Nudes with a Meaning
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Hello, one of my fantasies, is to see my photos published in blogs or magazines, to know that men want me and morbosean fascinates me, imagine that they masturbate with my photos is very exciting, any suggestion to improve my photos and see me more sexy, erotic and provocative, thank you, happy Sunday

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great collection:D
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Malicious-MileStudent General Artist
We need more like this!
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ChennHobbyist General Artist
goddamn right, these have meanings.. its not just about sexy ladies with naked breasts :nod:
wonderful collection btw!
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very nice collection!
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Nice collection.
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thank you

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amazing features!!
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HopeGoddessProfessional Photographer
It's wonderfull. Thank you!)))
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SilentAndSullenHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh. It's good to see nudes that are not naked for the sake of being naked.
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artistic nudes is such a vague term. frankly every picture has a meaning (even the more porno oriented ones). Instead of saying ''with meaning'' you should say '' with more profound - With less superficial meaning''. Yet doing so, about half of the current photos in this collection would have to go, because they are a too obvious.

Anyways, i am not here to bash on your selection. I enjoyed most of it, even got one or two fav.
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-Are you ashamed of me?
- No, I'm cold of you.
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Very nice compilation... Classy.... very descriptive.
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jrjsHobbyist Photographer
This is truly art! wonderful features :)
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KleemannAB Photographer
genious collection
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srawberry-lillaHobbyist Photographer
Amazing and breath-taking collection :clap:
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wynnesomeProfessional Photographer
Thank you for featuring images from the Artistic Nude gallery. It's always great to be introduced to lovely works from the gallery.

In the future, please keep news features to 50 thumbnails or fewer, in accordance with the deviantART policy.

FAQ #887: Are there any restrictions regarding the number of thumbnails I can use in news articles?

This helps to allow every image within the feature to stand out and be as visible as is intended with a feature. And, it helps avoid long page load times.

If you want to feature more than 50 images, you are welcome to submit more than one news feature, each with up to 50 thumbnails.

Thank you again!
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Glad you like the feature, i will remember the 50 thumb rule in the future :aww:
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wynnesomeProfessional Photographer
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I love these pictures
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its awesome! wow i never knew nudes could be so great :D actually i tend to overlook the nude ness of such awesome work. i dun even realise it :O haha

i wish i could mass untick the mature content T_T
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Virtu-ImageryHobbyist Photographer
Marvelous collection.
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Kenny-GulleyHobbyist Photographer
very awesome collections
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