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Salon Bimbofication Transformation


Punk girl gets a voucher for a free haircut and becomes a blonde bimbo. 

Patron request for May 2020.

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How good is this, brillaint

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💕a steady diet of THICK will keep her fabulously distracted

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happy pride month

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I always love to see a FtF bimbofication.

I imagine there must be an interesting story with the dog.

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The dog runs the salon.

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The dog is part of her body.

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Her body is part of the dog

This is some next level stuff!

I mean, where'd that dog come from??

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Excess magical energy gets channeled into puppies.

I love the little details you put in this one (such as the acne in the beginning). You have really improved, I have to learn from you. Nice job!

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Nicely done! I imagine she started with the free haircut but was compelled to keep coming back.

May I write a story around these images?

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Part 1:

Gillian was a headstrong, independent woman who didn’t feel she needed anyone’s help or approval to get through life. Some members of her family didn’t like her lifestyle or career as a graphic artist, but she enjoyed her work and felt she made good enough money. She may have felt a bit lonely at times, but at least she always had her dog to welcome her home. Maybe she wasn’t always happy, but this life was enough, wasn’t it?

Coming home from the art store one day, Gillian checked her mailbox and saw a letter from her mother. It was a free coupon for a new salon just a couple of blocks up the street. Her hair had been getting a little shaggy lately, so she figured she might as well take advantage of a free haircut. The next day she pulled on her combat boots, grabbed her satchel and headed down the street to the salon.

Before she even stepped inside she started to feel a bit nervous. The place looked to be very fancy with glass doors, chrome detailing and a lot of pink accessories inside. The workers and many of the clients looked amazingly beautiful, but then she spotted a couple of more down-to-earth looking customers like her. This put her a bit at ease that she wouldn’t stand out too much in such a fancy place. Pushing through the door, she held up her pink voucher and caught the receptionist’s eye.

The redhead behind the desk smiled warmly and welcomed her to the salon. She offered her a bottle of water, pointed her to a comfy seating area, and directed her to a collection of books with hairstyle ideas. Gillian insisted she just needed a simple trim, but after a sip of water and a few minutes' wait, she decided it couldn’t hurt to look through the suggestions. By the time her specialist, Tiffanni, was available, she’d found a cool-looking style, but was annoyed that it was longer than her current hair.

Tiff agreed it was a great style, and assured her that with a simple trim and a treatment from their special shampoo, her hair could be that length in a matter of weeks. Amazed at the prospect of getting the new style, they continued to discuss other options that the salon had available, like tanning beds, dye jobs, acne treatments, makeup classes, and even fashion advice. By the end of her visit, Gillian was already looking forward to taking things up a notch at her next visit.

Part 2:

Gillian was shocked to notice how quickly her hair was growing, but was super excited to see how it would turn out. She felt an urgent need to start dieting and working out as well so she finally started using that gym membership her mother had given her for her birthday last year. She started taking longer walks in the park with her dog and was surprised how many people would strike up a random conversation when she had him with her. She also started to notice the condition of her nails and resolved to get a manicure the next time she went to the Salon.

By the time two weeks had passed, Gillian’s posture had improved and she’d finally bought a proper bra after years of her mother harassing her. She arrived early for her appointment and had barely sipped her complementary water when Tiff appeared. She’d had a cancellation, so they could start early and maybe put in some extra work.

Gillian settled for a facial mask treatment, manicure and decided to have all the black box dye removed from her hair. Tiff asked how she’d been these past two weeks and Gillian was more than happy to tell her about working out and walking her dog. At one point, Tiff had to step away to answer a phone call and Gillian noticed the music playing throughout the store. It was strange she hadn’t really noticed it before but the melody was particularly enchanting. She asked Tiff about it when she came back and she said it was from a Tibetean man who created custom music for each store depending on the treatments they offered.

Gillian found the music so relaxing, she nearly fell asleep during her manicure and facial. She asked for a copy of the CD to take home and Tiff graciously provided a copy with her new shampoo, mousse and moisturizer. She’s been meaning to start adding yoga to her workout and this music would be the perfect companion to help her relax from the stress of her job.

When Tiff asked more about her work, Gillian revealed that she was a graphics designer for a heavy metal magazine. The stylist pointed out that their company was actually looking for someone to help with the redesign of their logo and website. Gillian was thrilled at the prospect of working closer with the Salon and hoping it would be less stressful than her current position. She gave Tiff her email and a link to her online portfolio to be passed along to the hiring manager. Tiff immediately went to Gillian’s page and started to gush about her designs and talent. Gillian felt so good to have her work praised for once, unlike the negativity she so often got from her mother.

They talked about the logo design, possible hair styles, and maybe even going blonde like the stylist. Once she was done, Gillian felt great and couldn’t wait to get home to start working on some graphic designs and to send her resume to the Salon’s hiring manager.

Part 3:

Gillian had got a call the next day for an interview. She rushed to her mom for advice on an outfit and they settled on a loose blouse, flats and a simple black skirt. With her portfolio in hand she went to the Salon corporate headquarters and was interviewed by Danni Fitzsimmons, the vice president of marketing. Over coffee and tea they discussed her qualifications and reviewed her sketches. She left feeling super confident. A call the next day confirmed the job was hers!

Diving into her new job, she was working closely with Danni on the rebranding, but was sure not to neglect her new diet and workout routine. She’d picked up a few new outfits based on her mother’s recommendations, but also some nice workout sets. She started doing yoga at the gym and jogging through the park during the week. She started noticing a handsome man who ran a similar route to her, but sometimes he seemed to be running with a busty blonde. But a few weeks later, she saw them arguing and then never saw her again. She tried to get up the courage to talk to him, but she was worried she wouldn’t stand up to the qualities of his former girlfriend.

After two months, her hair was past her shoulders, her face was all cleared up, and she was feeling better than she ever had. She booked an appointment with Tiff and was welcomed at the Salon with a rousing round of applause. Her new logos and graphics were already in place everywhere. A little stunned by the welcome and overwhelming support, she sat in the chair and let everyone know how much she appreciated and trusted them.

One of the benefits of her position with the company was a discount on her salon treatments. She decided to start on some tanning, eyelash extensions, fake nails and taking her hair a few shades lighter. Tiff was more than happy to oblige, and she found she really enjoyed the tanning bed. The music was better than ever, and she dozed off to the wonderful melodies.

As Tiff got to work on bleaching her hair, she asked if the stylist had ever had any cosmetic surgery. Tiff nodded and told her that the company had its own clinic and as an employee she could get discounts there as well. Intrigued, Gilly started wondering if she could catch that jogger’s eye after all. She was certainly making enough money, and some of the outfits she was checking out lately would look wonderful with a little more cleavage.

Tiff also gave her a makeup tutorial and directed her to some videos so she could practice at home. Gilly left the Salon with a pep in her step and a new CD for her workouts. She was already checking her schedule to see when she could arrange for a consultation at the cosmetic surgeon.

Part 4:

After the successful rollout of her logo redesign for branding of The Salon, headquarters had asked Gigi to start redesigning their product labels, business cards and website layout. While it kept her busy, she had already generated enough clout with the company to ensure she had time to workout during the day and take time off for her upcoming surgery. The consultation with the surgeon had gone very well, and she had recommended Gigi start wearing a magnificent push-up bra to get used to the lift and cleavage her boob job would give her. This also allowed her to start buying some of the cute dresses that Tiff had told her about.

Gigi was also getting well known in the company, and she knew how important it was to present as not only an employee, but a satisfied customer. She’s started styling her own hair and doing her own makeup, and now she had enough new outfits to toss out those boring black outfits she’d been wearing. They were all so dark and covered up her best assets anyway.

Her new workout sets had turned plenty of heads while jogging, and she’d finally got the courage to talk to her crush. His name was Bill and he was a bartender downtown. They exchanged numbers and started texting that night. Even though they had started jogging in the park together every day, they set a proper date for the coming weekend.

Gigi called Tiff for an emergency makeover. Tiff cancelled another appointment to make room for her favorite customer and she headed right over. They talked about Bill and the new website and Gigi’s upcoming surgery. She remarked how important it was to look her best and how she loved showing off her assets. Tiff said she could see that Gigi was happier and she was thrilled to have been a part of her transformation into the confident, successful woman seated before her.

They got started with bleaching her hair to a lighter blonde and styling it with more waves. She also got some lip injections, a pedicure, and had another tanning session. Tiff also showed Gigi a new website for cute dresses, high heels and accessories. While her hair was processing, she ordered a few outfits and a lovely pair of stilettos.

After she was all styled up she took a few pictures for instagram. Then Gigi noticed an old memory pop up from last year that showed her former self with short, dark hair, pimples and boring clothes. She grimaced at the thought and swiped the memory away. She sent a picture of her new hair to her mother and confirmed brunch for next week.

Part 5:

Gigi and Bill finally hooked up on the second date, and once he found out about her upcoming surgery, he insisted she stay with him during her recovery. Her surgery went great and Bill was a gracious nurse and masseuse. After a month of living together, they decided to make it permanent and Gigi moved into Bill’s place.

She still worked on the new website and corporate logos while she was recovering, and the corporation even gave her a nice bonus for getting the job done so quickly. Once she was all healed up and posting pictures of her upgraded look, the company asked if she would be willing to become a spokesmodel for their new beauty line. Gigi couldn’t believe the opportunity and loved the thought of being able to show off to people all over the world.

Her mother was so thrilled with her new look and prosperity, but insisted that only one thing was missing. Taking her mother’s advice, Gigi started leaving hints for Bill about getting engaged. Fortunately, he didn’t need much convincing and within a week he proposed while they were at the beach during her first bikini photo shoot. He even suggested she take some more ‘racy’ photos and start an OnlyFans account, to which Gigi quickly obliged.

The following week she went for her regular appointment at the Salon and showed off her new ring to the girls. Tiff was thrilled to be named her maid of honor and couldn’t wait to see their short pink bridesmaid dresses. Gigi had her last tanning session and asked for pink balayage to go on the ends of her luscious blonde locks. After getting some teaser shots for her OnlyFans, she picked up her puppy and put him on her shoulder.

Gigi was a free-wheeling, happily-engaged woman who loved getting looks of approval and helping men out of their pants. Some members of her family didn’t like her lifestyle or career as an up-and-coming fetish model, but she enjoyed her work and she made very good money. She carried her dog everywhere she went and never had trouble finding someone to take home to keep her company. She was always happy, and her life couldn’t be better, could it?

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Thank you for sharing! This was a lot of fun. It's an honor and a treat to see my work inspiring others!

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Did the Salon supply the dog? Or was that part of the reality shifting?

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