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I'm not sure if anybody still follows me seriously after my long, dead silence and if this is just a shout into the ether - but I might as well bring some form of closure on this particular chapter of my life. 

It took me a while, but I've got an excellent art teacher now and I'm working hard to achieve a professional standard in my work - something I've always wanted to do. It's been hard to find the motivation and the help I needed to get better, and the fact that I finally am is incredible for me.

Since I'm no longer going to focus purely on ponies - though pony art will still be a thing - I'm going back to my old account, :iconinfalle:.

I'll be posting the results of my practice and learning on there from now on!
I've been really unsatisfied with my art as of late -so I'm taking a hiatus to study and improve on my art and hopefully come out with something a lot better!

- Sweet
Comissions are open until all the slots are filled!

My prices and terms are in my profile on my main page. Send me a note if you're interested!

- Sweet

This thing I was working on with Bronytoons is finally out!…
Hey everypony!

I just got back from Rezzed. It was pretty incredible! I got to talk with team Dignitas (Zaccubus in particular) who introduced me to and showed me how to play Shootmania which is a truly excellent title that I hope will make it into the eSport scene.

I also had a chat with Zen (professional SC2 player) and tried out quite a lot of games. Natural Selection 2 was a highlight.

So, to the good stuff! As part of the swag I recieved was two Dota2 beta keys to give away and a gift code for 50 percent off Sniper Elite v2. Now because I don't have that many fans a first come first served should work I think! If you want any of these things just say so in the comments below and I'll send you a note.

Make sure you absolutally want them though, and not just for the sake of having it, that'd be mean. =(



Keys gone!
Hey everypony!

Just a quick notice - I'll be at Rezzed, which is an indie gaming convention hosted by Eurogamer and Rock Paper Shotgun!  ~ ~

It being based in Brighton I very much doubt any of you will be attending but if so maybe I'll see you there!

So my birthday has come and gone and with it my finals too, leaving the Summer free to bask in! I can't wait to get back to work, to draw and make comics!

But most importantly - wow, thank you everyone who has left me Birthday well wishes!

You are all amazing.

~ Sweet
Hey! Listen! Hey!

I'm back now, expect to see regular posts again! I have to say thanks to all my friends and everyone else who has been kind and helped me over the past few weeks.

Ask DT will be back up start next week along with another comic or two, as well as some concept art for a more ambitious comic project I have in the wings.
I'm excited are you excited? I'm so excited!

~ SoSweet&Tasty
Just a quick notice - AskDT posts and general art updates will be slow going for the next week or two due to some personal issues such as my grandmother dying.

Fear not! I shall be back sooner rather than later! I have a couple of great comics in the works that I'm sure all of you will enjoy and the next few AskDT posts will be at least vaguely amusing.

Until then!

~So Sweet & Tasty
I'm planning on updating Ask Dirty Diamond Tiara at least once a week and it should update every Monday (unless something horrible occurs like the universe exploding or there being too much sugar in my morning tea).
Sorry for the inconvenience!

I've transferred my account over from to this.
I hope you enjoy your stay in my little corner of the internet.