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Riiing! Full Bimbofication Sequence

Check out the entire sequence step by step (it also has a swanky background):…

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Business Time - Full Sequence by sortimid
A Different Perspective by sortimid What Happened? - bimbofication sequence by sortimid CMSN - Rebel to Housemaker by sortimid
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sixth was great!
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Until the sixth she was perfect 😍
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You've thought this through...!
oh my gosh i
m just a girly now!
The finale, and the morphology of the wardrobe from beginning to end, from t-shirt, jacket, jeans, and boots; to tubetop, collar, micro-miniskirt, and platform heels is where it's at for me.
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I think the small, subtle changes adding up to the final effect is my favourite part, as well. Great to hear it's appreciated!
The fact that u went that far into detail shows that u have passion, outstanding
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Though one could argue that the fact I drew this at all shows passion :P
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love to see this in reverse!  looove tomboys!

1-5 are good! :)
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Hahah, thanks! :D
It's a shame it didn't stop at 6.
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I like 7 a lot too, personally.
Fantastic! By far my favorite of all your work.
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Thank you very much!
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