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Hammy, Please look, too cute..

tis hammy in the milk jug ^_^ and yes tom, i did remember to wash this one. is this not SO cute? ^_^ i love my sisters hamster

and sorry for putting this as a deviation, people just have to see! and please full view as well
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Jun 30, 2005, 8:05:59 PM
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jejeee supercute!!!
FallingFantasy's avatar
:aww: can i stroke him? so uberly cute YAY!
soul-teaser's avatar
:boing: fankoos, of course you can ^_^
FallingFantasy's avatar
yay, *pets and plays with* ^_^
Erosa's avatar
A hamster in the cup! :D
soul-teaser's avatar
^_^ well milk jug if im being annoying :nod: i looked at your page cause i pressed the random dev button to see what it would do :boing: yay! cool av as well
Erosa's avatar
Milk jug...well, the hamster looks clean and seem friendly to me!
Must be taimed then! :wave: Thanks for noticing the avatar.
Yes, the random dev buttom brings you to another deviant.
I think I do that too. Most of the times to browse and look
at some deviation images here. :D
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teehee he is very friendly :) and sweet, etc
yeah i know ^_^ well i do now :boing: yay ^_^ sounds funfun
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I love hamsters!!
soul-teaser's avatar
^_^ me too. prefer ducks though
jagirl2003's avatar
So cute! :love: I use to have a hamster years okay. ^_^
soul-teaser's avatar
^_^ yay they is cute, only if theyr nice though
jagirl2003's avatar
yeah and they are bad when they bite and they bite hard :cries:
soul-teaser's avatar
aww its ok *comforts*
greenfroggies's avatar
i have to agree, insanely cute :D
soul-teaser's avatar
^_^ thankies you :hug:
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Aww soooo cute :( I want a hamster.. But they're illegal in Australia.. *sigh*
MistedHope's avatar
Cos they're a "rodent" and Australia doesn't want anymore "rodents" here cos if they get lose they'll take over like the rabbits did and then they're won't be enough land and food and stuffs for our native animals.. Well i think that's why.
soul-teaser's avatar
why they illegal?
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omg that is sooooooooo cute :faint:
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