What net-browser do you use?
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Internet explorer
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Published: January 28, 2008
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I use SeaMonkey. It's the advanced Mozilla Suite.
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opera rules :)

in my time i've been using internet explorer, netscape, mozilla, firefox and ... opera of course
... but i really don't understand all that firefox hype... oh well ;)
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richardxthripp|Hobbyist Photographer
I use Mozilla Firefox because of the great tab control, automation, nice bookmarks toolbar, no text aliasing, other add-ons, and general speediness. But it slows down a lot as I like to leave one window open for days (using Windows' hibernation function at night), which is annoying.

Firefox was originally supposed to be simple and fast, replacing the slow Mozilla suite, but with spell-checking, RSS support, history caching, etc. in the core instead of being relegated to add-ons, it's becoming increasingly heavy-weight. Inefficiencies in the code don't help either, though changes will mess up the plugins people love, I hear.
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cblue|Hobbyist Photographer
Firefox all the way
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Firefox almost always. Sometimes I use Internet Explorer, but it's quite rare.
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r-w-shilling| Digital Artist
its been many a year since i used netscape

*sigh* oh the 90's...how times have changed:P
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Opera rulez!
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Firefox mainly and Safari on my iPod Touch
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Internet Explorer!
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Kvikken|Professional Photographer
Firefox for the win :D
Except at school, there they only have IE for some stupid reason, and all the stupid filters they have makes it impossible to download firefox to my computer :cry:
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Firefox and very rarely Internet Explorer.
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phooker| Photographer
gosh! internet explorer is losing out! hah! laggy explorer. hate it.
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seewolf|Hobbyist Photographer
avant browser :p :D :D :D...
it is simple and it has all i need :)...
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Firefox and Opera :D
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Internet Explorer!!
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Firefox and IE.
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Firefox :aww: Though I do have Internet Explorer, too..
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firefox and opera
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Firefox and Konqueror.
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r-star500|Hobbyist Photographer
Firefox on PC ftw! :D

on mobile Opera :P (wonder if theres a mozilla mobile)
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IE, but I've been meaning to get FF for a while now.
Just haven't got around to it.
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i use Firefox & Internet explore :)
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