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Once a Puppet...
What's JJ up to??
A short little scene.
Chase's brows pulled into each other as he approached the open bathroom door. The light was on. It was late, and he'd stayed up editing some thumbnails for some games he'd been recording for Jack's channel. He didn't know who else would be up at 3am, but a part of him, a part that wasn't expecting to see Jackieboy bandaging himself up, was hoping someone just left the light on.
At the door, he peeked in to check before flicking off the light. It was JJ, painting a puppet's face on himself using the Halloween paints Chase had bought for his kids. Chase's lips parted as his jaw dropped. Was he remembering? Chase watched JJ carefully for a moment, trying to assess what was happening. He could see how blank and glossy JJ's eyes were in the reflection of the mirror, and it sent a chill up Chase's spin. He knew this was bound to happen.
"J?" JJ jumped in surprise to hear Chase call him, but
:iconalice--lynn:Alice--Lynn 3 0
I wanna play a game with you guys
So if you guys don't know. I made a game called debate. Here's how the rules go
1. We choose a topic of certain cartoon, celebrity, company and etc and we try to debate and see which one is better for example
Nickelodeon vs cartoon network, which one is better?
2. Wishing death, racism or any of those stuff are not allowed
3. We keep telling this topic is better until one of us give up
Ever since i beat that girl of an argument. I thought why not have it with you guys
:iconprince-riley:Prince-riley 2 17
Why?~ by Akaniko00 Why?~ :iconakaniko00:Akaniko00 35 9 Shirts by Vey-kun Shirts :iconvey-kun:Vey-kun 68 10 Danti by AskError87 Danti :iconaskerror87:AskError87 8 9 .: LoY: Tempus - No Mercy - Page 5 :. by AquaGD .: LoY: Tempus - No Mercy - Page 5 :. :iconaquagd:AquaGD 20 5
50 Day Warrior Cats Challenge
Oof this is gonna be a mess lmao.
Always credit (Mention) me if you do this and please dont re-make this or copy paste it and claim it as your own, also dont repost to any site.
1 Firestar/Rusty
2 Bluestar
3 Tigerstar
4 Graystripe
5 Ravenpaw
6 Whitestorm
7 Dovewing 
8 Ivypool
9 Snowfur
10 Snowtuft
11 Mapleshade
12 Redtail
13 Darkstripe
14 Longtail
15 Sandstorm
16 Bramblestar
17 Squirrelflight
18 Ashfur (Assfur)
19 Briarlight
20 Breezepelt
21 Jayfeather
22 Hollyleaf
23 Lionblaze
24 Yellowfang
25 Cinderpelt or Cinderheart
26 Blackstar
27 Featherwhisker
28 Barkface
29 Pinestar
30 Brokenstar
31 Bluewhisker
32 Skystar
33 Shadowstar
34 Riverstar
35 Thunderstar
36 Windstar
37 Silverstream
38 Mistystar
39 Leopardstar
40 Crowfeather
41 Feathertail
42 Mothwing
43 Leafpool
44 Leafstar
45 Tallstar
46 Onestar
47 Runningnose
48 Hawkfrost
49 Micah
50 Mothflight
If you fail to credit me, you will be punished. The characters are found here:
:icongalaxytheicewing:GalaxyTheIcewing 1 4
Regarding my surgery
Next week today, I will be going in for a surgery. To keep my privacy I will not be stating what for. 
I have never went under something like this before and to be honest, I've never been so scared. I've been stressing over this non stop for the past month.
I know I shouldn't be, since I'm going to be under anesthesia and the whole thing will be quite easy on my part.
But I am a person who has passed out while getting eye drops and
passing out by someone touching my arm, while explaining something.
So this is crazy big for me. The place is an hour and a half away, which is going to be and hour and a half of pure anxiety, which will be fun.
I will have no idea how long my recovery is going to be, that is why I am bringing this up. I'm going to be estimating about a week of inactivity here on dA. 
I have three art pieces I need to get done by Thursday, so bear with me while I work my butt off and dont have time to reply to comments. 
I'll post a deviation the day befo
:iconzagiir:zagiir 7 44
oh it's jack the sean by inkyysplatt325 oh it's jack the sean :iconinkyysplatt325:inkyysplatt325 3 6 mr moo mark by inkyysplatt325 mr moo mark :iconinkyysplatt325:inkyysplatt325 3 5 Inktober 2018 - 20. Breakable by AcidCatFreak Inktober 2018 - 20. Breakable :iconacidcatfreak:AcidCatFreak 7 0 Their DOOM by Kayroos Their DOOM :iconkayroos:Kayroos 203 11 Smile baby! by inkyysplatt325 Smile baby! :iconinkyysplatt325:inkyysplatt325 3 6 SAYORI  by inkyysplatt325 SAYORI :iconinkyysplatt325:inkyysplatt325 3 0 Scare Jacksepticeye page 08 TBC by Witchabroad Scare Jacksepticeye page 08 TBC :iconwitchabroad:Witchabroad 14 11



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United States
FNAF stamp by Polarbearshygirl Stylised Golden Freddy Stamp by Velpax I like FNaF stamp by Kittykatkookies DAGames Fan - Stamp by AngelOfTheWisp Anti Golden Freddy x Springtrap by shadowfangirl2 FNAF fan stamp by dazza1008
I love to draw cats and dragons, and I hope to improve a lot! I am under 13 by the way. I love FNaF, and I like to draw my strange block-head versions of them! My BATIM characters are a little better... Sometimes when I get in a roleplay and I'm doing a loaf (where they fall in love) I draw the ship and give it a name! I also love to read stories, especially ones about Darkiplier and the other egos. I love how creative the people on DevianArt are!
I try my best to thank everyone for the llamas, watches, and favorites, but sometimes I forget...
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Credit to InkCartoon, shadowfangirl2, dazza1008, Polarbearshygirl, AngelOfTheWisp, Velpax, skullzhead, and Kittykatkookies for the stamps!


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