Do you like HDR?
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Hm? What is that?
For sure, yummeh details!
Not really, looks very overkill
Depends on the type of photo

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I like those that are photorealistic or those that reveal something in a way it's interesting to see. Unfortunately, HDR images are produced massively and often without a proper reason, which makes HDR boring, overused cliche. Everything that is done in such scale loses all the specialty. becomes fashion and has a short life span until people are going to be so fed up by it they push it out from the waters of acceptable.

There are HDR photos that have the very special wow factor, and are mastered to perfection - or - reveal something worth seeing. The rest is what I call digital waste - something that's been done many times, is purposeless and replicated to infinity without bit of artistic value.

There is one golden rule - when you make photos that provide the visual content in a natural way - the way our eyes are minds are made to operate - you will hardly fail. There are some exceptions, we call them art styles, but never, ever, you can substitute a platform, holding an expression or message with just a technique, no matter how sophisticated it is.