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Samus Hypnotized

The NSFW (topless) version of this pic is available at my Twitter here:

Oh no, Metroid's been hypnotized! Poor Metroid! 
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If I were that person controlling her, I'd love it.

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do one where the brain shrinks to 0% and her boobs grow when her brain goes down when she is 0% she is a puppet that does that you say

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Can you make a part 2 to this

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This is still one of the hottest things ever, especially the voice over version.

I very like this hypno :)

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I got hypnotized by a woman, I like it. I'm so hypnotized so mind controlled by enough, I been commanded to resist being un mind controlled by the unworthy. The woman even commanded I strip, I did multiple times. 😆 It was my idea, I came to her. I still don't understand why women refuse to date me knowing my like.
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this man is too dangerous to be left alive

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Heyo! If it would be alright with you, I would love to dub your comic. Of course, I would give you full credit in the description ^.^
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Hey there, I sent you a note just now!
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Thank you, will check!
The U.S., The European Union, Israel, Agentina and India pretending not be controlled by the Illuminati, 2019 colorised

Could we have a link to the Twitter post (mentioned in description) or to the Hypnohub page?

NVM on hypnohub, you can search artists. Note that it seems to just be "Sortish" on there.

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When Samus's clothes come off...

doesn't she...…
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{pull 22 gun at the guy hypnotizeing samus} mario:we can do this the hard way or the hard way 
Where is the one where she takes it all the way off?

Metroid fusion 100% speedrun results screen

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yeah take it all off
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Great one but who is the evil who enslave the gorgeous and badass samus
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YESSSS!! Such an amazing hypno comic!
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Thanks a lot, I'm happy you like it!
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