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11+ F2U bases

I thought seeing as I still see my old F2U bases being used now and again, I might as well post these as I'm unlikely to use them again myself c:
Pictured above isn't all of them.

Download the zip file & extract ♥ 
If you want to download one individually, go here:

- Free to use for any type of adoptable. You may sell for points, cash, art etc. 
- Free to use for original characters.
- Free to use for commissions, so long as the buyer is aware their art will be done using a base prior to purchase. 
- Please credit in the description. (e.g "base by : iconsoukiadopts :" or "base by @ soukiadopts", without the spaces) 
Not recommended to use any of these as drawing/anatomy references. lol.
© 2018 - 2021 SoukiAdopts
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Would you be okay if I Frankendolled one of these with another artist's base? I'm just asking, because I want to respect your preferences.

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I am using! Thank you!

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downloaded, thanks!

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Downloaded! Thanks!

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Downloaded this base and I will use it in the future, thank you <3

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downloaded 💙💙💙

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This is the first bases thing that my computer let me download without having to click 50 times :0

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Will use these and credit you!! thanks a ton <3

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used!! thanksHeart Love

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Downloaded! Thanks!

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thank you!

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Downloaded, thank you!
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downloaded!! tysm aaa

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