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Hey everyone! My commissions are open for the summer! Here are my prices:

Sketches: 500 pts

Custom adopt: 500 pts

Headshot: 700 pts

Fully shaded piece with background: 1000 pts

NSFW: 2000 pts

Picture + speedpaint: 2000 pts
666 subscribers holy crap!! Omg I'm so grateful! Thank you you!! Oh I love you all thank you <3333

(If you're not a sub don't worry I love you too :3 )
embedded_item1520870938096 by Soshadilver
Hey! Would you prefer if I finished this traditionally or digitally? Whatever has the most votes this weekend I guess I'll do? I'll post this WIP as a normal deviation too.
embedded_item1520357673083 by Soshadilver
Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope everyone has a lovely day today!
I'm planning to invest in ohuhu brand alcohol based art markers and I have no idea what paper to use. So, it would be amazing if you could help me by perhaps telling what paper you use. Or if you aren't an artist that works with marker, could you maybe share this journal with an artist that works with alcohol markers, or just on your page. Thank you <3
I've been on here for an entire year! I remember just starting out! Over the course of the year, I've managed to get 158 watchers! Omg I honestly can't believe it! Thank you everyone for sticking with me for so long! I'm really nothing special lol. I do it for fun. I would like my art to one day look like yours! I've enjoyed making many friends on here! It would be so amazing if I could replace almost everyone in my school with you guys! School would be much less dreadful! You guys are so amazing! Thank you!

Let's have another amazing year! :D
I've gotten really bad comments before... But this is my first one actually telling me too.. "kill myself"

I shouldn't let it effect me...
It's not what I wanted to wake up to this morning.

Idc what the content of the video is about.. You (not you guys! :) ) DON'T tell someone to harm themselves. This person could either mean it or not, but that doesn't matter.  I'm not suicidal, but say this fucking douchebag commented "kill yourself" on someone else's profile, and that someone else was suicidal. I'm sure it can take that one comment to end it for the 'youtuber'.

I want to protect everyone of you. I almost would like if you blocked him on YouTube.

(Then again I could be overreacting, but... I literally just fucking woke up!
I'm sorry to vent on you guys... Just tell me you listened...)

embedded_item1506174962042 by Soshadilver
It's random af, deal with it. (Didn't have anything else to talk about)

I was standing on a wet stump, I tried to jump off but my ankle slipped and rolled underneath me. I actually thought I broke it! The sound my ankle made would have made you vomit. I was in excruciating pain. I'm ok now, only cuz I'm on painkillers. I can't wait until the fucking morning! (Sarcastically)

Also sorry for not posting. I'm still alive if you're wondering XD

Happy Birthday Dearie!

Please go watch and subscribe to officerapple247! Wish her a happy birthday too!
This is a shoutout to officerapple247!! please go check her out !! shes super sweet!!!!

she also has a youtube channel also!


Plz join I'm desperate at this point. ;-; You don't even have to animate. You can draw a picture :3 make a mini pmv if you want ^^ I'll credit you! I'm sorry to push you <
<da:thumb id="691795601"/>

there aren't a lot of spots left!
Please hurry!
You guys are truly amazing! You've stuck with me for so long! I love you guys!!! I loved getting to know you guys over the time I've been here! We're all kind of like a big family... Lol
I feel it's time for a gender reveal.. But I want to know what I come off to you guys as.. I won't lie.. I've misgendered a couple of you.. Sorry lol but yeah tell me what gender you think I am and why. <3

You can be my Dalmatians ^^Fire dog Icon Avi for Minaxz Heart Love  

Heres the link…
Anyone interested? You don't have to animate.. It can be anything ^^
This is for officerapple247!
Hope you like it!!
Go Ahead, Grab the Ring by Soshadilver
For this one lol
Hello Everyone! I now have a YouTube channel!!! Maybe check it out, leave a like and subscribe? Thank you so much!!! Too lazy to take the dates out of your names, sorry! :-) my first vid!
This person wanted a shout out for her birthday today!!!
This is for :icontacogirlx3: Taco!!! Please go check her out please!!!! She's such an incredible artist! Happy birthday!!