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Playing pretend, part 2
...and when your favourite song comes on,
you know the one, with the meaningful lyrics,
you'll finally, after keeping quiet all this time,
sing along to it with your eyes closed
and maybe someone will notice
and think that the song has deep inner meaning for you,
and that maybe you're singing along
because quietly inside you're being affected in ways
no one else in the room will ever be affected,
and maybe they'll look at you with awe
and a better sense of who you are.
Snap out of it.
They're all doing the same thing you are.
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 2 1
The Storm
I was going to write a poem
about a girl I know
who cried in my arms for a while.
I didn't know
     what to do
     how to make it better
so I would have called the poem
"The Storm".
It was going to be about
     how storms last a long time
     how you can't stop them
     how you have to wait them out
and it would have been clever
because it would have shown people
     how it lasted a long time
     how I couldn't stop it
     how I had to wait it out
and I would have made a clever
reference to how the thoughts
in her head were like a
raging storm.
But I can't write poems
so I wrote this instead.
It conveys the same message anyway.
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 0 2
While true
while (true) {
    print ("I love you. ");
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 1 6
Till it kills me
private void life() {
    while (person != 0) {
        Experience event = new Experience();
          if (event.outcome() == death) {
              person = 0;
          } else {
              person = person + event.outcome();
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 4 5
Program Llorkcir {
  string a = "never gonna";
  string b = "you";
    for (int i = 1; i > 0; i++) {
      println(a + "give " + b + " up");
      println(a + "let " + b + " down");
      println(a + "run around and desert " + b);
      println(a + "make " + b + " cry");
      println(a + " say goodbye");
      println(a + " tell a lie and hurt " + b);
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 1 8
Program Group_Mentality;
    Person: PersonType[];
    Dissenter: Person;
    Leader: Person;
FUNCTION opinion(Person)
    OUTPUT (Rand(100));
          REPEAT {
IF (Person[1].opinion == Person[2].opinion THEN
      IF (Person[1].opinion > Person[2].opinion) THEN
          Dissenter == Person[2];
          Leader == Person[1];
          Dissenter == Person[1];
          Leader == Person[2]
FOR (int i = 3; i
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 5 13
West of House
You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a locked front door.
You are carrying:
    A heart
There is a girl here.
She won't answer.
She won't answer.
It's too late.
The hill turns abruptly into a cliff. There is a house in the distant east.
The abyss is very deep and dark; you are likely to be eaten by a grue.
You hurl yourself off the cliff.
Your heart shatters before you hit the ground.
You are dead.
Your score is 0 (total of 100 points), in 7 moves.
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 5 7
Silhouette by Souffloppe Silhouette :iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 3 6
What he's thinking during the movie:
Does she like me? I should find out somehow. What should I do? Is she trying to hint something? Give a sign? What'll I do? Should I give my own sign? What if I put my arm right here, just like this, maybe she'll pick up on it and grab it? Five minutes, ten, nope, she's not doing anything, does she want me to grab hers? C'mon, c'mon, please, please, given me a sign! If she does and I don't, then that's an opportunity missed, but if I do and she had no thoughts of anything like that then she'll shrug me off and probably never speak to me again. What can I do? Should I lean in closer to her? Maybe she'll hug me. Nope, she's not doing anything. Wait. She's moving away. What does this mean?? Is it unconscious? It is on purpose? Is she trying to give me a sign? Does she want me to back off? Should I try taking her hand? No, no, no. Not now, she's leaned away. I'm sure if she wanted to be close she'dve stayed just the way she was, that lean was purp
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 1 7
Alcohol v1.0
class alcohol{
       private int vision;
       private int lag;
       private int mental_defence;
       private int happiness;
       private int health;
    public static void drink(person){
        if ((happiness
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 4 18
A Short List Of Things I Want
Dear somebody... wherever you are.
Where are you? Are you real? I spend every day thinking about you, and you don't even exist.
There are so many things I want...
I want to call you at three in the morning and find that you were up late, thinking about me too, and wishing that we were together even if I'd just seen you that day.
I want to catch a bus with you and just take it, wherever it goes, without worrying about the time or commitments.
I want to drive for hours into the night with you, listening to mix cd's on low volume, the rain casting mottled, moving little shadows over your skin as the soft reflection of the headlights pours through the windows, the quiet pitter-patter sound of the rain on the roof of the car all around.
I want to wake up next to you, and feel the heat of your soft breath on my neck and your arms around me, legs entwined, feeling safe and secure beside you.
I want to lie down with you in a wide, grassy field under a tree, the sunlight shining through
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 4 20
A Simple Program
class relationship
   public person person1;
   public person person2;
   public int love;
   public int happy;
   public int health;
    public program1(String person1; person2, int love; happy; health)
    person1 = this.person1;
    person2 = this.person2;
    love =;
    happy = this.happy;
    health =;
      public void relationship(person1, person2)
      person.relationship(person1, person2);
        if ( >
:iconsouffloppe:Souffloppe 3 12

Random Favourites

little sisters know best by uber-bubble little sisters know best :iconuber-bubble:uber-bubble 1 1
i love
i love...
- Hearing people pronounce 'ninety' as ninedy, with emphasis on 'ine'
- Stairs
- Eating an ice cold tim tam in a steaming hot shower or bath, usually just before i head off to bed
- Mixing meat pie filling with soy sace (and/or dipping in carrot sticks/salt and vinegar potato chips)
- The feeling at the bottom of your stomach in an elevator
- finding money in trouser pockets
- swimming in the rain
- playing soccer with no legitimate rules at night (sometimes in the rain also)
- the smell of my pillow
- the way my hair feels when it's just been cleaned
- the sensation of water moving over my skin
- puddles
- shoulder massages :P
- my watch
- the over-stimulated feeling i get when i hear my favourite songs
- good books
- meaningless and all-important time with friends
- long, meandering conversations
- chocolate, although i'm picky
- good, well-written movies
- stupid pointless movies
- jokes that leave you clutching your stomach that are pathetic in retrospect
- playing pictio
:iconuber-bubble:uber-bubble 1 2
Santayana Quote
while !(people.rememberHistory)
{ history(); }
:iconghordak:ghordak 2 4
Confusion's Blind Ignorance
Don’t know why I’m feeling like this
There isn’t a reason I know that exists
It’s a listlessness and I feel like I’m caged
There’s a terrible calm and a terrible rage.
I keep on looking out windows and looking around
To find what I know can never be found
The nothing that’s missing, the something that’s not
The piece of myself that I think I forgot.
I’m searching for something I never wanted before
I don’t know what it is, or what it is for
But regardless I’m looking and I’ll search til I find
The reason I feel I am losing my mind.
:iconcaileagh-faoileag:Caileagh-Faoileag 7 13
envy is ignorance... by rewindandeject envy is ignorance... :iconrewindandeject:rewindandeject 7 7
< html>
< head>
< title>
I'm already dead.
< body
I'm nobody.
< font
face=Comic Sans MS>
And If you're wondering,
I'm just a mess.
< p>
I'm somebody no one can see.

Who needs life,
I'm already done.

I'm living in hell.
:iconcoolesteugene:coolesteugene 7 21
>Connecting to user....
>Connection refused.
>Proxy servers offline.
/*I'm here standing in the fog,
using semaphore.
Can you see me?
int heartbeat = 72;
int cyanide = 0;
bool life = true;
//Look at the camera.
//You'll be discussing this on Larry King Live.
//Self-snuff films are all the rage
//'cause you only love me when I'm slitting my wrists.
//You laugh!
//I bleed!
//Tonight! One night only!
//"We have this late breaking bulletin..."
//Violence is sexy.
//Death sells.
while (cyanide >= 0)
        if (heartbeat == 0)
                life = false;
                cyanide = -1;
:iconpostindustrial02:PostIndustrial02 7 8
:_code 'In Thought'
#IFNDEF here
echo Matt is not currently availible
;begin status block _
        thoughts [] = explode("I","I am tired of what _
            I have never done. I _
             want to find where I belong. I_
             am looking so hard. I am waiting_
             so long. I wish I hope I find I ne_
            ver get enough I hope that one day _
            I can be enough so that I can finally be the one.") _
        rem defies laws of physics.
:iconhebrewgift:hebrewgift 16 35
\...= Reasons determined| Unnessasary;12:00 - 00:00>
{Biological malfunction= heartbreak|\;
{[ 0%-selfworth| self-like 0% + Chemical Depression %85^ ]}
[ Breaking down/without a sound/
                          {he really needed to be loved...}
                                                ;#He only had him self|\?|
:iconbladeace:BladeAce 16 56
Unknown Love
Do not enter, it's the wrong way
Into your heart, in a single day
You're not blind you can see
The connection between you and me
In my arms is where you belong
To sway along to this love song
So stand up, push your chair in
We'll meet on the dance floor and let out love begin
I knew, at very first sight
We belong, in that bright spotlight
Enjoy your drink, compliments of me
To our new beginning, our hearts set free
But swallow it down, the band is growing tired
This our last chance for our passion to be fired
Opportunities are fading fast
Please notice me at last
I see our future on these final chords
My heart is destroyed by your unknowing swords
I loved you, though you'll never know
Together, our love could have grown
Like an angel from above
My Unknown love
:iconzerotoeveryone:zerotoeveryone 3 1
Fight Club
If you wake up at a different time,
in a different place,
could you wake up as a different person?
Our fathers were our models for God.
If our fathers bailed,
what does that tell you about God?
You have to consider the possibility
that God does not like you.
He never wanted you.
In all probability, he hates you.
Fuck damnation, Fuck redemption!
We are God's unwanted children? So be it!
First you have to give up,
first you have to know... not fear...
know... that someday you're going to die.
It's only after you've lost everything
that you're free to do anything.
Without pain, without sacrifice,
we would have nothing.
You're not your job.
You're not how much money you have in the bank.
You're not the car you drive.
You're not the contents of your wallet.
You're not your fucking khakis.
You're the all-singing,
all-dancing crap of the world.
God damn it,
an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables;
slaves with white collars.
Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes,
working jobs
:iconfaint-69:Faint-69 216 87
I just spent 30 minutes on a bus staring at a wall;
someone wrote in Japanese, English, French
"drift away."
:iconbristoltheorange:bristoltheorange 70 102



I totally forgot I still had this.


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