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Lost Message

Full view is recommended

i used minimal depth of field and shot in natural light.

Any fav and feedback is very appreciated.

Not to be used in any way without my permission.

* I am helping out morris88 [link] sorting out if there is a silent submission bug still. Please send note to him if this or photos from others you watch don`t show in your message center *
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Hm...there is not a lot that takes away from the beauty of this photo. The bottle looks very crisp and clear, but the top rim is blurred - did you mean to do that?

I like the touches of color in it - it accents the blue well, and makes the colors themselves more clear. However, I would have maybe put brighter colored rocks in the bottle - just to make them stand out more.

I like how blue this picture is - it makes it feel cool and peaceful, especially with the white splashes. The gleam on the pebbles also adds those feelings. Overall, I think this is an excellent photo and incredibly well done.
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While I wasn't sure what I should take away from this photo, it did have such nice composition that I couldn't help but stare at it for a good 2 minutes.

I love the blue and white color scheme, the ever subtle light refraction blends in quite nicely. The photo has a very calming nature to it, and the title of the work is ever so intriguing.

However, again, I'm not exactly sure after much contemplation how lost messages related to this image of sheltered rocks, trapped inside a jar. Abstract titles are only okay if the viewer can extract the actual meaning from the piece.

I found the darker black-ish blue blotches in this piece to be a bit too menacing, and took away from the calming nature of the piece.

Overall, great great job on this. You're going on my deviantWatch <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";)" title=";) (Wink)" />
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With works like this, it really is no wonder why you are so popular.
First of all, the combination of blue tones along with just a few hints of beige/yellow/brown looks very calming yet fresh. The very soft lighting coming from the right adds a lot to the background as well as the overall picture. Also I am quite intrigued by all those different shapes and textures if the stones in the bottle, to top it off there is cork adding to it!
I really love how simple this is, it is ordinary yet you made it look special. Great job!
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I like this minimalistic concept! :) Nice colors and work :+fav:
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Love the glint on the pebbles, and your  use of glass.. great pic
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Featured in [link] - LOST
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It's Fantastic and really it's Charming Blue :heart:
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Amaing photo, great colours! :D
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Featured in my journal: [link] :heart:
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You've been featured :aww: [link]
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Beautiful. Your work is just amazing.
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what rocks are those??
It looks like opals...
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Brilliant work! So brilliant that I've featured your photograph in Still Life Photography Colors. I hope that the feature brings you and your work extra attention.
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I featured this in my news article! [link] :heart:
excuse me can i use your photo for my project ? i mean this photo ?
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my work is not stock, i recommend browsing the stock section
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It's very calming. ^_^ Thanks for taking the picture.
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