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CMSN - Big City Lawyer to Small Town Gal

Nothing like some clean country air to take your mind off things.


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Psychologist-Roachy's avatar

as a big fan of the Cherub Cove series by Christina Prince, I was already psychologically primed to like this beautiful sequence!

sortimid's avatar

Happy to hear that!

CrystalRoseGalaxy's avatar

I wasn't aware that growing as a person also got you pregnant...

Did the changes help her fall in love perhaps?

I mean isn’t that what’s implied with the phone call.

NivekVonBeldo's avatar
Fiona69m2's avatar
LeraCrow's avatar

Wow lolol talk about Reaaaaaaally loving where u r. I can relate but I wouldn't ever let myself go as far as that girl did. Lol.

This is just like the hallmark movies, but...lewd and not overly christian toned

I like to imagine there's no magic or sci-fi shenanigans happening here; just a woman finding a place where she feels more at home in herself and her surroundings. I know the tags say "bimbo" and "mental transformation," but I'm choosing to interpret that they refer exclusively to appearance and positive attitude, respectively.

sortimid's avatar

I agree: personal growth is a type of mental transformation

I know it doesn't say, but would it also be race change?

sortimid's avatar

ooh, county bimbofication. A rarity, but a welcome one.

I have been meaning to say, something I enjoy about your work is how often it has a bit of duality. The end result is a person who has lost a lot of who they once were, but they are always a lot happier for it. Makes it a lot easier to root for the bimbofication in the first place.

Psychologist-Roachy's avatar

It's not that rare, the author Christina Prince on mcstories has a few stories like this sequence.

The stories lean more into the bimbofication aspects than this though...

Ive never looked into her work before. If it is anything like this though it might be worth checking out. Thanks for the tip!

sortimid's avatar

Thanks! Glad you enjoy it! I'm not a huge fan of TF-as-punishment so I try to explore other kinds of situations

Makes it more... wholesome is definitely not the word, but enjoyable for certain!

This is beyond normal tf standards. This is literally character development

sortimid's avatar

I would argue good character development is a form of TF

I feel shes no longer a Lawyer.

The final Version is kinda a Redneck but oddly attractive.

Cant wait for a Controversy to occure until someone draws all of them as separate Woman hanging out again.

sortimid's avatar

I'm sure there are lawyers who enjoy wearing plaid and short-shorts... The entire controversy started precisely because people felt I was saying that smart women only look and dress a certain way.

CookieAdrian's avatar

Wholesome farm lady using her lawyer skills to help people in the community. Like if some 90s cliche villain wants to steamroll someone's farm to build a supermarket, she'd stop him in court.

Psychologist-Roachy's avatar

sounds great! probably already done? I don't know!

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