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Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, because in honor of this holiday season, our talented bondage cosplayers re-introduce us to Pokémo...

I must say, DarkShadow, when you capture a woman's beauty, you seem to capture it from the most appropriate angles. When I look at Reik...

Today, this long-overdue critique focuses on Ami Mizuno as the Damsel in Distress in this photo set. As we join young Ami, she has just...

The focal character to become the Damsel in Distress in this video is none other than Ashley Graham, deuteragonist in the "Resident Evi...

Once agan, my friend, you have proven your talent with this latest piece. This artwork honors Mickey Mouse twice over, in my opinion, a...


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Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, because in honor of this holiday season, our talented bondage cosplayers re-introduce us to Pokémon Trainer Haruka (or, if you prefer to call her by her English name, May) and another adventure she has as a Damsel in Distress.

We join young Haruka as she is relaxing at home, playing her Nintendo 3DS, but a moment later, she puts her game system down and says, "I'm tired of this. Where's my new Pokémon game? I ordered it weeks ago. I even sold my last clothes for it." Apparently, she is waiting for a delivery of that game, and it hasn't arrived yet. (And if I know the post office, it'll probably take much longer than she's waiting. ;)) She sighs as she looks at her old scarf and murmurs, "Those were good times." She begins to recall the adventures she had as a Pokémon Trainer in her old clothing, which apparently is a flashback to "Haruka Discovers Alola" and finishes with, "Yes, good times," when the doorbell finally rings. She figures that the postman finally came with her new game and gets up from the couch.

When she opens the door, she finds the postman on the other side, with her package, and when she tries to take it from him, he tells her she has to sign for it first.and asks if she has a pen. Haruka looks around for a pen as the postman accidentally-on-purpose drops the package slip. As she tries to pick it up, the postman's insignia suddenly drops off his hat, and he is revealed to be a common Grunt from Team Rocket. (Uh-oh. Trouble. :wow:) Haruka tries to escape this evil Grunt as she backs away from him, but he catches her from behind. She lets out muffles screams as he presses a wet rag to her nose and mouth. Chloroform! She tries to fight off this Rocket Grunt, but the somnolent effects of the drug are making it impossible to resist. A moment passes before fair Haruka passes out the Grunt's arms. With this done, he gets up from the couch and leaves for something before the scene fades out.

When the Rocket Grunt returns, Haruka hasn't moved an inch, thanks to the chloroform, and he reveals that the package does not contain Haruki's game, but meshes of rope, belts, rolls of tape, a sponge, and a do-it-yourself suspension pole. Next he leaves to find a fitting place for his "Anti-Trainer Device", as he calls it. He takes the pole attachments off the table, just as Haruka is waking up, but it is moot as he chloroforms her back into unconsciousness. Next he takes some of the rolls of tape and meshes of rope off the table before preparing to bind Haruka with the restraining devices. Before he starts the bonding process, he looks at a photo of Haruka in her original clothes, saying he liked her better in those clothes.

The Rocket Grunt starts by inserting the sponge in Haruki's oral cavity and affixing it inside her mouth with tape, wrapping that tape around her head in several circuits. Next, he frogties Haruka's legs with belts, with her lower legs under her calves, and reinforces these belt bindings, connecting the belts with the meshes of rope. Next, he uses more belts and ropes and traps fair Haruka in a makeshift harness, before box-tying her wrists behind her back with those same belts. With that done, he leaves to prepare the Anti-Trainer Device, which seems to be a rope suspension hangar.

However, just as the Anti-Trainer Device is finished, Haruka begins to stir from her chloroformed sleep and realizes her predicament. She looks at her restraints and realizes that there is nearly no way out of her bondage. Nevertheless, she starts struggling, trying to find some kind of slack within. She tugs at the belts binding her wrists, reaches for the belt binding her in the harness, tries to undo the rope reinforcing her bindings.. Alas, none of her efforts go rewarded. Haruka tugs and fights with all her strength, but nothing she does seems to budge her restraints an inch. She tries to blow the gag off her mouth, but it is also too well administered, with seemingly no creases for her to exploit. But Haruka refuses to give up. There must be some kind of vulnerability in her bondage, something she can exploit—ANYTHING to escape this fate.

Soon, Haruka is in a mad frenzy, trying to escape her bonds and screaming for help, but thanks to the gag, she cannot form legible words. She contorts her body every which way as she tries to move. But it seems no contortion she makes can alleviate her current predicament. She's trapped, and there's virtually no way out. Nevertheless, she continues straining and contorting in effort, trying to find some kind of slack in her bondage that she can exploit. Eventually, she slumps off the couch in her struggles and continues tugging at the harness binding her upper body, but she cannot make any headway in freeing herself. She fights the urge to lie down in defeat and continues struggling, squirming so hard that her scarf comes off in her efforts.

Moments pass, and Haruka becomes wedged on the floor between the couch and the coffee table. She's become exhausted in trying to free herself, and cannot struggle any more. It is at that moment that the Team Rocket Grunt returns to the living room with a chloroform-soaked rag. Haruka tries to get away from him, but it is useless. He sets her aright and chloroforms her a third time into unconsciousness, with Haruka fruitlessly fighting him off every second he has the rag pressed against her nose.

When Haruka wakes up again from the chloroformed sleep, she realizes that her body has been suspended off the floor by the Grunt's Anti-Trainer Device. To make matters worse, her tape gag has been replaced by an OTN cloth gag, so she still can't call out for help. Squirming and flailing, she tries to escape, but again, her efforts go unrewarded. The ropes are also taking their toll on Haruka as well, because the longer she is suspended by them, the more they chafe her. She tries to call for help again, but the cloth gag won't let her form legible words, just like the tape gag, and she can barely breathe because of it. Haruka doesn't know which is worse—being frogtied and harnessed by belts or being suspended by ropes. She swings from side to side as she struggles, but can make no headway in freeing herself. To make matters worse, her legs are in such an uncomfortable position, bent upward, so they're beginning to ache as she squirms. Haruka sobs for a minute, but continues struggling to escape her suspension prison, still unable to make any headway. After much struggling, however, she does manage to get the OTN gag off her nose, only to reveal that her mouth has been taped shut again, but that's about all she can do. That Rocket Grunt has clapped her in irons, so to speak, and she can't find any weakness in her bondage to exploit. All she can do is dangle from the Anti-Trainer Device, helpless as a Caterpie wriggling on a fishhook. She tries to blow the tape gag off her mouth, but has no luck in budging it.

Just then, the real postman comes by, with Haruka's package, but all he can hear is Haruka's muffled moaning. He opens the door to find Haruka bound, gagged, and suspended off the floor. She tries to get his attention and ask him to unbind her, but he leaves the package on a nearby table. He says she can sign for it tomorrow, but she is still trying to ask him to untie her. However, before he leaves, he snaps a picture of Haruka in her helpless state with his Smartphone. Haruka is desperate to be untied at this point, but the postman simply steps out and closes the door, leaving her still bound and suspended.

I've seen photos of cosplay suspension bondage, but this is the first video I've seen of such a concept. I hope you bring to life more bondage concepts, because I hope to watch more videos of my favorite characters being bound and gagged.

As always, keep up the awesome. Farewell for now, and keep smiling, and keep dreaming.
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For anyone who's interested in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, I have constructed what I believe is my signature Deck.

This Deck shows my "Ancient Gear" cards, and a focus on limiting my opponent's counter moves.

Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and as always, keep smiling, and keep dreaming.

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