 47. Treats the Zebra-Striped Lynx, 48. Ysane Stoneheart the Dragon, 49. Killabyte-012 the Ultratype, 50. Tru the Mysterioknown, 51. Renegade the Tenrec, 52. Vengeance the Hedgehog, 53. Venom the Hedgehog, 54. Karma the Unknown (Co-owned with :iconblue-the-unknown: ) 55. Discharge the Cat, 56. Spitfire the Echidog, 57. Lyrik the Catfox, 58. Taint the Hedgechidna, 59. NV the Deer, 60. Sura the Mysterious, 61. Ariezla the Uberhog, 62. Xihana the Uberhog, 63.Tundra the Hulking, 64. Pizza the Cat, 65-74. GE-10 (Giggles, Bubblez, Noku, Lady, Haze, Fluttering, Babylon-117, Rhythm, Vapor and Shale the Echidnas), 75. Yael the Cerebus, 76. Gage the Hedgehog, 77. Glaze the Bee, 78. Cryo the Octoling, 79. Pamela Purity Platinum the Mysterious AkA "Triple P", 80. Ghost the Mysterious, 81. Roll-N the Mysterious, 82. Stonez the Lynxoodle, 83. Mi the Pacgirl, 84. Blush the Mink, 85. Peach the Corgi, 86. Nate the Echidna, 87. Nitro Seether the Hedgehog, 88. Amethyst the Echidna, 89. Lilitu the Bear, 90. Fury the Cat, 91. Cry the Pretty, 92. Sticks.EXE, 93. R64Sonicc.EXE, 94. Hayate "Rekt" Hitori the Hedgehog, 95. Milkii the Fierce, 96. Elegant the Hedgecat, 97. Lyreal the Fox, 98. Phylica the Echidna, 99. Jayden the Buuchidna, 100. Midnight Seether the Hedgehog, 101. Merc the Echidna, 103-103. Lexa and Axel the Echidnas, 104. Mei-Ling the Siamese Cat, 105. Angel Wolf, 106. Blade the Hedgehog, 107. Diamond the Cat, 108. Blur the Hummingbird, 109. Chase the Cheetah, 110. TK the Tigerhog, 111. Aria the Tigerhog, 112. Jak the Bat, 113. Kaya the Rabbit, 113. Lash the Iguana, 114. Mist the Hedgehog, 115. Ami the Bat, 116. Spike (Prime) the Porcupine, 117. Pyro (Prime) the Hedgehog, 118. Pyro (Chaos) the Hedgehog, 119. Syler "Sly" the Fox, 120-121. Tina and Rings ( Raccoon Sisters ), 122. Rack the Meerkat, 123. Sasha the Roadrunner, 124. Shight the Hedgecat, 125. Shino the Hedgehog, 126. Rosy the Fox, 127. Spirit Tyo the Unknown, 128. Sonya Lioness, 129. Thunder the Wolf, 130-131. Torn and Vogue the Echidnas, 132. Trace the Fox, 133. Shia Spaniel, 134. Sabrina the Fox, 135. Azure the Hedgehog, 136. Angellia the Hedgehog, 137. Sasha "Sugarlump" the Lynx, 138. Fuzzle the Mysterious, 139. Zaneta the Zeti, 140. Sgt. Skorn the Wolverine, 141. Chasity the Pig, 142. Zioncube the Echidna, 143. Psyqchuical the Mysterious, 144. Seraphim the Echidhog, 145. Redeemer the Echidna, 146. Eternity the Sayiadile, 147. Dharma the Hedgefox, 148. Persona the Mysterious ( Psyche II ), 149. Scarecrow the Devious, 150. Kiu the Reindeer, 151. Starku the Hedgehog, 152. Melee the Spartahawg, 153. B& the Reindeer, 154. Daku "Dank" 155. Misuto the Hedgehog, 156. Whatever the Badger, 157. Rougally Acornat, 158. Nice the Lyncat, 158. Sticy the Badgehog, 159. Zeem the Razeti, 160. Bella the Cat, 161. L.Kritikal the Cat, 162. Galaxii the Hedgehog, 163. Deta the Emotibot, 164. Sher the Chimera, 165. Helen the Fox, 166. Hayley the Rabbit, 167. Grisly the Savage, 168. Cookie AKA Kie the Fox, 169. Ms. Buckaroo the Sugarglider, 170. Battle the Badger, 171. Female Zabi, 172. Vikoya the Orca, 173. Gwen the Tailmonster, 174. Gizmo the Dalmation, 175. King Kya the Wolf, 177. Flex the Wolf, 178. Leona the Lion, 179. Jennifer the Cat, 180. Razzle-Dazzle the Dog, 181. Buttercup the Rabbit, 182. Fyu the Parrot, 183. Carmelina the Lynx, 184. Ms. Mikuru Biggers, 185. Burnhilde the Astigmatism, 186. Qarolina Pyklor the Skelegirl, 187. Tasunke the Goat Daughter, 188. Aleris the Cougar Yoshi, 189. Tear.Mp4, 190. Balor the Black Goat, 191. Giglawl the Animatronic, 192. Surin the Hybrid, 193. Destiny.S19, 194. Zerta.Php, 195. Space the Porcupine, 196. Alaska the Husky, 197. Sky the Collie, 198. Champagne the Cat, 199. Raven-14 the Echidna, 200. Xeno-14 the Hybrid, 201. Siris the Hedgehog, 202. Scarlett Tempstress the Hedgehog, 203. Daisy Rose the Hedgehog, 204. Felix the Fox, 205. Moonveil the Hedgehog, 206. Redna the Hybrid, 207. Daryl the Cat, 207. Chip the Cat, 208. Ally Acid the Jungle Badger, 209. Nikki the Raccoon, 210. Dash the Armadillo, 211. Wren the Bowser, 212. Smash the Deer, 213. Lit the Echidna, 214. Magenta the Unknown, 215. Yosh the Fox, 216. Kaga the Saiyachidna, 217. Suitengu the Enigmatic Aquatic God, 218. Surma the Unfathomable God, 219. Jolt the Chihuahua, 220. Doon the Spider, 221. Wink the Amphacat, 222. Vex, 223. Noodles the Hedgehog, 224. Pearli the Echidna, 225. Nymphadora the Lynxagon, 226. Silent the Hedgechu, 227. Uriel the Light, 228. Heart the Slaying, 229. Neoma the Succubus, 230. Bonds the Bonded, 231. Luxury the Bosscupine, 232. Blue-M the Echdna, 233. Clash Seether the Hedgehog and etc.


:bulletblue: Minor Chars Im Keeping Up With :bulletblue:

:bulletred: Rules :bulletred:

1. Requests: Please take this into consideration, I don't mind doing requests but I stopped cause it turns into a 24/7 thing as one willtake advatange of it thinking that they can get free art all more than ever all they want too

2. Art Trades: I don't mind AT's unless I can trust said user doing it, but I will inform them first hand if I take long its because three different, tech issues, or mood all together or I will stop the trade in case Im unable to do it. now if the user does what is right then the trade is solid but if they take forever and don't do those three things or rmaybe lie about it then I won't do it. plus during the trade I will let them go first and I go second.

3. Commissions: They are always open unless people are so concerned about high quality and prices. sorry im NOT like your everydays "heroes" in the community that charge way out the pocket.

4. Notes: I don't mind friendly notes. but please don't note me to seduce me or my characters. yeah don't give me the "there not real" thing cause Im logical but my creations, my universe, my rules.

5. Being Active: Depending on mood or life altogether is when it will be more art here. due too things like life iand what not I get limited to doing my artworks so plz understand its not easy to post alot, or have completed projects.

6. Drama: As a victim of it, I'll will state III don't want drama upon my deviations, journals or anything. if you or someone has some grip with each other then take it in notes or something. now if its with me then you can not me too cause if on my pages I will just "Flagged as Spam". if you wanna be a hater then understand I love you too but you gt to gtfo my page. now if you wanna make a blog, wiki page, tumblr post, facebook status, skype IM or dA note please let me know so I can laug at how pathetic you are. just be a human being and address me as such. if not then stop wasting your time fucking with me and get a life.

7. Rping: I will not use any of my main or top chars to be involved in weird rps unless its with their soulmates. besides I only rp with <img class="avatar" width="50" height="50" src="…" alt

Closelys: :iconctc-tomboy::iconblue-the-unknown: (they are important to me, dont like it? your problem)

Favourite Visual Artist
Blue-the-Unknown <3
Favourite Movies
Favourite TV Shows
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alot of favs
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Favourite Gaming Platform
Im old school so maybe Genesis,Saturn,SNES,N64, and TG-16,then Xbox360
Tools of the Trade
I have a box full of pencils and pens, no kidding XD
Other Interests
Video Games,Internet,V.A. and Music

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I sent you a note over on FA about 2 adopts if they are up sale or not? your work is great

Soul-the-MysteriousHobbyist General Artist

Also my two bear gals aren't for sale. but if you still interested in wanting to get chars then you can go here.

I understand I sent the same on FA but your answer is no

Soul-the-MysteriousHobbyist General Artist

You faved them here then noted me there, why not on dA instead? I get notified through dA.

I'll check though.


Hi nice art you want ot be my friend even if it takes time to get to know each other.

I hope that I don't sound too mutral because I try my best to make new friends without pushing anyone away. If you want you may watch me back, check out my profile and group admin, and fav my art if you want

ItsGarrett Digital Artist

Thanks for the fave!

Soul-the-MysteriousHobbyist General Artist

You're welcome!