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CMSN - Rebel to Housemaker

Anonymous commission.

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My favorite piece from you.

TomboyJanet's avatar

what a nightmare

TheLowBrassDude's avatar

From Molly to Maggie to Meg to Margaret to Marge to Peggy.

FilbAD's avatar

The reverse would be cool

Goth-Roses's avatar
This is so cute! UwU
sortimid's avatar
iwannabeyourcat's avatar
You're good at art, but this is awfully sexist and anti-goth...
grand-horror's avatar

Who gives a shit,it's porn

Why do you have to inject your politics into everything just enjoy the art,you joyless mouth breather

sortimid's avatar
Your point is valid.

For what it's worth, this is fetish transformation erotica, not intended as some sort of statement.
beast520's avatar
Wow I never knew that all my favorite bimbo stuff wass all by one person. YOU. Thank you.
sortimid's avatar
Haha hello! Welcome!
Even though I don't believe in traditional roles, women's fashion in the 50s and 60s was so dam awesome. Glad the loser ditched the goth punk look.
I love beeng old fashion.
Becoming a combo and a housewife in the same sequence! Is there anything you can't do?
sortimid's avatar
I know it's a typo, but it's fun to think of a Combo TF. "Make me a burger, soda and fries, please!" *poof*
Lol, I didn't even notice.
DevHeart's avatar
Wouldn't consider this bimbofication, more of stepfordization...
sortimid's avatar
DalekSarah's avatar
So, I'll be honest, becoming a housewife is like a huge fantasy of mine! This delivers on all aspects. <3
sortimid's avatar
Happy to hear that :heart:
derpherpingderp's avatar
Certainly a progression I've gone through myself! Uhh, minus the breast expansion...well, not to that extent.
How did your boobs grow haha
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