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The christmas journal here has started to be kinda embarrassing so it's time to put new entry. So my twin-brother created his own deviantart account. If you wanna visit, try this page :)

And have a nice time.
  • Listening to: Marit Larsen
  • Reading: Coraline
  • Watching: Simpsons again and again
  • Playing: not really
  • Eating: meat
  • Drinking: lemonade
And here is the magical period of the year again. Fronts of the ravenous people everywhere, tots of money leaving your wallet, randy children and increasing level of man's fat :) Oh yeah, this all belongs in.
Now comes the special moment of idleness after drawing about ten portraits as commissions or gifts. So I'd like to spend it wishing you merry christmas and happy new year. Hope you'll enjoy your holidays more then I. :)And also I wish you to make someone happy with your gifts. I'm so proud I managed it yesterday. My friends were so pleased I have to show of :)
  • Listening to: Goodbye (Air supply)
  • Reading: Garfield's 24th book of strips
  • Watching: I saw Lynch's Eraserhead and it was quite weird
  • Playing: Worms world party
  • Eating: stuffed cake
  • Drinking: lemonade
Oh dear, there's another thing that has to be done by me. :) Believe it or not but in the second grade of my school I'm going to illustrate the schoolbook of anatomy for other medics :D Well I promised so to my friend who writes it by now and I already drew some pics. Hope it will pan out :)

And of course if I make some picture which will be super-hot looking I'll submit it as soon as posiible :) But for now you have to settle for this two older drawings from today :

A little bit horror :…

And some digital art :…
  • Listening to: Runaway train
  • Reading: Tricks of the mind (Derren Brown)
  • Watching: Baseketball (funny movie I must say)
  • Playing: Worms world party! (maybe tomorrow)
  • Eating: cookies (soon I'll have to poke all the sugar in)
  • Drinking: ice tea
The vernissage came to an end. This monday was a big day for me, because I held an exhibition for the first time. Well I think I can say it was quite a big success. Everything included even speech with our decane, but it's over now.

I'll try to post here some photos and some responses later. At the end of the month concretely, because that's when this event's gonna be over totally :)
  • Listening to: songs for Beauty and the beast movie
  • Reading: Tricks of the mind (Derren Brown)
  • Watching: Lion king 2 (well disney rocks)
  • Playing: Worms world party! (soon again)
  • Eating: fish...the smelly one
  • Drinking: lemonade...the yellow one
...the third half-yeard is here. I don't wanna smartly glance at lack of time to draw or paint. way. It's gonna be right reversely. Because the new school year includes my first exhibition and that's why I have to work even harder. And that's fine :)

So if you wanna visit be prepared for 20th october - me and few other guys and friends are going to organize The exhibition of medical students and teachers in Prague (concretely in Motol in the lecture hall of the hospital). ;)

Majority of the pictures here will be there so come if you would like to see them not destroyed by that damn scanner...
  • Listening to: Air (Bach)
  • Reading: nothing yet, but it'll come :)
  • Watching: Simpsons
  • Playing: Worms world party!
  • Eating: sausages...
  • Drinking: ice tea, yummy
Another month is here and it brings a few changes. At the first place I've translated our web-pages into English...finally. The original text was quite rich so the translation was soo hard. So there may be some embarrassing mistakes, but overall I think it's HOT :) You can visit and check it out :

Well now it seems I didn't draw anything. Not at all! I've redraw and submitted my old picture of dear Lucka :…
But I have to throw in that the scanner destroyed the picture as ever...oh god, those machines are pure evil.
  • Listening to: We belong to the sea (Aqua)
  • Reading: ...TV program?
  • Watching: Simpsons
  • Playing: drums...haha, not really...
  • Eating: chicken and other animals
  • Drinking: orange lemonade
Hi everyone.

I've decided to write down some journal for you to find how very interesting guy I'm. :D Just kidding, but I'd like to show off some work I've been doing these days...

So mainly, I've been creating my fourth PC game, called Edward Fogg for nearly two or three years now. And finally it's going to the end I hope. If you wanna try, check out my web-site ... Unfortunately the pages are not yet in english, but all the games are freeware and translated into this language. ;)

Another task is preparing for the exhibition of medical students and teachers in Prague. I'm one of the organisers and I gonna expose too of course :) Thats why there are many paintigs now, except from drawings...

And finally be ready for uploading some new T-shirt prints! :)
  • Listening to: Ode to joy (rock version)
  • Reading: Dobro a zlo (Good and evil), by E. Kohák
  • Watching: Red dwarf
  • Playing: nope
  • Eating: sausage...
  • Drinking: some strange lemonade...looks like morning piss