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CMSN - Gangurofication

Serious business woman turns into manba gyaru.


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"Oh this? Yeah this just happens sometimes. You get used to it after a while. Anyway, about that investment you just mentioned..."

Oh my, from farm girls to fun girls. Thematic whiplash for sure, but dang if she isn't all the more gorgeous for it. Another job well done kink-master timid.

sortimid's avatar

Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to share them!

I'm loving that tan!

sortimid's avatar
smokeysis's avatar

Glad to see this one go public! Gyaru stuff isn’t very common, but it is fun!

sortimid's avatar

Thanks Smokey!

saymet's avatar

why isn’t this me

Shaoshyant's avatar

Is this a repost of sorts? Not doubting you made it but i also remember seeing this one a lot ages ago

sortimid's avatar

Someone must've leaked my Patreon stuff early

Probably the few of it's kind! Great transformation

bhut's avatar

Very colorful!

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