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Happy Pride Month!

By sortimid
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STILL EPIC a year later!!!

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Yes! Definitely one of my personal favourite works! :cuddle:
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Thanks! ❤❤

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So cute! I ship this so hard <3 Keep up the amazing art

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I’m not into DA fetishes and I especially am not a fan of transformation fetishes, but it’s sad that your fetish art got used for incels to whine about women and twitter to whine about how “problematic and sexist” big boobs are. I’m glad that the controversy didn’t affect your career as an artist, cause I’m sorry but you deserve to have the right to draw as much tanned big-boob having blonde women as possible, and that shouldn’t ever be in jeopardy cause of the idiots of the internet. :)
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Thanks for the kind words!
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*looks at links in description*
OK how the heck did they (she?) get associated with the virgin/chad meme, and also with homosexuality ._.
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Incels were big fans of the original for its sexist interpretation:

Mature Content

CMSN - De-bimbofication by sortimid

They used the two ends as representations of Becky/Stacy in a meme that was later featured on Contrapoints.
Eventually, instead of pitting them against each other, Katie Hunt imagined them as girlfriends (link in the description).
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looks like the book phobic bimbo and the sweet little bookworm girl (who is gorgeous imo) are a couple now. Well, at least it's a happy story
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Cool. Love is Love.
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I think I missed any controversy over these two. Cute pic, but never expected selfcest out of it. What was everyone so up in arms about anyway?
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The debimboification was spun into being a very discriminatory and behavior-controlling meme online. Think “Chad vs. Virgin” but it’s about women being educated.

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Still not really following... Apart from anything else, the "Chad vs. Virgin" meme is dumb and was always meant to be a parody.
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No, not really. it’s a symptom of actual incels believing that they can’t get chicks because they think that most women are bimbos, and would be much better reading and dressing more conservatively. Check out ContraPoints’s video on incels, or r/Braincel if you want to see the nonsense actually happening. it’s crazy

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If both of them would have sex, would it be called masturbation then?
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it's canon aaaaaaaaaa
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what a damn icon hell yeah
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I like how you're using the girls from one of your other works and taking them back from the incels
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Wait, I think I know the one you're talking about but what do you mean? Who the hell even kicked up a fuss about that?
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