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Heartsong Soul and Smart Heart Maka by emayuku
Roxanne: all girls go to heaven by emayuku
Human Soul by venjix5
Kishin Egg by venjix5
Soul Eater Evans
Cinderello by emayuku
All Girls Sketch by emayuku
Because I've Been Loved That I've Become Stronger by emayuku
Glowy Little Soul. by emayuku
Maka Albarn
Blathin and the Speckled Bull by emayuku
Blathin saves Prince Fiachra by emayuku
maka looking up by TheApatheticKat
Dorothy Maka Gale by emayuku
Black Star
Black Star fanart by Czaarek
Blackstar by MarshmallowBreeze
Black Star [Soul Eater] by DoughnutDoggie
.:The Great Assassin! Black Star!:. by GoatOfInSoMNiA
Flowing Ponytail (redraw) by TheApatheticKat
lineless Tsubaki by TheApatheticKat
Katana scabbard selfmade by CrzyLdyinsaneScream
flowers by Yokiter
Death the Kid
Little Reaper Boy by TheApatheticKat
Death the Kid by MeisterAj
Death the Kid (Live2d) (Facerig) by Fragmented-Starr
Death The Kid [Soul Eater] by Martianz-Art
Thompson Sisters
Patty by princess-pandi
Liz and Patty Hair Swap Madness by GoatOfInSoMNiA
Witchy Patty (Drawlloween Day 14) by arttoinfinity
Chibi Liz by TheApatheticKat
Crona and Ragnarok
12/27/20 by TheApatheticKat
crona charm 2 by TheApatheticKat
Moth Crona Chibi Figure by TheApatheticKat
gentle headpat by TheApatheticKat
Franken Stein
Franken Stein by NellGrey14
Franken Stein by MelissaGreenwood
I will be there//if its a nightmare by Yokiter
BR alternate Stein by TheApatheticKat
Spirit Albarn
-Lovely Papa- by the-FOOL-FACTORY

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Come and Get It by k-Liight
Tranquility by k-Liight
Lord Death "Shinigami-sama"
Fabulous Death by VisionsKeeper
More DWMA "Shibusen" Faculty and Students
Fire and Thunder's Halloween Night by TheApatheticKat
3.8.2020 by LadyNekochan
Kishin Asura - Fear Mask by MikuLeRoux
Other Villains
Condemned Candlestick by DEADMANNARTWORKS
Blair by ThePyroshinigami22
OC Ask month Wave VI 1: April FOOLs by kingofthedededes73
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+.+.:Faith, Trust, and Pixie What ?:.+.+ by umbrankitty
some more croma content idk by TheApatheticKat
OC s
Jax x Tsubaki: Romance between two weapons by CheshireCat2186
New Emojis by FiredragonX89
Peace of Mind by Fjallbjorr
Soul Eater: Mysterious Destiny Chapter OneAuthor's Note: Hello everyone, this is the story of my SE character, Kitty and my friend, @TheBlueInkwell’s character, Sonica. These chapters are a few months old but they will be updated so for now, I really hope you'll enjoy our story of friendship. ^___^, It's a gloomy and rainy day at Death City, and it was the first day of school at the DWMA, Death Weapon Meister Academy. A girl with very long black hair with bangs was watching the rain from afar, looking at which droplet on the window would win first. Her nerves started getting the best of her, thinking that school will be an absolute hell hole for her especially since her last school where she was from, she made bad memories there and didn't want to relive them any longer. But her anxiety won't let her budge, trembling at her feet, thinking to herself, "Come on... I can't be like this forever... It's time for me to make friends" the girl said to herself.She then got ready, picked out her cute lolita outfit she was going to wear and went downstairs to finish up. She headed out and there it was, Death City, her eyes sparkled especially since it was raining and the city looked beautiful in gloom. She never imagined that moving to Death City would be this good. Of course she had a hoodie and the hood was over her head while holding a frilly skull umbrella walking towards the DWMA. She started to feel her heart beat really fast when she saw people around her age around her. "Oh no... I'm not very good with people.... But I can't panic... My head hurts..." she thought to herself. She then got distracted by seeing a cat with a witch hat walking along the sidewalk, and sparkles flew in her eyes, and picked up the cat."Aww, you must be lonely... Kind of like me, huh ?"The girl said to the cat, while the cat let out a confused meow."I really want to take this kitty back home, but... won't I be late for school ?" the girl thought to herself really hard. She went with her love for cats and turned back to her home really quick to leave the cat in her house and give it food. "Okay, there you are, eat up !" you said with a smile at the purple cat. "Wow so cute, I have never seen a purple cat before.!" the lolita exclaimed. "I better hurry before mom finds out I came back without going to school, good thing, she's asleep !" she exited the house and started to run to school while looking at the time."Oh crap, oh crap ! The bell is almost going to ring and it's my first day !! Damn it, why do I gotta love cats so much !?" she said to herself.The girl finally made it to the DWMA and was stopped by a purple looking dude who almost looked like thanos, meme dude. He said, "Hold it right there miss, do you know what time it is ?" while guarding the fronts of the academy. She stopped and froze, feeling shakey, she got a bit of courage to speak up and said, "Sorry..." while having her head down like a failure. "I'm afraid, you're have to go to the death room." said the purple dude."What !? I don't want to die.... I don't want to die !"the girl said, now panicking.The guard bursted out laughing, "Die ? Whaddya mean ? Nothing's going to happen, come on."He started to pull the girl's arm and take her to the so-called "Death Room"."Sorry to barge in without notice, sir, but I got this little girly coming in late and she says she's new !"said the zombie looking dude."Hey, wassup, wassup ! Oh ?" exclaimed a tall cloaked figure with a seemingly-cute skull mask who appears to be the principal of the academy."Hmmm, I see, well welcome to the DWMA, Death Weapon Meister Academy, new girl, I am the founder of this academy, Lord Death ! Congratulations !" said the tall skull dude while shaking the timid girl's hands who had sweaty palms.The girl panicked when she heard, "Lord Death"."Wait, you're not gonna give her detention or anything ?" said the purple guy."Sid, are you serious ? It's this girl's first day, of course, it would be a little rough for a newbie, especially since this school is not like other schools."said the skull face."Well alright, then. Hey, what about your kid ? He hasn't even shown up yet !" said the zombie named Sid."I'm sure he'll arrive soon. Nothing to worry and hmmm, where should we place you...uh ?"said the skull guy thinking."Oh, uh, I'm Kitty, Kitty Katsune, Lord Death, sir. It's an honor." she said bowing."Now, now, no need to be so formal ! And ah, Kitty, what a cute name !""T-Thank you..." said Kitty."Now, where to place you ? Hmmm.... How about with Professor Stein ? He seems to have seats available in his classroom." said Lord Death placing Kitty in her class.She just nodded."That it is and oh before you leave, kid, take this ! You're gonna need it." said Lord Death in a quiet voice almost like whispering and then ordered Sid to take her to her classroom.The two walked along the corridor while Kitty was admiring the scenery inside, anxious for what awaits her.Sid dropped her off at her class and wished her good luck and Kitty started to panic as she felt her heart beating extremely fast and getting quite pale. She knocked on the door and was greeted by Professor Stein. "Hi, hello, my name is-" Kitty screamed as she saw Stein making a scary, psychotic looking face, Stein saw her feared look and laughed."Kitty Katsune, right ? We've been awaiting you." said Stein as he showed her, the attendance sheet.Kitty slowly walked in and kept looking down, while she was scared to look at her classmates."Class, today, we have a new student, please give her your undivided attention please." said the professor."I-uh..." Kitty stumbled upon words.The whole class was quiet but there were a few whispers, one was of a girl with light brown hair, who whispered to a blonde girl next to her. "Hey, Patty""Yeah sis ?" asked Patty."The new chick. She has a nice dress.""Huh ? Yeah, you're right sis !" exclaimed the bubbly girl."But to be honest, she looks like a bit creepy, don't you think ? Like the grudge girl ?" said Patty whispering to Liz."Patty, stop that.." said Liz feeling scared.A chalk stick went flying towards their direction."Liz, Patty, this is not the time for chit chat !"said Stein."Yes sir" Liz and Patty said while Liz was looking nervous and Patty was all smiley."I'm Kitty Katsune. My family and I have moved from the city, Angelus, to here. So everything here is very new to me. I hope we can get a-along."Kitty said.The whole class then said... "Huh ?"They didn't hear Kitty, at all. She was way too quiet."Interesting, nice to meet someone that's from Angelus, city of angels. Hmmm, why don't you take a seat next to Sonica ? Sonica raise your hand, please."asked Stein.The girl, Sonica waved to where she was and so my seat is next to hers."She seems timid, she reminds me of Crona, like a rabbit running away from a big bad wolf" said a girl with grey hair watching her go up to her seat."Maybe her and Crona can be friends. That'd be cool." said a spikey white haired demon looking boy."Hey isn't that girl kinda big, Tsubaki ?" said a spikey blue dude talking to a black haired girl in a ponytail."Blackstar.! You shouldn't say that." said Tsubaki scolding him.Blackstar starts to laugh out loud.Kitty then turned around at Blackstar who was laughing at her and made her turn away looking down, but Blackstar didn't see that.There were students in the classroom laughing at her size while she was walking up to her seat."I never seen someone this big before.""Someone needs to cut down on McDonald's.""Look at her hairy arms. Gross.""Gorda." (Note: "Gorda" means fat in spanish.)This was followed by laughs and then she finally made it to her seat next to Sonica. She looked down at the desk looking down looking like she wanted to cry.Sonica looked at the girl and greeted her. "Hey, I like your- huh.?" Sonica saw the girl crying."Oh no, what's wrong ?" Sonica said while she looked sad for the girl.Kitty said nothing. She just put her head down."Okay class, since we have a new student, I would like to start off the day with a fun little exercise !"said Stein with a smile while moving the screw on his head."I hope it's not dissecting an almost extinct animal... Poor creatures. No one can be safe from Professor Stein's wrath." said the grey haired girl with emerald green eyes."No Maka, this isn't it." said Stein."I didn't say anything !" she said startled wondering how Stein knew what she was said to Soul, the white haired kid."We will be playing a game !"exclaimed Stein."Yahoo ! I'm going to beat all of you ! I will win this game again because I am the star of this show ! Wahahaha !" exclaimed Blackstar while getting hit by the board eraser from Stein."Now then, let us go to the auditorium."said Stein while riding on his teacher chair, almost falling.*At the Auditorium*"Alright everyone ! I hope you're all ready !" exclaimed Stein spinning in his chair."Hey, are you okay ?" asked Sonica to the new girl."Oh ? Huh, yeah I am... Just a little tired..." said Kitty almost like whispering."Don'y worry, you'll have fun here ! Besides Professor Stein usually likes to play games with his students so his class can bond and get along." said Sonica.Kitty nodded."Hey, are you a weapon ?" asked Sonica."Y-Yes... Are you ?""Nah man, I'm a meister, but I'm in need of a cool ass weapon. What kind are you ? You gotta show me.End of Chapter One
Fan Comic
Cat Ear Mutation - Bonus Page 4 by TheApatheticKat
Adam and Eve. by emayuku
Colored Manga Panels
Kilik Rung, Thunder and Fire by Deadman-scythe
Tilina Black

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Copyright Vote - #Article13
Censorship Machines is adopted by the European Parliament on 12/09 - the #SaveYourInternet fight continues
On 12 September 2018, all 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) got a chance to shape the European copyright reform with a vote on the:

Legal Affairs (JURI) Committee’s Report on Copyright in the Digital Single Market; and,
alternative amendments tabled by several MEPs and Political Groups on thorny issues, such as the dreadful Article 13.
The outcome: 366 MEPs blatantly ignored your calls asking them to #SaveYourInternet, as they adopted the copyright #CensorshipMachine.

The results of the 12 September vote as regards the Article 13 Voss amendment are published here [see pp 34-35 – AMs 156-161]. Our take on it can be found here.
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