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Memories of Days long gone

Second in this series:

Any fav and feedback is very appreciated :heart:

Not to be used in any way without my permission
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Great shot, i like the tone! *0*
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Featured in my journal. :) [link]
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That's really awesome :clap:
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Классная работа.
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i love the picture and the colors, same with the other in the series, both are amazing!
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I love the feel that your photo's give off, and this is another great example... with the warm colours and odd tint (that I still can't figure out how you get :P ) reminds me of a lost memory or something along those lines...

Very cool.
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Love the depth of field and the colors.
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great job! love the color
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i like the dof, it draws attention to the symbols, but it still shows the lighthouse, the drawing
also, i enjoy the light
what i don't like is the composition, there's too little space on the left, and there's that brown :? thing in the right corner that's bothering me

other than that, the photo has a nice feeling :)
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the lighting on the cards is perfect=]
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Beautiful just so beautiful!
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reminds me of my all time fav magic movie: The Illusionist. :]
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Has a light antique grunge look to it. I like it (:
I like the 2 hearts, it stands out to me.
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Hi, I really like this shot :thumbsup: . Actually I wanted to know, do you really take all those pictures with a Canon 350D ?
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Thank you :aww:
Yes, i only have a 350D, it is a bit tired though, so i might upgrade soon.
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Well your job with it is amazing ^^ It proves you don't have to use the newest fashion reflex to do amazing pictures ! Great work
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very nice, but I think a little bit more depht of field would have been better. especially in the front.

but overall very nice picture, nicely edited
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