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CMSN - Bimbofy Me Pls

bimbofy me pls


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I'm good if the transformation ends at the 4th panel

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You are welcome :)

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If only it had dialogue..

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My gawd I want dis

I've got no love for transgender content. So I just cut the 2/3 first panels and just imagine it's a woman being transformed.

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I've got no love for meaningless comments, so I just cut most of yours and imagine it's "I love it"

Heh, one can't get only positive and validating comments.

Looks like I hit a nerve though. If so, I didn't mean to.


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One can't get only art they've got love for.

Leaving a comment on my piece saying it doesn't cater to your specific fetishes is just rude. I didn't make this for you. Not everything on the internet is made for you.

I admire the art. The two last panel are some of your best work, with one the most attractive drawn bimbo I've seen.

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I'm happy to hear that! If you had said, from the beginning, "even though I'm not a fan of TG, the last two panels are some of your best work" it would have made me very happy, instead of getting into an argument.

Well, I thought you'd care about receiving feedback from a fan. (I've been following you for years). I like your bimbofication content, not the gender bender. Just thought you'd be interested to know what a silent portion of some of your followers think.

I was also just curious to know if I was the only one who did this.

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I'm aware that not everyone enjoys TG, just like not everyone enjoys furry TF, identity death or IQ loss. I frequent forums, I run surveys and polls, I keep track of which works of mine receive the most favs and comments. I do this because part of my job is knowing what my audience likes.

That said, commenting that you pretend my piece is something other than it is in order to enjoy it is insulting --not just to me, but also to the person who commissioned it and to all of the people who do enjoy TG.

You're not providing useful feedback. All you're doing is saying "I don't like this. Make more stuff that I like." I find that extremely annoying. Your comment history is full of similar remarks. That's not how this works. Unless you're commissioning me, I don't want to hear what you dislike. If you want to encourage artists to make stuff closer to your tastes, go on your favorite pieces and compliment the specific things you like. It would be much more productive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Just had to ask huh? The more you know!

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Nice. Need to find me a sign like this.

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Okay, that is really hot! However I can't help but also admire the technical skill and the motion of the character. Really well done! :D

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Thank you so much!

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