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CMSN - Toxic Gamer Stepfordized


A toxic gamer becomes more positive.

Commission for Smokey

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Daelencc's avatar

Esports of Stepford must be really wholesome.

sortimid's avatar

And they're dominating their league with unbreakable mental!

Daelencc's avatar
sullenmoony's avatar

This is actually really cute

sortimid's avatar
CookieAdrian's avatar

I love that the trans rights headphones stayed the same.

dex-drako's avatar

i like the trans flag on the head phones

Jenniandrews's avatar

Cute sequencing. Love the variety of poses and mental changes.

sortimid's avatar
Lady-MAPI's avatar

Something I love about this is that her posture improves at each stage. I almost feel like there should be another stage between the last two, though.

MiffArte's avatar

Wait, so when a gamer is not toxic at all they'll magically get a nice dress? That's motivating, I want one!

AgentGrape's avatar

Oh my gosh this is super adorable and I love every aspect of it. This is an idea I'd love to commission at some point.

sortimid's avatar
Master-TF's avatar

It's all about positivity!

sortimid's avatar
TheO0033's avatar

I love this, but, personally, I'd rather to have stopped somewhere between green and yellow.

This is really cute.

sortimid's avatar
h300's avatar

It fascinates me when they go from a rude girl to a cute and tender and even animated girl (something silly or totally silly varying from TF) ...

sortimid's avatar
Ninjalook's avatar

Love how she's still topscoring even at the end. cute as heck, positive, and will kick your butt! A perfect package! q(≧▽≦q)

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