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Characters from my story here: [link] It's an alternate ending based on what I think happened after L’Arc woke up after being asleep for 500 years.

Characters from left to right: Raina, Lily, Seff, Leilani, Absalom
Character bios:

:bulletpink: Leilani is the descendant of Leslie Ferrati *coughcoughandsergecoughcough*. She is also the sister of Seff, and is always yelling at him for one reason or another. She’s usually very happy, but despite her ancestors’ roots, she’s never left the Meridian Empire. Leilani is sixteen and uses guns.

:bulletorange: Seff is a descendant of Serge (or Leon… whatever you want to call him). He is Leilani’s brother, and acts as a traveling legionnaire (sorta like L’Arc was). He’s traveled all over the Empire and the Republic, all for his mother’s sake (again, sorta like L’Arc). Does his dagger case look familiar? It’s the same one Serge had. It’s been passed down through the family for 500 years. Seff is seventeen and uses daggers.

:bulletyellow: Absalom is a descendant of Alfonse Meridia, and the current emperor or the Meridian Empire. He may look like Alf, but he has Weiss’s personality. He’s all for violence and war, but cares about his people, so he doesn’t start wars on his own. Absalom is 33 and uses a sword.

:bulletblue: Lily is a descendant of Luna. She’s not old enough to have picked out a weapon yet, and serves as an assistant to Raina. As you can (probably) see, her clothes are similar to that of the Aion Unit. The outfit she wears is derived from that uniform, because for some reason, she’s proud to be related to Paula and Luna. Lily is fourteen and wants to use a sythe when she gets older.

:bulletpurple: Raina is a descendant of Rastan. She and her assistant serve as bodyguards for the current senator of the Republic. She was a child prodigy who started fighting when she was ten. Ever since then, she has been determined to outdo Rastan’s legacy. Raina is 21 and uses and sword.

Don’t go calling these characters Sues/Stus because they’re related to the canon characters! I created them for the sole purpose of that story, and do not use them for role-play, other fanfiction or wish-fulfillment!
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I hope you plan on continuing that story sometime. I recently became a member of, so I would finally start putting reviews to some Fanfiction stories I like. Your story definitely has potential.