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Lusamine Hypnotized

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An uncensored NSFW version is available at my Twitter here:
This pic was for :iconamateurthrowaway:
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I have a little question
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well if you wanna be the boss do what that guy did

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do one where the brain shrinks to 0% and her boobs grow when her brain goes down when she is 0% she is a puppet that does that you say

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I would also enjoy this

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So I guess they made it to control her make her horny and there little slave?

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hey u wanna rp this? ill be the girl who gets hypnotized~

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I'd like to roleplay!

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Sooooooooo, its a mind control device that automatically makes you feel horny... technology has improved greatly

HornyWerewolfLover's avatar

What is this device called, and where can I get it? I approve of anything that makes sexy girls horny and obedient 💗

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Other good hypnosis drawing I like it :)

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Hmm... I like this device and what it does. *I blush as I look at my mother*
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Aether Member: Did I forget to say it was a work in progress?
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Lusamine: *doesn't answer*

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I can only imagine how confused/freaked out Gladion and Lillie are gonna be when they see their mom like...this.

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Gladion'd probably cover Lillie's eyes to protect her.
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Well he is her big brother.

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Love this scenario!~
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Glad you like it!
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