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Lets see who actually comments lol XD

Since this account has been dead forever ago. Just want to kill some time with some friendly chats.
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Alright, next batch of 5 free requests will be open after I complete these 5 requests


Forgot to mention that I will only be drawing in anime style and pokemon
I don't draw sonic anymore, sorry.

I've been wanting to draw for a while but I was never sure what to draw
So, for the first 5 people who comment on this journal they will get one quick drawing
First come first serve, sorry.

For those who care

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 30, 2015, 3:28 PM
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I have uploaded my first speed paint for Loli Skygger!
It was a lot of hard work and thought you guys might like to see what I did.
Raged so much, but thankfully it helped me rather then hinder

Youtube Video

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When was the last time this account was ever used? XD
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I have opened up a new account for collabs
I'll be uploading my rough sketches here, and the final outcome shall be posted on this DA profile

I, as of late, have been too busy with life to actually draw as much as I did when I was younger, much less upload them onto my personal DA account. This however does not mean I have not been drawing. I have been drawing plenty, in college class or at work.

Sure my art could still use improvement but I'll continue to do what I loved to do as a child.
Not sure how many watchers I have lost, perhaps all of them
But if you are reading this, Thank you for checking up on me! It means plenty

                                                                               Ja ne my fellow watchers
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  What is a man without his sword and shield?
       Nothing I say, and I can attest to this
  Sure the man has strength of his own,
       but what can his fist do in the midst of battle?
  As life comes down upon him to devour his essences;
       to return to the dust that he had defied
  Only a fool would abandon his only allies,
       especially after the many battles they have fought
  In my left hand, was my beloved shield
       A comfort that I held dear amongst the cold nights
  She sought to preserve, even at the cost of her own luster
       Her cold steel was enough to make me feel at home
  In my right hand, a burning sword which I wielded
       I was his strength, and he was mine
  It was my brother in battle, the ally that many grasp hungrily for
       especially in one's dying moment
  It was a means of force, strong and true
       Loyal to the stroke of his brother
  They were the fire that kept the warrior going
       The warrior was the air that kept them active
  An ideal Trinity but alas the warrior grew careless
       As time passed, the warrior changed
  His passions, his interest, his motivation
       Foreign to himself and his companions
  Until he himself turned against his friends and himself



    The blade leapt and the man was cut by its searing edge
        The warrior grew angry at his righteous sword
    The warrior turned to his shield,
        his bloody hand stained her shine
    Offended was she by the blood that boiled in anger
        she grew colder and colder;
            all that she sought to preserve was now in disarray
    The shield and sword he had brought together
        Had instead rebuked him; he was a great offense
    The warrior left, he had enough of the confirmation of what he was to his companions

                                Actions spoke louder than words

    One word threw everything off balance, the man sought to make amends
        It was his carelessness that set everything off after all
    But the sword kept flashing it's righteous edge, and with that the warrior grew silent.
        Deterred from progress, the man still wanted to make amends
    Frustrated, the man grew angry.... angry at what?
         The sword was a sword, and the shield was a shield
    They were being themselves, nothing more
         He had made them grow fearful of him
    He had grown sick of the "righteousness" and accusations
         All over one word...
   Enough was enough! And with this the man was no more. . .




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Hey guys, it has been a while since I have been on DA or post anything for that matter
I want you guys to know I miss you guys and hopefully I can resume where I last left off

Sorry guys for the lack of responses and materials but I do have my reasons.
That being said, I'll give you a little insight as to has been happening since I was last on here:
1) I have managed to graduate from High School and admit to a local college, second semester already completed
2) My mother, sister and I once again left our own house because of my father, who has the nerve to go find himself another woman
3)Tomorrow, 5/29 my parents' one year separation will finally end in a divorce, hopefully we can move back to our house
4) I have been collecting PVC figures like crazy and I can because I have a job as a book associate at a local entertainment center here in my town, so its neat getting packages nearly every month ^w^
5) I have been watching a ton of anime, and gaming a lot as well on top of that, writing out a story so I have been a little busy XD

;w; Miss you guys and this summer I will be posting more material for you guys to enjoy!
Love you all!

Not Tagging anyone! SO SIGH IN RELIEF! Jesus Christ has had mercy on your souls <3

Tagged by my good bro!

1. You're going into battle, what is your choice of uniform?!

GOING AWOL IN MY COMMANDO BIRTHDAY SUIT! Jk/JK! I would wear something light, I tend to see myself as a scout class at times, so a light jacket, tactical boots, and a belt pack for stuff.  

2. How many fingers am I holding up?

Is that a birdie I spy? XD

3. You get to be Spiderman/ woman for one whole day. What's on the agenda?


4. You have to go away for like, ever. What do I get to keep to remember you?

I would leave my friend my Wolfie Plushie.. Its the closest thing I have... and it kind of smells like me XDDDDDD

5. Oh shoot, you've just been sucked into the last videogame you played. What world are you condemed to?
(Sadly, I wouldn't be in Hyrule... ;w; I'd be in Skyland with Pit which is still flippin EPIC)

OH SHIZZZZZ!!!!!! CALL OF DUTY!? BLACK OPS!?!?!?! WHY DO I HAVE TO BE WITH ALL THE EVIL PEOPLE!?!?! *starts up Team Fortress 2 in hopes to reverse this curse* BRONY SERVERS SAVE ME! SAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

6. You can have any item from any movie/show/videogame. What would it be?

A Dimensional Teleporter!!! XD That way I can break the 4th wall, befriend Pinkie Pie and then go on a 4th wall breaking spree in order to get all the other items I want!

7.  ZOMBIE APOCOLYPSE!!! I wouldn't be the best shooter, but I can drive while you shoot! Do you drag me along to safety? (Be honest XDD)

Yes, because a) Your my bro! b) One more alive human means one less walking dead and c) even if your not a good shooter, you can be lucky sometimes, and over a period of time, you would eventually learn how to properly handle a gun

8. Deep Question time...If you could trade in just one of your friends, for a lifetime of anything you want. Money, Power, food, cars, you name it. Would you do it? Even if it's a friend you don't speak to anymore?

If its for Pinkie Pie... MAAAAYYYBBBEEE... But Pinkie Pie is not a tangible being in our dimension unfortunately... So my answer would be NO :3

9. You get one pokemon to stick with you for the rest of your life. ONLY ONE! Which do you choose?

ABSOL!!!!!! Learns a wide variety of moves, has the least amount of weaknesses, high attack and Absol is just plain AWESOME!!! <333

10. *SHAZAAAAP!!!* The Time Delorean just stopped in front of you. The timeline is now your playground. Where in time to you go, and why?

Forward, when God is in complete control of the Earth, my friends and I are united in Heaven for an eternal time of fun, and hopefully God has heard and accepted my request, granting me Pinkie Pie, and the others ponies to be with me and my friends.

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(What about that Physics Quiz tomorrow)
SHUT UP! *headshot*



1) You must post these rules.

2) Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.

3) You have to choose ten people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

4) Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.

5) No tag backs.

6) No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."


My questions:
1.Are you happy?
And you know it clap your hands!

2.who was the last person who said 'I love you'?
My cousin... no I'm not a redneck!

3.Do you think that person meant it?
Not certain, I just recall my sister telling me that maybe it is okay for a cousin to be in love with a cousin... after she came back from her house
*looks around* WHAT! D: Its not like I mean it or anything!

4.Do you own any pets,if so what kinds?
I don't but unfortunately I sleep with my sister's guinea pig... IT STINKS IN HERE!!!! *spazes out and destroys keyboard*

5.Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself seeing myself, seeing myself five years into the future. <<Inception>>  (yay, go on-screen keyboard)

6.Who is your favorite person?
Favorite person? D: Ooo... tough one... *backs away from obvious minefield*

7.What's your favorite book?
Hunge- HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Just kidding! My favorite book would have to be... dang it... too many... w@ Being a Librarian Assistant makes it hard to decide...   

8.What do you do to let off steam?
Get onto Steam :D TEAM FORTRESS 2 SON!

9.Whats the color of your eyes?
Dark Brown... Dark..... Brown... Dark.... ;) Brown... Stop staring at me like that



My Questions To You, (*insert unfortunate victim's name here)

1. PINKIE PIE IS BEST PONY (wait not a question)
2. When your feeling down, what is the one thing that always manages to cheer you up?

3. Who, in your life, is a role model that you look up too?

4. If you were stranded on an island and could only have one item, what would it be? (No communication devices, vehicles, teleportation spells, sonic screwdrivers, anything that allows communication to the outside world or mode of escape from my chocolate covered island >: D)

5. If you were forced to take the life of another person to save your friend would you do it? (any scenario goes)  

6. In your opinion, do you believe humans are inherently good or evil?

7. If the world were to end tonight, what would you do?

8. When you hear the word "beard", what is the first image that pops up in your mind?

9. If you were to give your friend a prized possession, what would it be?

10. If you were to give a Sotike a cookie, what would most likely happen?


NOW! For the painful part...
*casually* Enie Minnie Miney Moe, catch the tiger by the toe, if it hollers let it go, and THEN CAKE!…
*cake bomb detonates and covers 10 city blocks in frosting*

1. :iconyoshidude31:
2. :iconmephikal:
3. :iconlightshappy:
5. :iconmyah-myah:
11'd :iconrinathecat4eva:
42: :iconsonniejaye:
31: :iconadster29:
And me makes a million! NOW GET TO IT SOLDIERS!…
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Its been a while, months have passed since I last posted a drawing, or spoken to someone besides my online bro...
I want to know how you have been doing.
Forgive me for being slow... but I'm still a human you know?
I make mistakes, and I'm a bit clumsy as well
Man my icon is old... XD I should update that soon.
If your still watching me, thank you and I would encourage you to leave a comment
As I stated before, I want to know how all of my friends are doing ^ ^
God Bless and have an epic day!
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My order finally came into the mail! XD Here is the contents!

Shirt #1…

Shirt #2…

Shirt #3…

3 move combo: This activates a special event……
This event was activated with purchase of three shirts

Bonus Goodies:………

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WOO! You have boundless energy and will take every single possible moment to exert it! Not only that, but you looooove to party, so wherever you can be that you can party and get down at, you will want to be! Your love of parties and laughter makes you a very fun pony to be around, because all of your friends generally have a good time when they're with you — as long as your overabundance of energy doesn't irritate them.

You don't just go against the grain, but you pretend the grain isn't even there, saying neigh to the norm and doing whatever it is you want to do, regardless of how silly it may be. Your carefree attitude is admirable in that sense, but you can easily get discouraged when people don't quite 'get' your sense of randomness and laughter. If you can't put a smile on a friend's face or if you disappoint them, you'll feel bad about it.

Despite your rather quirky nature, you often times do know exactly what you're doing, even if it may seem you're going about it in an odd way. You have a certain sense of things and it would be wise for your friends to believe you. You may be naive and carefree, but you're willing to try almost anything out, even if you're completely clueless on it. You're also a very creative pony, dabbling in songs, performances, and other creative ventures, while also coming up with creative solutions to whatever problems may be out there.    
Look under Personality Quiz Tab!

D: I'm at this stage at the moment
I meant this
Pinkamina FTW
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Tag originally made by the esteemed *HNAutumn

1. What is your favorite time of the day and why?

My favorite time of the day is the time right after I leave school, the sense of a small relief is always refreshing and well in the winter the sun is usually setting (I stay afterschool until 5 pm) making it a rather pleasant scene plus the school hardly has traffic at this time. Along with that, the solo walk to my aunt's house is an open oppuritunity for me to think about anything really, plus the coolness of the breeze and the warmth of the sun is an added bonus.

2. What are your favorite movies and why?

I Am Legend- This was a well done movie in my opinion, Will Smith did an excellent job conveying his character's emotion and isolation. The process in which Robert Neville ends up going from survival mode to suicidal after the death of Sam, his dog which he had strangled to death after he was infected, was rather touching and the rescue was in my opinion a divine intervention. The addition of Anna and Ethan made the movie rather hopeful and several of my favorite quotes come from this part of the movie.

Anna: The world is quieter now. We just have to listen. If we listen, we can hear God's plan.
Neville: God's plan.
Anna: Yeah.
Neville: All right, let me tell you about your "God's plan". Six billion people on Earth when the infection hit. KV had a ninety-percent kill rate, that's five point four billion people dead. Crashed and bled out. Dead. Less than one-percent immunity. That left twelve million healthy people, like you, me, and Ethan. The other five hundred and eighty-eight million turned into your dark seekers, and then they got hungry and they killed and fed on everybody. Everybody! Every single person that you or I has ever known is dead! DEAD! THERE IS NO GOD!  

Poor Robert Neville... nihilism

Plus the scene in which Robert, Anna and Ethan are literally a film of glass away from certain doom (original ending), Robert has a flashback of his daughter, Marely, when the glass in front of them began to shatter in the form of a butterfly .... Marely: "Mommy look, it's a butterfly!"

Robert Neville then reaches for a grenade in a desk drawer.
Neville: I think this is why you're here. [Places vial containing the KV antidote into Anna's hand as he prepares to face the "dark seekers."]
Anna: What are you doing?
Neville: I'm listening.

Favorite scene ever, an act of heroism that touched me in a personal level
FAVORITE MOVIE EVER,  want me to love a certain movie? Mention God in a positive way and I'm hooked!

Second Favorite Movie would have to be a childhood favorite, The Matrix Series.
Not kidding! I actually watched this as a young kid (skipped the sex scene between Neo and Trinity each time though in Matrix Reloaded)
This was a Hollywood adaptation of a Japanese style story teling, aka Anime, pulling scenes from various animes such as Ghost in a Shell, the Pillars scene and making it into an instant blockbuster! This movie was and is action packed to the brim and the storyline was really engaging. My friends Hiku25, and his brother together with I, talked and drew alot based on this movie. In my opinion, at this point of time, our friendship was a spectacular stage, drawing alot of epicness and yes Sotike got influenced alot by this movie as the machinary and weapons adaptions I designed for him were inspired by this film.

This film brings back alot of childhood memories and I'm glad I have an epic way to remember them ^ ^

3. If you could have any one wish granted, what would you ask for?

Wishes are a very dangerous thing, so I would more than likely pass up on it. But if there was a safe wishing guarenteed stamp on the said granter, I would wish for a way to keep my friends rather than losing them.

4. What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you?
The strangest thing that has ever happened to me would have to be the fact that I got shocked by a donut. I was reaching for the delicious morsel, when suddenly a bad Tum's reference occured. The little cherry glazed beauty shocked all my fingers and thumb too! Adam who was holding the box was like, "WOW! REALLY OMAR!? Only you would be able to do that!" I laughed hard and well ever since then I noticed other strange things, (such as a girl who was trying really hard to open a fortune cookie from its bag, accidentially sent it flying towards a rather handsome guy, I laughed and joked about the fortune's content, saying it might of said," You'll have a fateful encounter soon" or something like that.) but none compared that one moment!

5. What do you do when you're bored?
When I get bored, I usually end up looking up My Little Ponies, listen to music, play video games, or jut flatout become random and weird just for the fun of it. Also alot of my drawings are made at this state and well, along with that, I end up in THAT part of YT alot... EVERYTHING SHALL BE PONIFIED!

6. How long is your hair/has your hair ever been?
Think about a toddler with a 90's afro. Yeah, that was me!

7. What is your LEAST favorite holiday, and why?

Halloween, I never celebrate it, and I can't believe how foolish people are to celebrate such a violent paganistic culture. Thank God I'm not an Anglo-Saxon!

8. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a firefighter, or a paleontologist, or a meteorologist (inspired by the movie Twister)

9. You have just been plunged into your favorite movie/video game/TV show/storybook/comic book universe. What is it?

If you asked this question three years ago, it would have been the Sonic universe, but now more than likely I would be hoping I was in Ponyville somewhere. But in all seriousness, I do not actually like something to the point where I wish I was in that universe. I am a fan of alot of things, but I can't love a series to the point I wish I was in it. If you asked me, it seems like a mental problem to wish to be a part of a fictious world. If I was plunged into the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I would have to deal with the fact I was a pony, and I'm not into furries. If I was plunged into the world of Halo, I would more than likely be dead, as Seirra 117 aka John is the last Spartan left, plus if I was a Spartan that would mean I would have been an orphan abducted by the government then experimented on, meaning life as a Spartan would suck and being a Helljumper(ODST) is a demanding position in itself, which I really dislike (pressure and all) despite the fact I like the epicness of this section. The only one I might seriously consider would be the Assassin Creed universe, as it is more realistic, and you get to kill political figures for the fun of it, changing history one dead corpse at a time.

10. How do you view yourself? (Broad question, I know, but I'm running out of ideas. Do your best, I guess.)

If I were to look upon myself, I would see myself a struggling torment soul, torn between the wish to perform something spectular and yet upon looking at the world questions, why bother? I see myself as Truth seeker, looking for the truth of God which has been deluted by both the medieval and modern times.
I tend to be a loner with many friends, an oxymoron if you ask me, but in reality that is how I feel.
I would also say that I am two-faced, there is light part of me that truly does care about people, and  wishes to show God's love to humanity which I instilled in my character Sotike, and the dark side of me, which is vicious, violent, cynical, and well just flatout scary, even to me, as it often wishes humanity would just disappear, a product upon my observation of the people in my nation and elsewhere, vainly pursuing things that would not even matter in a million years and scoffs in a hypocritical way how pathetic man had come from its original design, this I also embodied in the form of Spazer.
I try my best to be a hero, though I know there is no such thing and well try to help whenever I can, if I'm not wearing the "mask of Spazer" on that day. I am at the moment torn between my observations and what God wants me to do, and well yes, more than likely this observation will change over a period of time.

If you managed to read the entire thing, you are excused from being tagged, though you can do it if you wish.
If you speedread though it, or skipped parts, I tag you.
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This Christmas break, I managed to do nothing
I just watched anime all day, and stayed up until 5-6 am
Enjoyed the series, Kaze No Stigma, Samurai Champloo, and alot of others
At the same time, I managed to screw things up with my laziness
Team Fortress 2 was fun, Majora's Mask was epic

This Christmas Break, I celebrated the first day of Hannukah instead
With friends filled with ancient wisdom
Turns out I could be a sephardic Jew
Amazing what one can learn
That my friends and I were after Truth, trying to find the lies in history

This Christmas Break, there was snow on Christmas Day
It dropped to the low 30's, children rejoicing because their wishes had been answered
Their Wish for a White Christmas... I did not...
A man my mother knew, a homeless man who took refuge in my mother's workplace
Died of exposure that night, shops closed on Christmas Eve and Day, he was on his way to my mother's workplace
Died a snow white death; how evil a child's wish can be

This Christmas Break, there was no Christmas
The family reunion was uneventful, the snow forced our hands into an early retirement
Went home, no presents, nothing of the pagan merriment
Just came home, sat in front of the computer
And watched Anime until dawn
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I'm uploading Team Fortress 2 videos onto my account cause I can, plus PONIES!!!!!!!!
Go checkout my channel time to time, I'll be uploading like crazy! XD Hope you like em!

Meh Channel:

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Dear Princess Celestia,
  Today I, Twilight and the other ponies learn a very important lesson about our friendship, when it comes to a zombie invasion, Fluttershy is the first to go. We are dishearten to see our fellow pony friend, get devoured by a swarm of zomponies, but at least we all still have each other! And thats what really matter! Oh and we also found out Pinkie Pie is a beastin' pony with a shotgun and knife. Whats up with her and Cupcakes? Rainbow Dash did an awesome job of fending off the zompegasuses, and Applejack, rounded up and put down alot of them as well. And Rarity was Rarity, though when in a pinch, she sure seems to find a way to make herself everyzombpony worst nightmare. As for Spike, he's busy being bait... not sure how your going to get this message, but more than likely you'll find it... somehow. Oh! And question, Where are you at Celestia? All of Ponyville is in trouble, yet your not doing anything... either A) You don't care, B) Your Busy elsewhere, or C) You have been devoured by zombies! OMGOSHOMGOSH! Hope thats not the case. Until the next time we see each other, stay safe!

                          Sincerely Yours,
                                      Twilight Sparkles, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and Applejack!
                                           P.S. SPIKE SURVIVED.... for now
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Dear Dairy, I have absolutely no idea what to write in you, so instead, I decided to make a sandwich, and no its not a woman's job you sexist males, as you can clearly see, I did an awesome job of placing Crack pepper turkey, veggitables, and condiment in between two sub buns! D:< PRESIDENT OBAMA IS A REPTILIAN! REPTILIAN EYES! That is all earthlings... :D And don't forget, when you smash your pinkie while closing the closet door, sue your nearest home renovation department! CAUSE THIS IS FREAKIN AMERICA! YOU CAN DO IT!! Thank you Jay Leno for this... I don't know what this is.. and WHO IS JAY LENO! :D Please comment, otherwise, your an Obama! D:< REPTILE
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Lately I have been in the most upsetting mood...
I feel torn between school, and drawing...
Lately I have had a lot of school work assignments
And as the saying goes
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"
I feel so frustrated
I get this awesome idea in my head
But I can't seem to get it onto paper
My style has improved
And with it new promises
I see what I can do

But when I get down to drawing it
Something is always wrong with it
The shoulder isn't proportional
The hair isn't right
Always something...
Thats why I haven't posted much...
I wish I could change that fact...
I want to draw so badly right now...
But I got this barrier
Not a block
Rather a nonplus attitude
Once I mess up, I can't go on
So frustrating

Hope you guys are doing well, and well I miss you all
See you in the near future guys
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Hello guys, this is your friend Sotike again, and this time I'm on a 3 week fast.
Before you start saying, its unhealthy and why are you doing it!? Just listen for a bit.
The fasting I'm doing is a Daniel style fasting, which means, yes I can eat, just I can't have the following:

Meat- any type of once alive including eggs
Dairy Products: Milk, Cheese, butter, cream
Leaven bread or Yeast: Any bread that has yeast in it
Refined products: White rices, artificial flavors, chemicals, additives, preservatives, white flour
Deep Fried goods
Solid fats
Beverages: Alcohol, caffeine, carbonated drinks, coffee, energy drinks, green tea, herbal tea, tea

Yes <3:
Whole Grains
Unleaven Bread <3 YUMMY!
Legumes(canned and dried): Beans, peas, jicama <3
Quality oils: Canola, coconut, flaxseed, olive, peanut, sesame, grapeseed
Beverages: Lactose free milk(Almond Milk), water, and 100% fruit juice
Others: Salt, herbs, spices, pepper, seasoning, soy, tofu

So please support me! Don't tell me otherwise... This is day 4 for me on my 3 week fast
Also at the same time, I'm accepting Prayer Requests, so if you want me to pray for you guys
Then just simply leave a comment on here, and I'll add it to my list. Remember, this type of prayer is only a support prayer.
I suggest you establish a prayer life also.

Now for my list of reasons:

Self Control(emotions esp. anger)
Peace: Calm down inner turmoil
Sound Mind/ Strong stance for God
Submission to God's Will
Submission of Mind(control over my thoughts)
Spiritual Filter to be removed(Tired of demon voices interfering with God's)
Get into a new level with God
Get a new Spiritual gift/ refine the ones I already have
Correct Love
Healing of my mind

True Unity
Death to Self
Release of the Gifts(walk in the Gifts)
Love of Purity
A Passion for what we do
Spiritual Leaders/Warriors
Inner Humiliation
Double the size of Youth by this time next year
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Hey guys! Well, its been a while since I wrote a DA journal, about a month and a quarter in fact. I thought I give you guys an update to what I've been up too. In July most of you might of recall me leaving my house, and into an apartment with my mother and my sister, well on that first week, we had almost nothing, excluding a king size bed which we had to buy on the same day we moved out. We had all of our clothes, and other stuff; For me it was all of my old drawing journals, back from 6th grade(5th possibly), my video game consoles, laptop, plushies, and well drawing material. XD And of course my Bible, never moving without it! I used all 1000 text messages in about 4 days, XD I had to keep in touch with my little online bro somehow! We were forced to watch dvd's(no free cable here) from this really small tv, which was super old, and the screen was damaged, but my sister and I were glad we had that small tv. With some extensive connecting, we hooked up our DVD player, and for about a week and a half, we woke up each morning at 12, and watched Avatar: The Last AirBender, book 1,2,&3, which we borrowed from my close friend Hiku25. >w< It was too awesome. But the awesomer thing was, when my father heard what we were watching our dvds on, HE GAVE US THE FLATSCREEN!!! XDDD :D Now thats the way to watch movies! XD And just in time for Book 2 too! I spent my free time going over to Hiku25's house, played various video games, and on the 4th of July, I went with his family to watch the fireworks! We walked around downtown, which was uberly packed, really unusual, as there is rarely any cars there during the rest of the year XD. I had a fun time, and I was able to take my laptop to his house, and use his Wi-Fi there. I am very blessed to have a close friend like him! >w< Thank you Jesus! I also spent my Fridays going to Bible study, and well, right now thanks to an old lady I met at this church I went to yesterday, I'm beginning to see a change take place in my life. She was the sweetest elderly person I have met in a while! >o< I LOVE OLD PEOPLE! She was holding a Bible study over faith, and she clearly had a lot of experiences in that field! She once had Multiple sclerosis, but she believed God would heal her, none stop, even when the doctors said she wouldn't recover. XD She proved them wrong! And the awesome thing is, at the age of 41 God asked her to do something radical for His Glory. When ever she finished giving her testimony about God's deed, SHE DID A BACKFLIP!! XDD HOW EPIC IS THAT!? KEEP MARCHING ON SOLDIER OF FAITH! *salutes* Your an inspiration to me! >w< And thanks for showing me how to build up mine! XD Speaking of faith... I already put that to practice! And it works wonderfully! I'm getting something I really wanted because of this. You need to have faith in the small things, and in the big things too. Here is my little testimony.

Because of our financial strap, we were only able to get internet, no cable, but glory be to God that he knew I was going to need the Wii, or otherwise I would have sold it already. My family and I decided to get Netflix, and well, lets just say, NETFLIX IS AMAZING! >w< I've been watching anime nonstop!

The List of Animes I have seen so far and completed(in order of view):
Gad Guard
Spice and Wolf: Season 1
Chobits <3333

Chobits is so far one of my top favorites!!! >w< CHI IS SO ADOWABLE AND I LOVED THE SERIES SO MUCH!!! So you could imagine how devastated I was when I finished the series... )':> I lacked closure... So I went on the web to look for a plushie of Chi... I had little luck... but I kept pressing on, and finally I found the one. It was Chi... IN A MAID'S DRESS >w< <33333 Price... $35 OWO!?!?!?! OMGOODNESS!!!!! DX> I CAN'T AFFORD IT! BUT I WANT IT SO BADLY!!!!!! So I added it to my wishlist. I told myself,"God I want that one, and I'm going to get it no matter what! And I'm not going to settle for anything less." I then went out to town with my mother and sister to wash our clothes at a local laundry mat. But before I did that, I wanted a Dr. Pepper Float to help with my mixed sadness, thinking about that Chi doll, and what the old lady said about faith. So my mother took me to Stars, and I of coursed paid for my dessert beverage. We began to pull out when I saw my friend Felix working outside! I told my mom to stop, and I stuck my head out the window and yelled, "YO! FELIX!!!!" Felix turned around and yelled "YO! OMAR!!! WHATS UP!!!" and we hand slapped and fist bumped really hard! He was asking what was up on my end, and I told him a little of what was happening in my life. He then said awesome and then suddenly asked me, "Hey Omar, I thought you were going to be working this summer! What happened?" I just said that my current circumstances couldn't let me work. Thats when Felix said,"Hey bro! I can get you a job here, we are still hiring you know! Come follow me!" And I did, and got an application! >w< I COULD FINALLY GET MY CHI DOLL!!! <3333 God has an awesome way of setting things up for me! Now because of that job, I'm getting Chi, the version I wanted, for $52 total... XD HEY ITS BEING FLOWN FROM AUSTRALIA! Plus this doll is hard to find, its like looking for a needle in a haystack! I got the only one too! >w< And Glory be to God, even if this seems like a small thing to you guys, I find this huge to me. XD Chi is currently on her way to me!
Here is the link so you can see her pretty face!…
ISN'T SHE ADORABLE!!?!?!!?! >w< All Glory goes to God once more!
I'm Blessed beyond the curse, and His promise is enduring, and God will remain my strength.
And I'm also thankful to God that I got a lot of good friends, without them I don't know how a lot of these type of blessings would have happened! >w< Thanks guys!
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